Papa John's Pizza

8225 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage
(907) 522-7272

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Yanira Williams

Tasty as always

Toriano Duggins

Employees do not wash hands after simple tasks, like coming from outside, scratching body parts, scratching head, and etc. Delivery driver especially do not wash their hands when takin orders out, I as a customer and employee am disgusted by this, i spoke up as an employee, and nobody had made changes

JoAnn AK

I did post that we ordered and paid for a pizza that didn't arrive, it did eventually arrive. Very late but the pizza was good. They must have been pretty busy. They were closed when we tried to call back, about 40 minutes early. So we thought it wasn't being delivered. About an hour and a half, it was still pretty hot though

Shay-La W.

They took our order and then canceled it and when we attempted to call them about our order they kept hanging up the phone. This is the most piss poor customer service I've experienced.

JR2 Photograph Jordan

Just now (1020pm Tuesday, may 4, 202) had a terrible experience with the store employee. Continuously interrupted me when I called to get my order corrected. Employee Was extremely rude. Asked to talk to the manager about a discrepancy with my order and was told, they were too busy. I asked who I was speaking with and was told he "cannot give out his name due to safety concerns". I Asked for a number to reach the DM and they kept saying they won't give out the name or number. I spent nearly $70 worth of pizza. I seriously cannot believe how rude the person was on the phone, as they (other employees in the background) kept laughing and making a game out of my phone call.

Mike Keegan

Life long Papa Johns customer. First time ordering from this store. I pre-ordered for a specific time. I showed up on time, waited over 5 minutes to be greeted with 5 employees in the store. Pizza was Luke-warm, thin crust pizza was stuck to the box, regular pizza had almost no sauce, and the crust was stale and hard to chew. Won’t be back to this location.

Britt Aso

So yes I ordered through Uber eats but you are the ones who cook the food. Uber only delivers. So I called the store to express my concerns about my pizza that is still doughy, and the worker said he can’t do anything about it?!? It’s Uber eats fault? How is it Uber eats fault? They didn’t cook the food.....

Randolph Cooper

I’ve been ordering from this Papa John’s for years and always had great pizza but the last three months the ingredients have been getting real skimpy and the pizzas aren’t what they used to be. Last week I pre-ordered two hours before it was 20 minutes late and even though I unselected no contact delivery the driver put my Pizza on a 5° porch then rang the doorbell and the pizza was cold. For future customers maybe put the pizza on your pizza bag so they stay warm.

Aimee Matteson

Second time ordering from papa johns, and only receiving half of my order. Both times they forgot one or more things had to return later. Pizzas good! I understand they’re busy. Just strange it happened twice in a row.

George Dooley

No quality control at at most toppings on one side of pizza all slices different sizes will never order again

Aaron Young

Was disappointed with my order but manager did try to make it right with a remake.


Double pepperoni was skimpy! But that's probably just me! Lol

Martin Moody

Horrible beyond belief!

Autumn Paris

Food is pricey but pretty good because it is a chain.

Bonnie Mathisen

Love Papa John'

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