Saigon Noodle House

4606 US-280 #108, Birmingham
(205) 408-1800

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Mark D.

As someone who frequents Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants across the country, I was really disappointed in the food at this establishment. The restaurant is clean and has lots of tables, and the staff are very nice, but to me, the food here is not even close to authentic Vietnamese food. I did not have any pho, so perhaps they do pho much better, but the spring rolls lacked flavor and were mostly lettuce. The peanut sauce was good, but that was about the only item that was acceptable. The char-grilled pork rice plate contained very dry pork with no signs of grilling and no fish sauce, which is traditional. The prices were really excessive for what was provided. This might be one of the most Americanized Vietnamese restaurants that I have ever visited. There is another place about two miles down the road that I would recommend to you if you like real Vietnamese cuisine. I won't be coming back.

Quan L.

Decent Vietnamese place. Pho: 7/10, not good but not bad either. Need a little bit more flavor Charbroiled noodles: 5/10, the meat is dry Banh Mi: 7/10, need more sauce Rice with Fillet Mignon: 8/10, perfect seasoning

Virginia H.

Another favorite restaurant that we don't go to often enough due to distance. Haven't really ventured out to try much more than their Pho....sometimes you just got to stick with what you already know is good! I personally would recommend that you ask for the sprouts to be steamed instead of brought out raw....they will still have the crunch, but already cooked some and hot so they don't cool down the broth unnecessarily. I like my soup HOT!! Also, you can sub in coconut curry broth in the Pho for an extra dollar. Worthwhile in my opinion! I haven't tried their boba tea yet.....I am particular about my boba and a little afraid to try lol.

Melanie Bodiford

We had the vermicelli with chargrilled pork and pork egg rolls. And the clear soup with beef and seafood. Both delivered on freshness and deliciousness.

Archie S.

I always get the seafood pho without squid when I'm here and it is AMAZING every single time I have it. The staff here are also extremely friendly and at this point, they know what I want when I walk through the door. Easily one of the best pho places in Birmingham!

Roger F.

Excellent Pho. Authentic flavor and taste. Worth the trip. Spring roll and Avocado slushy the best.

John D.

8.5 V:9 This is one of the better Vietnamese places I've been to in a while. Bahn Mi is great, so is bun bo hue. I want to try other dishes.

Angie M.

YOU GOTTA BE PHO-KING KIDDING ME! I felt so badly about giving this place a bad review. I was in the area this past weekend with my S/O and we decided to pop in here for some lunch. Man was I wrong about this spot. Their pho is delicious. I got the chicken pho. It was basically chicken broth with noodles and big hunks of chicken inside. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it! I got a slice of lime which I squeezed on the top of the soup which emphasized the flavor even more. I have learned my lesson. Next time I come here I will not order the spring rolls but instead I will skip directly to the entree and get a noodle bowl or pho! This spot is so good! So happy I came back to give it another go!

Mai N.

My fave Vietnamese restaurant in Birmingham ! It gets crowded during lunch and dinner, so you know it's good. I like to order the bun bo hue and the rice plates when I crave Viet food. I also like their Thai ice milk tea !

Jihyang Kim

We have ordered 4 Pho noodles and needed more bean sprouts.The lady brought us small plate of bean sprouts, without cilantro nor jalapeños and charged us 2 dollars for only couple of strings of bean sprouts. Hilarious. Even taste wasn't special at all.

Isa Delgado

Delicious lunch, topped off with the beignets and an amazing iced Viet coffee (with condensed milk, because condensed milk makes everything better!).

Kay Szydlowski

I'm new to Birmingham and this little spot is quickly becoming one of my favorites! The pho is excellent and they have several vegan options on the menu.

Eliana T.

Cannot get enough of this spot. I drive across town for it at least once a week, and after I always can't stop thinking about it for days. I want to make it through more of the menu but I can't pry myself away from ordering the beef pho, even in the dead of summer. The broth is so so flavorful, best I've had, and they give you an extremely generous portion of delicious meat. I also love their Thai tea boba, not too sweet and great texture on the boba. They're located in a shopping center off Hwy 280, so it's not exactly the ambience for a fancy date night or anything, but the food is worthy of any date if you ask me! Staff is always fast and friendly, even when they get crazy packed. Come check this place out for what I think is the best Vietnamese in town.


The very BEST pho I've ever had! Their egg rolls are amazing! Service was great and the place was spotless.Highly recommend!

Jeannine G.

Live. Love. Eat. Go to Saigon Noodle House and get some Pho! My favorite is the tasty PHo chicken noodle soup. The fresh ginger taste, the cilantro, bean sprouts, jalapeño and the portions are never small. Makes my mouth water thinking about it. Service has always been top notch! We will continue to support such a great local business. Compliments to the owners, chefs & staff that make lunch or dinner a delicious one!

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