2000 Highland Ave, Birmingham
(205) 930-8000

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Ashley Lockett

The worst Chick Fil A. Painfully slow getting your order. You can easily spend 20-45 minutes waiting for your food. They employees don’t even say my pleasure. They always mess up with the condiments, napkins, straws etc. Their dining room isn’t open and they have no drive thru. The only way to order is through the app. Tbh not even sure how this store is still open. This location is a disgrace to the Chick-fil-A Franchise

Ray Chuck

The inside needs to be opened immediately! Service is extremely slow I waited over 30 mins for my meal one night.

Only Truth

I only gave 2 stars bc the owner assisted. Melissa the manager (one of the managers) needs a class in Chick-fil-a 101. Melisaa is an incompetent manager that insists the customer is to assume that when you place a curbside order the customer is supposed to know to get out your car and stand at a door and wait for your name to be called. And how is a customer supposed to know that? When I explained my issue with this and asked to speak with another manager Melissa stated "she isn't going to talk to you?, she is not going to stop what she's doing to talk to you", needless to say the owner overheard this issue and helped. I understand there are problems with staffing but please don't take your frustration out on the customer and communication is key( the customer doesn't work there). I JUST WANTED MY CHICKEN and my order was still wrong.

jay are

Awesome customer service never a dull slow moment when I go here good job guys

Spencer W.

They make you wait for 40 minutes for a simple order, the food comes out lukewarm, and they forget part of the order.

Dana Waldrop

The procedure and execution of such is poor poor poor. I went to the door to order large fries and a frozen lemonade. I waited outside for 16 minutes to receive these cold "large" fries and a melted drink. As all the folks behind me wakes away with their meals, I asked about my order and was told the drink maker had drinks ahead of mine. This location was not the Chick Fil A experience I'm used to.

Dana W.

Not the usual Chick Fil A experience. Place your order at the plexi glassed block door (while all restaurants surrounding are open and fully operational). Wait outside in a queue. Receive your "large" cold fries and melted frosted lemonade after 16 minutes. Manager lackluster and not concerned about declining customer service.

Sarah Grace Stevenson

Always terrible service. I always have to wait a ridiculous amount of time and I usually end up going up to the door and asking for my order

Sara R.

This is my fourth time visiting this location and every single time they fail. Wrong orders, long waits, crazy parking are all experienced every time! Will never ever return here again. They really need some help pulling themselves together. At least they are consistent. Take the extra few minutes to go to another location!

Seth Kelosky

decently fast. but I've had my order be wrong once or twice. HOWEVER, they always make an effort to fix it!

Harry Tighe

Long wait times and incorrect orders consistently at this location. I've never experienced anything like it except at this Chick fil a. By far the worst one I have ever been to.

Maria Lechtreck

Numerous prior visits have been fine. This time, I placed a curbside order (as usual since COVID) and when the food was ready, I received a phone call from an employee who told me that due to the rain they were no longer bringing food out to the cars but that I would have to come to the door to get it!!! As if they had never seen rain in the 15 months of COVID. They did deliver to the cars that came after me despite the continued rain. Somehow they must have found their jackets and umbrellas all of a sudden! I had always believed their employees were trained better than that, but in my case it was not "my pleasure" to serve me.

Keith Fame

Still the best lemonade! I used the app. Which makes thing a bit easy. Grabbed a breakfast wrap which was plenty to eat. No drive thru at this location. Also, DO NOT leave your car in the parking lot 5 minutes after they close. You will get towed!

Wayno G.

The only Chik-fil-a I've ever been to that consistently misses orders and makes me wait 20-30 minutes. Even when I ask several employees to check on it they tell me it will be soon only to find out later the order hasn't even been started yet. This has happened to me 4 times this year at this location. So frustrating!

Brendan Turner

Ordered my food curbside at 7:15. Didn’t receive my order until 7:50, AND they got my order wrong.Never eating at this location again.

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