Crazy Cajuns' Boiling Pot

125 Inverness Plaza, Birmingham
(205) 408-0630

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Mike Nettles

Food was delicious! I just couldn't wrap my mind around $3 for a glass of sweet tea! Ouch!

Courtney S.

It's my birthday weekend and we went to Crazy Cajuns for lunch to celebrate. We've been patronizing this restaurant for almost 20 years. I follow a low carb diet and enjoy their blackened shrimp salad. When we tried to order they told us they were out of salad. I wish we would have been told ahead of time but that's ok. Not their fault. I changed to blackened shrimp with the cole slaw. When I got the cole slaw it was sour. It was disgusting and inedible. My husband was in the restaurant industry for over a decade and taught food safety. He tried a bite and smelled it and agreed it had gone bad. I had others smell it and they were all grossed out. They refused to do anything to make it right. They asked their kitchen who said it was made yesterday and ok but it was 100% not ok, trust me. So upsetting. I never ask for something to be taken off my bill but this was ridiculous. I'm still hungry. We have enjoyed coming here for many years and enjoy talking to Robert as my husband is from the same area in Louisiana. But I won't continue to patronize a restaurant that is putting people at risk with spoiled food.

Tavarus Thompson

Great service and the food was great

Mike S.

I'll give this place a 2 star only because the food was pretty good. Compliments to the chef. The place is filthy. The restroom appeared to be out of a third world country. Service is non existent. You basically have to serve yourself. Close the place. Bring in a Clorox crew, give the chef a big pay increase, and find a wait staff.

Faith S.

Had lunch here today. The food was great and I would give that 5 stars. The cheese grits with andouille sausage was fantastic. But I'm only giving a 3 star because the service was horrible. Most of the time that we were there the two servers were sitting at a table having a conversation not paying attention to the guests. When our food was served the plates were sat on the table and the server started walking away, no can I get you anything else, enjoy your meal or anything. I had to stop her to ask for cocktail sauce. Probably would be better to have a window that people walk up to and pay cause the servers didn't come with a check had to walk up to register to get their attention. Service Terrible - Food Terrific

A W.

I read the reviews but decided to take it upon myself to try it out. EVERYTHING WAS AMAZING! Seasoned to perfection, cooked to order, perfect temperature and the service was great! It wasn't too busy and I shall return veryyyyy soon! The food was soooooo good I didn't get a chance to snap a picture!

Monty Brand


Libby Cherry Carson

Food is delicious!!!! Our server was Draya! She was the best!!

Larry Caffee

Went there on the 19th of June. They were out of a few things but that we can live with but the service was something to be desired. The young man was working his butt off and the young lady was right down terrible. Food sat in window too long and if she was not on FaceTime she was interacting with her male friend sitting in a booth. Took forever to get drinks because she was talking on her cell phone. We always enjoyed going there and the food is always great but this time the service sucked.

Kelly Muterspaw

The crawfish boil was delicious! I loved the seasoning, just spicy enough and the house sauce with it was perfect! Servers were super nice and quick to give me my order! Will be coming back!


I came here to get dinner one week night and had heard good things. I agree with another person who posted adding red pepper does not make it good Cajun food. My issue was we called in an order based off the prices on their website. When I got there my bill was $10 higher than it said online. I told the girl when I checked out and she said the owners do not keep the website updated. Pretty good food but not for the price. 2 cups of Chicken and Sausage gumbo for $22 is bit much.

Michael Shoop

Service wasn't great had to walk in and wasn't greeted at all, had to walk to the back of the store and order ordered 30$ of food got it in two thank you to go style bags with no napkins or anything that you would need to actually enjoy the food. Crawfish was alright but it was not enjoyable due to the lack of service.

Erin Meghan

Awesome authentic food! Also, stellar servers. Billy took great care of us and was an amazing server. Couldn't recommend this place enough

Yolanda Key

They really close too early and the service is ok the waitress is all over the place I sat outside bc it was full the food is immaculate. I love the crawfish

Hunter H.

At one point the restaurant's food was a much better. Over the past year or two the food has been on a slight decline in quality and is now to the point to were we did not want to finish our food. On top of that our service was sub par.

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