Metro Diner

180 Inverness Plaza, Birmingham
(205) 719-2563

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Seth Johnson

This is by far the best restaurant I have eaten at. The food is absolutely phenomenal. Couldn't ask for better food. The service is outstanding. Very professional and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the customers are happy. I'll give y'all a 5 star any day of the week. My waitress Anne was on her toes making sure I was taken care of. Thank y'all for your excellent customer service and thank you kitchen staff for the excellent food.

Whitney Fritts

I came to this location today for breakfast. We had a slight wait no big deal that’s typical. Our server was a woman, the receipt said Alexis. She immediately got our drink order and brought them out and then took our food order. After that I watched her go all through her section which we were in and check on all of her tables. Some were done and some were waiting on food like us. We waited around 30 minutes for our food to come out and not once did she check in with us. Then when our food was delivered to the table by someone else she again did not come near our table. I had to ask another server for something and when she finally came by I asked for my check. Made a point to say that she had not been to our table since our food order and she acted like she didn’t care. The service sucked quite honestly. The food was great but you’re better off ordering it to go. I’m not one to complain bc I used to be a server but this chick was at all her tables getting people more coffee and refills and couldn’t even come by once to say hey your food will be out shortly or how is it or do we need any refills. I always leave well over 20% tip and that’s all she got was the 20% today and she definitely didn’t deserve it.

Theydie Lilith

We drove out to Alabama from St. Louis amd was very stuck on where to go for breakfast. Food was amazing and our server Brian was top quality. My bf and I are both industry workers and we were impressed from start to finished.

Kori White

It was OK. Cheeseburger very bland. Chicken tenders seasoned really well. My daughters liked the tenders and the grilled cheese sandwich. I wasn't a fan of the cheeseburger at all. Also, I ordered online and selected curbside. Checked in when I got there. Sat for almost 10 minutes. Ended up going in and my order was sitting on a table. Needless to say, the food was "warm" not hot. If I ever stop again, I'd likely get a chicken dish.


What an amazing brunch we had today at Metro Diner on 280.(our first time) There are two locations here in Bham. One in Trussville and one on Hwy 280. As usual we order snd array of vottles to dine on and we were not disappointed! The chicken and waffles is a half chicken fri3d to golden crispy perfection. It was juicy hot and crispy just the way fried chkn should be. The waffle had a touch of vanilla and was fluffy snd tender. Lets get to the 3 cheese Grilled cheese sammich woth fries. Yass hot crispy fries with a grilled cheese with Sharp cheddar, provolone and swiss cheeses. The sammich was toasted and grilled to buttery crunchy perfectionWhen you bite into it you could hear the "crunch of the bread and excra buttery" like we like it. Last but not least was the Western Omelet with fluffy egg and mixed veggies and cheesey grits!! Every bite was DELicious! The coffee of the day was Balvarian Chocolate however i had the Vanilla flavored and it was soo good! Nutty with a touch of Amaretto and vanilla flavor. So so good!! JeJuan was an excellet server! He made the visit even more delightful. If youre ever on 280 and want a delicious breakfast lunch or both (brunch) check out Metro Diner theyre opem from 8am-8pm daily!!!

Vicky Wesley

I love going there. It is our family and friends meeting spot for Sunday breakfast. Thank you for always having enough staff on duty to care of all the customers. Great customer service and delicious food ?

Megan McKelvey

Always tasty! Ordered to go a handful of times and never been disappointed.

Steven Eversole

Really bad experience here. Sorry. Two different plates had to be sent back. Lettuce and avocado were both rotten in my wife’s salad. My eggs were supposed to be over medium but came out over easy(that’s a big difference). I don’t like to to leave bad reviews but this place needs help. My daughters apple juice even tasted funny. I wouldn’t here for safety reasons.

Skates 280

Good food. I had a burger and onion rings. Relaxing atmosphere.

Rob Payne

They are always so nice. And the Pot pie is yummy

mark tymon

Metro Diner has a cool and casual vibe with an awesome soundtrack!! No, for real, you can listen to the Metro Diner Spotify Playlist! In addition to the atmosphere the service is phenomenal. There was a miscommunication between our waitress and I and the refire on the correction took less than five minutes. My wife and I both had a version of eggs Benedict, she the San Fransico with beautifully ripe tomato amd avocado slices and me the fried chicken, which was seasoned beautifully and juicy for days. We were so pleased we went back for lunch the next day. A must try if visiting the area. Thanks Metro Diner.

Anna Jungell

The food is delicious and service was great. I would highly recommend to anyone. Will definitely be back again.

Pate R.

Really really good. Ordered Classic Eggs Benedict, Fried Chicken Eggs Benedict and Biscuits and Gravy. Everyone's plate was practically licked clean. Service was a little slow, but the food was fresh and worth the wait. Good parking and cute atmosphere. Would recommend and will go back very soon.


My family and I have eaten here a lot and was always pleased with great service, attentive staff, and a server who always kept our drinks full. We came to eat here for Father’s Day since my dad loves this place and the excellent service we had in the past. On Father’s Day we got seated fairly quickly. Our server on the other hand was awful. I don’t even know why she works there. She never refilled our drinks we actually had to ask one of the staff members congregating at the drink station to refill our drinks. Instead she was busy sitting at the table where presumably her boyfriend was at. She sat down was all over him with another server presumably her friend was sitting at the same table. Our server never checked on us while we were eating. If she had she would have known I needed something that was left out of my order. Again, had to ask another server. We had stacked our dishes when done eating at the end of the table and our overly emptied glasses and waited for our check for a good 30 mins. All while seeing our server talking to numerous staff members and hanging out at the host station talking to her friend when her boyfriend left. Needless to say, our server missed out on a good tip and left a note on the receipt stating if she wasn’t to busy talking to her friends and refilled our drinks she would have gotten a tip. I have worked as a server before and I understand they are overworked. It would have been different if we saw her busting her butt and doing anything but socialize with her work staff. After that experience we will not be returning here again. As a server before I expect certain things to be done for customers. Drink refills is the number 1 thing to a happy customer.

Demetrius Enis

Food was beyond excellent seasoning on point service on time and portion was enormous !!!

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