68 Church St, Birmingham
(205) 879-5947

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Mike Frohlich

This was or first time for us since relocating to Alabama 3yrs ago. We meet Tiz our waitress who was excellent. The food was outstanding. We had great conversation, relaxation and association. Well worth the visit. Totally enjoyed.

Stephen van Arcken

This place gets hyped up by people that live nearby, but I've never been blown away. Pizza is good but I would prefer mellow mushroom. Caprese salad is just alright. May have to try pasta if I go back.

John Wallace

Did a To go order and they added an automatic 20 percent tip to it. It was to go ... And it's not a tip if it's mandatory. Shady practice as I watched another person come in unaware and tip on top of his order cause I guess he didn't notice.

Joseph Palumbo

I am from Chicago and have friends that moved here 3 years ago - I have been in Birmingham quite a few times since they moved here - I know good Italian food being from Chicago - I’ve tried many places in the area looking for some good Italian fare ! And let me tell you Bongiorno hands down beats any restaurant around here - without a doubt !!!!From the great prices to the excellent service and food (by the way Tiz is an excellent waitress)You can’t ask for anything more - and they even had some unique but excellent dishes !!I simply cannot say enough good things about Bongiorno - Bellisimo ???It’s like being back in downtown Chicago ?

Calvin Waters

Wife and I visited from out of town and made a stop here. Food was delicious and so was the wine. We’ll make another stop by here next time we’re in town! Try the spicy shrimp marinara.

Bettyjo Deslauries

Love the sausage roll. Made just like a calzone with sausage n onions n peppers n sauce n cheeae if u like it

jordy roque

Good food, great people.

Andrew Peturis

Great cheaper Italian food. Does have take out which is nice

James B.

Good stuff! Pretty classic red and white table cloth Italian. Been around 35 years. It has staying power. Come see Beth she's the most amazing server!

Vickie G.

Worst food ever. Your better off opening a jar of ragu. The waitress yelled at us for getting Parmesan cheese off the bar

Skip Davis

Went for dinner, sat for over a hour waiting for food. This is not a problem had some good wine. . I simply ask for our food to go because we had to pick up a child. Immediately was given attitude about why I should tell them etc by manager. Food is always good. Servers are very attentive the manager should simmer down.

William RIker

A genuine, authentic Italian cafe. Great service, great food, good prices!!

Brian C.

It had been over 15 years since I went to Bongiorno and I'm kicking myself. Quaint, great food and friendly service. It's what a local restaurant should be. No pretense, or flare. These guys hit everything that matters with aplomb.

Desmond Kittelson

One of our favorite BHAM restaurants.

Elaine Constantine Lyda

Delicious and great atmosphere

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