2013 2nd Ave N, Birmingham
(205) 438-7000

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Alexandra Siwiec Kucharski

The service and staff were very welcoming and nice. The food is DELICIOUS. The decor is nice and warm. Designed very beautifully. The cocktails are delicious. You cannot go wrong here. Perfect restaurant to celebrate a special occasion.

Emanuele Orru'

Really wonderful dinner. Very trendy place with beautiful people. Got the excellent tomato pie, the pork chops (amazing!!!), eggplant and my personal favorite the watermelon salad. This place has excellent southern fare that is not heavy on the stomach-a rarity. Shoutout to the barman for excellently balanced drinks. I recommend this place without reservation.Only thing, AC is a little too much for me (Italians… always cold!) was chilly inside.

Gina Falletta

Great food. Amazing flavor. However I could not hear myself talk. Way too loud and the acoustics are bad. We didn’t talk much. Just too loud.

Mike Romney

Your experience will depend on who is cooking the food. Chef Rob is a nice gentleman who does good work in the kitchen. The issue lies with the back up chef who is not very good at all. I had a brief conversation with him at the end of the night once and he mentioned that he “actually carries the restaurant with his dishes as opposed to chef Robb’s who he said has been improving his skills in watching him. He says Rob is the owner so he gets undeserved credit. He also shared that he and a business partner and 2nd spouse who is currently in the restaurant management business at another restaurant in town, plan to open up their own restaurant and that he will let me know when he does. He obviously misunderstood why I was asking his qualifications. The restaurant is not fancy but nice. Too nice for a cook that belongs in a cheap barbecue place. Others have voiced similar concerns so we just make sure to be there and request that chef rob make the food although it is not always possible so we don’t frequent the establishment as much as we use to.

Darian JoAnna Greer

I ate here with my husband for our date night a couple of weeks ago. It was absolutely amazing! Great sized portions and yummy food. Can’t wait to come back

Emyrald Sinclaire (Love Coach)

Had a lovely experience at Helen! The bartenders were friendly and knowledgeable. The drinks were delicious. I can attest to the perfection of the steak And duck … but based on what others at the bar had, so much more looked delicious as well! The bar staff even recommendations of where to go to next for late night drinks. Five stars!

Cheryl Lynn

Amazing food experience. I wish I lived in Alabama! We need a Helen’s in Philadelphia!

Katie S

Fantastic! The food, service, and ambiance were wonderful. The biscuits with maple butter and ham were spectacular, as were the crispy chips! The trout was cooked perfectly; possibly the best I've ever had!The side were okay. We shared the potatoes, slaw, and shredded iceberg salad. These were good, not great.Overall, a great experience! We will definitely go back.

Christy Johnson

The catfish sandwich was delicious and HUGE. I could not finish it. The honey angel biscuits *chef's kiss* . As someone who doesn't love tomatoes, I did try the tomato pie since it was ordered for the table and it was very good. The crust was perfection.

Afrodite Stergiou

Thanks for the amazing dinner. Our first and only night in Birmingham was great!

Adam Horowitz

My fiancé and I absolutely loved Helen! The staff was friendly and the food was excellent. We had the New York strip and the potatoes. Would definitely recommend!

Palmer M.

So so good! Simple ingredients, all meat was cooked perfectly. The table got the lamb, 8 oz. coulotte, and the pork chops. Potatoes and green beans as a side and the corn "ribs." The corn was AMAZING; it is a must if you go! Also good wine and cocktail selection.

Jay T.

Please do not offer reservations at 1:00 if you're going to insist that folks immediately sit down, order, and leave. We had 1:00 reservations. My guest from New York was taking an Uber to the restaurant and was running a little late. At 1:09, my waiter asked how much longer my dining partner would be, as the kitchen was ready to close so they could have a meeting. I informed the waiter that my dining partner was then arriving. When seated (moments later), our waiter explained the menu and asked for our order. It being our first time at Helen, we asked for a moment. The waiter came back with drinks and remarked that, "well, it doesn't look like you've looked at the menu, so I'll be back in just a minute." And again reminded us that the kitchen was closing. WHY are you offering a 1:00 seating if you're going to rush patrons out the door? We're not just visiting Helen for the food - in large part it's the experience that we're paying for. And sadly, that was entirely lacking today. Should I review the food? Probably. But the details are now lost on me because of the abysmal service.

Lee Tibbetts

A great dining experience. The atmosphere, the smells, the view of the kitchen and all of the plates, and of course the flavor. Our best and tastiest dining experience in quite some time. While others are just missing the mark these days, Helen managed to have attentive service, imaginative plates and pairings, and delicious flavor. An excellent restaurant that we will return to so we can try the rest of the menu. Caution: generous portions. Most plates can be shared by two.

Mr Smith

Great food, location, and service. Only wish it was less expensive so I could eat here for dinner more often! Have heard good things about their lunch so will most likely be back for that soon!

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