Las Trojas Cantina

5287 219, US-280, Birmingham
(205) 991-0091

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Amanda P.

When there for a drink, salsa had a hair bank in it. We alerted the bartender he brushed over it like it was no big deal. This place was also dirty and we will not be going back

Jackie Menjivar

Food is good , place is clean , tables and place is big enough to feel comfortable wherever they seat you .

Katy Webster

I went in with such high hopes since I love Mexican food but sadly it fell flat. For the price that it was it should have been better but it was bland. Pretty disappointed but the salsa was pretty good and our waitress was great!

AL Mexican Restaurant Reviews S.

Date of visit: 8/14/21 Overall Rating: 2.84/5 Ambience (10%) 4.1/5 Service (15%) 2.8/5 Menu (15%) 3.4/5 Food (40%) 1.7/5 Drinks (20%) 4.1/5 The only redeeming qualities of Las Trojas Cantina were the ambience and the drinks. The service was slow, the food was terrible, and everything was absurdly overpriced. The restaurant is very spacious inside and has a nice covered patio. The interior decorations are well thought-out and adhered to a theme that could almost be described as "cavernous". The outside patio had lots of ceiling fans that made us feel like it wasn't mid-August in Alabama. There was a great selection of music and I enjoyed every song that played. We entered the restaurant and asked to be seated outside. The hostess then took us to an inside booth and we had to again ask to be seated outside. It was several minutes after that before any wait staff came to take our drink orders. We had to ask two different staff members for a drink menu before we were provided one. The drink menu was extensive. My companion and I enjoyed combing through all the options and discussing some of the unique margaritas. There were lots of flavors of margaritas that aren't typically on menus including blackberry, passion fruit, tamarind, and guanbana (soursop). The downside of the drinks is that they were ridiculously expensive. A medium margarita was $14 and was the same size as a typical $8 margarita at any other restaurant. I ordered the Guanbana Margarita on the rocks and my companion ordered the Coco Margarita. We waited ~10 minutes before they were brought to us. I was mildly disappointed that the Guanbana Margarita tasted just like a normal lime margarita but with a little hint of extra sweetness. I don't know what guanbana is supposed to taste like but Google tells me it is a mix of "strawberry and apple with a hint of citrus". It was still a good margarita. My companion described the Coco Margarita as "tasting like sunscreen but in the best way possible". I tried it and agreed. Although that may not sound appealing, it was delicious. The food menu is just as large as the drink menu. There were several pages of options and many pictures. We admired the many options of desserts because that is not something that we typically see at Mexican establishments. Like the drink menu, the food was expensive. Most entrees were in the $14-20 range. I ordered the Burrito Grande ($14.95) and my companion ordered the Quesadilla Azteca ($15.45). We waited a long time for the food but were able to eat lots of chips and salsa in the meantime. The salsa was delivered in a massive bowl and had nice spice to it but was a confusing consistency. My companion liked the texture but acknowledged that it got very watery towards the bottom. I would describe the texture of the salsa as akin to pureed baby food. Our first impressions of the entrees were that the quesadilla was absolutely stuffed with fillings and the burrito was massive. Sadly, those were the only positive things about the food. The food was room temperature and low quality. The Quesadilla Azteca had negligible amounts of cheese in it and my companion described the flavor as "almost clinical". I was confused by that, so I tried it and we determined that the chorizo was the problem. The chorizo tasted exactly like the smell of a Band-Aid. It was not good. My companion was also upset because it was simply not a quesadilla based on the complete lack of cheese and the unquesadilla-like structure. The Burrito Grande was bland and boring and might have been marginally better if it were actually hot. It had too much guacamole which resembled Taco Bell guacamole and I'm convinced came out of a tube or a bag. We would definitely not eat here again especially not for $15 room-temperature food and $14 drinks.

Toya Mathews

Great crab legs and margaritas!

Amanda H.

Giant cockroach on the wall next to us while we were eating. They wanted us to pay full price after that.

Sunasia Mims

My absolute fave! They have the best margs!

Rachel Hudson

I got a large margarita and the mixed fajitas, they were fantastic! Sat at the bar, they were super busy but everything was great, this place never disappoints!

David Pair

This was the worst Mexican food my family and I have ever had. The service was great but the food was awful. Also, $5 domestic beers and $6.99 happy hour margaritas that were garbage is unacceptable. Number 11 combination with beef was literally inedible, wife’s grilled chicken quesadilla was so greasy she couldn’t eat it. Highly disappointed.

killemall Smitty

Was not pleased with this place,sat at bar and even this the bar was practically empty still couldnt get service or refills. One of our guest had to send their food back. After hearing how good it was,I was disappointed if food and service.

Seth Kelosky

the best queso hands down! nachos were good but nothing to write home about

Chase Merck

Food is pretty good but very expensive for Mexican food of this caliber. Biggest hesitation going here other than the price is the service. Hardly ever get a refill, and good luck if you need to ask for anything after your order comes, next time you’ll see your server will be for the check…

Greg Martin

Food is consistently good and wait staff are very friendly, but we are going to stop coming to eat here because kitchen is often the culprit in 1hr+ wait for food, or part or our family has entree delivered with another 15+ minute wait for rest of our family. We have eaten here frequently and this happens to us about every other time we come. The hostess staff just should not seat people when there is insufficient kitchen staff to deliver reasonable service. They did take $$ of our bill which we certainly appreciate, but more so if the wait staff would have proactively offered it as an acknowledgment of the poor service vs. us having to demand it. We like the food and supported this business throughout the pandemic but there is just no excuse to raise prices and lower service quality for good customers.

Larry Roberts (Pastor)

We were very well pleased. Great food. Just the right attention from our waiter. Prices pretty good.

Bhambam W.

Take out service as posted by others below is pathetic . I won't be back. Rude and uninterested staff that can't come close to having orders ready when they claim. I think they wait to see if you're going to show up before they start your order.

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