Insomnia Cookies

1919 11th Ave S #200, Birmingham
(205) 236-9540

Recent Reviews

Bre Steger

It’s really loud and obnoxious in here. The manager or lead with dreads told me this is the atmosphere and proceeded to walk behind the wall and LOUDLY discuss my questioning. so be mindful of inappropriate convo (cause theyre college kids so it’s ok) and yelling. Besides that the cookies are good.

Kelly Nielsen

The cookies were yummy and the service was amazing! Great atmosphere. Manager provided excellent information on cross contact prevention for their gluten free cookies.

Over The Mountain

Always have to stop in when me and the love of my life are anywhere near ! This is our Jam!

Vanisha Ford

Absolutely amazing cookies!!!! So good

keonna jones

Always great cookies and service. My favorite late night snack spot.

Christa Christa

These cookies are addictive! They also have ice cream! Insomnia Cookies is my guilty pleasure!

Angie M.

I have seen this shop online so many times. I have only dreamed of coming here. While taking a walk earlier, I found this shop and just had to stop in. I got two chocolate chip cookies! I think this is going to be one of my new favorite cookie places or at least one of my top dessert places in town. Can't wait to try more of their delicious cookies!

Amelia J.

Just like you can clearly see with other experiences, the delivery feature here sucks. DO NOT ORDER ONLINE FROM INSOMNIA. The cookies will never come, and you will be left to make the drive to the location. The cookies are of course a 10/10. My favorite is the Deluxe Birthday/Sprinkle cookie, and my boyfriend likes the vegan.

mike foreman

Ordered birthday cookie cake 4 days in advance, showed up on time and they hadn’t even started the order. Had to wait 50 minutes for them to cook and decorate it. Made me late to my daughter’s birthday party. Didn’t even get an apology. Good, but not that good.

Mimi M

When I first started going here they were 5 stars. The staff was very friendly everything was great then they became pretty good. Just went last night for Father's day. Not so great or good the cookies were broken, over butter flavored, and overcooked. Like maybe whoever made them put too much butter in the mixture and baked them too long. I will give them another try later down the line and update you guys on if they have kept or lost a customer. Overall it's good place maybe just the rush was too much for the newer workers I guess.

Torstein Nevels

I wasn't expecting super great cookies from a chain store, but I was surprised.I got a box of 12 mixed cookies, chocolate chunk, M&Ms, and peanut butter cup.They were fresh baked, and tasted amazing.


The cookies were fresh and warm but for the price of 1 cookie it didn't have enough wow factor. Good but not great. They also didn't have 3 of the flavors that I ordered.

Andrea J.

I will not being going back to this piece of shit business. How can demand someone to wear a mask when you aren't willing to supply them? The logic behind this baffles me.

Harold Harris II

After a date night, my wife and I were looking for a place to satisfy our sweet tooth, and this place hit the spot. The cookies are always warm when you buy them and soft. Our favorite cookies are the macadamia nut and sugar. If you are looking for a place late at night that serves hot and ready cookies, this is your spot.

Kat Parsons

Thank you to the young lady working late at night 5/19. I was having a horrible night and your kind gesture warmed my heart. Always wonderful warm, gooey and delicious cookies. ?

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