El Barrio

2211 2nd Ave N, Birmingham
(205) 868-3737

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James Lineback

Best restaurant experience I have had a long time. I ordered the el pastor tacos bomb af. All the flavors were perfectly paired, the pineapple went amazingly with the pork. The queso was perfect with the hint of lime. The service was top notch. My wife loved her quesadilla barbacoa was also extremely tasty. I can't state it enough how great this meal was.

Daniel Knight

As a personal Chef i take food and food preparation very seriously! Hands down this is the absolute best food i have had other than food from my own kitchen! Every single dish was prepared with care and depth of flavor! Just do yourself a favor, and go!! Oh yeah, every memeber of the entire service staff was nothing short of AMAZING! Don't miss oit!!

Shawn Perez

Great place to eat for some really delicious tacos. If your looking for a quick bite, you may want to go somewhere else because this place is packed and there's probably going to be a wait. Even on a Tuesday night! It slows down a bit after 8:30 pm. The food is good. The drinks are good. Food is reasonably priced. They made this Texas boy feel right at home. If you like spicy then ask for the homemade habanero salsa. It's not too spicy but it was so good. I almost ate the whole bottle.

Daniel Caudle

Always amazing. Must tries are the street corn (elotes) and meatloaf. Quesadillas and tacos are also wonderful.

Andrew Farrow

Pretty good Mexican restaurant overall. The prices are great overall, but some of the sides are just okay for the price. There is also usually a wait so it would be a great idea to call ahead and try to make a reservation if possible, or the wait is usually 30 minutes to an hour if you don't mind the wait.

Emily Kole Breasseale

Awesome experience! The atmosphere was amazing and loved all the artwork! The food from the chips and dips to the carne asada was absolutely amazing. I don’t even like tequila and I could have drank 10 of the grapefruit margaritas easy! Basically everything was just off the chain. And our server KEVIN was super nice and great and very attentive. We will definitely be back for more! If you haven’t tried this place out GO! You won’t regret it

Paul and Lillian Bruns

We had a good meal here. Their guacamole is expensive, but it was good. The Chile releno was good. Their rice is awesome.

Colin Tomblin

El Barrio is always a solid choice! The food is great. There’s something for everyone on the menu. Definitely order chips and queso for an appetizer, you won’t be disappointed. The margaritas were good especially the spicy. Grab a drink from the bar while you wait for your table outside!

Stuart Patterson

Tasty food, great atmosphere and friendly service. Menu seemed limited (possibly due to covid issues) and parking is a headache on that side of town but I think it is worth the trip.


Started with chips & queso, freshest and tastiest chips possible. We had the chicken enchiladas (large portion), and the sirloin Tacos. The seasoned taco steak is served separately from the cabbage (see photo), sauce and lime, so I was able to assemble the taco/tortilla to my own preferred proportions. I can't recall ever having a better Mexican meal in Birmingham. Service was good, albeit nothing memorable - Our server was a kind young guy, but he never did give his name, so I can't give a shout-out. Pricing is reasonable, we averaged $20/person, drinking iced tea...If you're a Margarita or beer drinker, adjust accordingly. They don't take reservations, and tables fill up fast - We went on a weekday before 5 pm, and by the time we left at 5:45, the place was packed. When food is this good, it's worth the wait you'll likely encounter at peak times.

Kelsey Richey

Very tasty food but at lunch time maybe try having a few more cooks in the kitchen. It took over 30 minutes from ordering our food to receiving it. The waitress was very nice and updated us to our food status and comp-ed our guac and salsa because the food was so delayed.

Catherine Nichols

Really delicious food and margaritas with local beers on tap. Great service and atmosphere. Very reasonable prices. Fun brunch menu. Easily accessible downtown.

David H.

This has been one of my favorite restaurants in Birmingham for many years and my go-to spot for good food and outstanding service. In past years, I would have rated El Barrio with 5 stars. However, POST COVID, after my recent experience with the owner and the hostess group, I will NEVER visit again. I can forgive occasional bad food or poor service by waiters, but never the RUDENESS I experienced upon arriving to put my name on the waiting list. I have traveled around the world and love dining out but I have never experienced ownership and customer hospitality worse than I experienced on June 25, 2021. There were two young females who entered before me and walked to a table outside and I heard a WOW, we were basically told F U and get out of my restaurant. I must say, I felt the same way. There may be pressure in running a restaurant in Birmingham Post Covid with limitations on seating and customers allowed in your location. It should be easy enough to explain your policies to all customers, must less those visiting from out of town with regard to your new seating and wait procedures. I was told there would be a 45-minute wait but no explanations were given about available bar seating and unoccupied tables inside the restaurant. When I inquired about the open seating, I was told that they were contacting people on the waiting list and by phone and held seating open for them for about 10-minutes before they showed. I rarely leave ratings for restaurants unless they are for excellent service and great food. I try to never leave negative reviews. Also, my waiter service was excellent and I did not mention the issues until the end of my meal when I paid my check. I will say that the food was good but not the quality experience on past visits. I did not know who the rude person was until asking the waitor at that time I paid for my meal and drinks. My waitor offered to comp my meals but I did not allow it. This was not about getting a free meal but it should serve as a warning to the owners to improve their customer service, especially when people expect excellence from your restaurant. I hope the management of El Barrio will improve before more customers are lost. This once was a great place but may soon be another on the list of restaurants that failed due to issues that could easily be solved.

Elizabeth Spann

Delicious food! Friendly service

Jeffrey Cowgill

We had a great lunch here the other day! We started with queso and chorizo which was very well done and quite delicious. The beer was old and enjoyable. They also have a full bar along with a good selection of wines. Bartenders make all their own mixers from scratch. The atmosphere is interesting while also clean and funky at the same time. A large catrina skull decorates entrance. The service was very good and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. For entrees I had the carnitas tacos and my wife had the chicken tostadas salad. Both were delicious and filling. Definitely be going back!Urban CowgillJune 2021

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