Lucky Wishbone

1033 E 5th Ave, Anchorage
(907) 272-3454

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Summer Bertsch

Looks like tour typical greasy spoon from the outside, I've literally driven past it without taking any notice. My mil from out of state found it online as a local eatery with high reviews so qe decided to try it. I was pleasantly surprised once walking in the door. Its clean, has cute decor, and friendly staff. The meals were generous potions and the shakes, malts, and black cow that we ordered we delicious. Would absolutely eat here again

dustin parks

Being from out of town, I wish I lived closer! Lucky Wishbone Restaurant is great. I came with a group of 8, seated quickly, and by very friendly staff. Even with a large order everything came out quickly and correctly. The food and shakes were perfect, exactly what we were craving. Thank you so muchfor carrying on a great tradition. Here's to many more years of serving up a great experience.

S L Kerr

I have been a customer of this restaurant since I was a small child more than a few decades ago. LOL a breath of fresh air during the pandemic is that the food is still as I remember it and have eaten for years. The customer service and the quality have never dipped. So if I want comfort food I buy some chicken and one of their wonderful shakes and it lifts my spirits

Tayler Aubin

Glad to be back! Love it!

Johnson Legal PLLC

Fried chicken done right. Thick chocolate malt. Fries or Onion Rings. Need I say more? If you haven't been here you are missing out on the best fast food in the state. Each time I visit my sister in Alaska (having moved to the Lower 48), I stop in for the tried and true trio described above.

M Martinez

I absolutely love this place. I still believe this place has the best food. My mother took me here as a child. I currently live in Illinois but I always come here to eat when I visit Alaska.


Good place stopped here earlier because it was recommended. Got a few boxes of chicken for the family. It tasted better than your KFC that's for sure, although it wasn't something super amazing in my opinion. Give it a try if you are tired of boring KFC.

Rebecca J. Wetzler

Delicious old-fashioned food. Hamburger and chocolate shake the best.

Alaska Local Guide

This is Anchorage is best chicken since I have lived in Alaska from the day I was born my parents used to take me here as a kid and now I take my son there we love it! It’s worth driving across town because it’s just that amazing

pj arnold

Chicken was good, the price is different than the price they post online, I would think they would honor what is posted. False advertising at it's best. This is 2nd year for the wrong price. ?

Leah Jenks

Server was good, food was ok. Chicken was dry. Milkshake was spectacular.

Laura A.

OK, this place has been around a long time . . . and maybe they should consider closing. Absolutely the worst greasy chicken EVER! And soggy fries to top it off. NEVER again, even grocery store chicken would have been better. The only thing I can add on a positive note, is the girl has friendly.

Arlene N.

I ordered a pulled pork sandwich, it had very small amount of bbq sauce. the pork was dry & plain. the service was not good. when I asked for more bbq they gave a small container of sauce. the service really went down since it changed owners. so sad, it's been a staple in our city for a long time now.

Sharon D.

I have been a fan of Lucky Wishbone since I moved to Anchorage in 1969 . Yep , that long ! Today I was shocked when I was charged 3.99 % more for using a credit card .This is so disappointing . I am sure that with the volume of business they do they are not being charged more than 1.5% by the card companies . Their motivation for doing this is greed and it just might be they want to hide their profit from the IRS and cash transactions are the easiest way to accomplish this . Lucky Wishbone is a very successful business . I think the restaurant prices in Anchorage are way out of line already . Food and labor costs are not any higher than a lot of places in the lower 48 and our restaurant prices are definitely higher . I hope this isn't the beginning of a bad for consumer trend . Shame on you Lucky Wishbone .

Shiccia H.

Most consistent place in town - want a good burger or batch of chicken you've got the right place & don't forget your shake!

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