Xalos Burrito Express

320 W 100th Ave Suite 200, Anchorage
(907) 782-9994

Recent Reviews

Eric Mametieff

Delicious berrita tacos. 10/10. I recommend!!

Mitch B

Taste great and prices are good for the amount of food you get, meat tasted great, it had a nice brisket texture

Mitchell Peterson

Expensive, but man, what an enormous burrito! Definitely gonna fill you up, (and not your toilet bowl).

Som Saraphanh

Just had a quick lunch and it was amazing! The staff was great and made sure their establishment was clean and sanitized for the next customer.

Melissa Rappleye

I've eaten here before and didn't really like it, but I try again years later and love it. At first I thought the burritos were just okay, and they were really expensive burritos. I haven't gone back in years, but finally did the other week and we all loved our burritos. Plus, I feel like some of the burritos had come down and price, not by much, maybe I'm crazy and wrong. Maybe they were just some cheaper options than before. I got the chili verde burrito and it was a fabulous. We ate here several times as soon as we discovered it was yummy.

Chris Kolerok

Online order acknowledged, but not ready when I get there. 10 people in line all order, get their food made. No sign of my online order made long time ago. Why make an online order if the line people get theirs before?!

Addison Arave

This is one of our most favorite Mexican food spots in Anchorage. Today specifically, however, they did make a small mistake on my order but we’re quick to fix it and made a hot, fresh replacement. Staff are professional and kind. Quick, easy, delicious food!

Andrew Rigler

Great burritos! Xalos is always my go to to get a burrito fix. The quantities are massive so it is well with the price. my favorite is the shrimp buritto. With how much they put in the food does have a tendency to get a little messy so not the easiest to eat on the go.

Chaz DuMont

This place is horrible at consistency, every time I go it gets worse. Don’t waste your money

Shawn Hager

Food was good but the oil for the shells had a taste to it. Not the Best. But I am only one man.

Mathew Goeldner

Stopped here for late lunch after flying in to Anchorage. Tasty food. We had tacos & quesadillas. Everyone enjoyed. If you want something cheesy, I'd recommend the quesadillas over the tacos.

C M.

A M A Z I N G - Queso Birria Tacos (order of 3) are my favorite!!!!!!!!!! Every bite is juicy and so much flavor!!!! Can't wait for more. So happy you opened in Anchorage. I could eat here everyday if I could. THANK YOU XALOS! Everybody needs to try you!!

Renner Jack

Always cooked fresh to order. Food is fantastic. Not a very long wait time. Been loving their Queso Birria Tacos.


The queso birria tacos and the quesa birria are to die for!!!!

Scott “Rhodeni” Rhodes

I had the california burrito. I really enjoyed it, the flavor was really great and it wasn't as dry as some of the california burritos I've had in San Diego. They have steak burritos and shrimp burritos, now they just need to add a surf and turf burrito to the main menu!

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