The Pizitz Food Hall

1821 2nd Ave N #3112, Birmingham
(205) 214-9999

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Marissa W.

I love eating at Pizitz! It's great for a group or a family when you may want to eat different options. It's so much different than a mall food court in that the options are ACTUALLY good. There's really no bad option and always a place to find a seat. Some places have their own seating, like Ashley Mac's.

Courtney Banks

We had fun here maybe it will get better after the pandemic

J Strong

Have lived in Bham for almost 12 yrs and I'm just now finding out about this place. By far one of the most convenient food courts in Bham, complete with a bar right in the middle of the place that serves excellent drinks!There's a variety of different places to eat, so I'm sure you'll be able to find your thing! Go visit, you won't be disappointed!

Robert S.

Went here on a Friday night. There was only one place open, and they were blasting "music" so loud that you couldn't think let alone talk (there were literally giant portable speakers set up feet from the bar, pointed directly at it). I'm not really sure what the point of a food court is if they don't have a selection of things eat, especially when it's such an unpleasant atmosphere.

A A.

Love Pizitz Hall, its changed since the pandemic and a lot of new places are there that I cant wait to try. It's a welcome change for lunch or weekend hanging out. Had lunch at ona poke today. It's a little different from the Homewood location but same quality and good service. I will be back. price comparative- build your own bowl $10.50.

Jasmine S

There’s a restaurant here for everyone, if you want Poke, Indian, Chicken Wings, Hamburgers, or even a SnoBall, this is the place for you. I’m the afternoon they offer happy hour as well. And you can catch a movie downstairs at the Sidewalk Theater. Very nice spot for date night or hanging out with friends.

Tommy Mac

Neat place with a lot of different options. Think of it as a mall food court but a wider variety of options. There is something for everyone here. I had the Chicken Tikka Masala rice bowl and thought it was pretty good. There's a bar in the middle that serves some very yummy cocktails.

Marcia N.

I've seen lots of advertisements for this place and was expecting too much I suppose. It's just a small food court, darker than in a mall, with a bar. Still, there's varied seating. Tables, couches, comfortable chairs. The bathroom was pretty disgusting though because it's a family bathroom and some man had used it before me and I had to clean off the toilet. Ewww. I got my beer really quickly, and the atmosphere at the bar is pretty good. Strange though, half of the places where you can eat were closed. The outdoor seating is really great though! The music coming from the speakers is loud however but that's the atmosphere they're going for. I didn't order any food so I can't comment on that. One great thing is that you can park in the parking garage very close to it and it's free if you stay under two hours. It's very safe. The entrance is across from the McWane science Center.

Angie M.

DON'T TAKE A NAPRICOT ON THIS FOOD HALL! Food Halls are always a great way for new and upcoming chefs to get announced. They might be small on the outside, but once word spreads about your amazing food and your amazing little vendor shop, then it is a good time to branch out and get your name known to a much grander audience. The Pizitz Food Hall is one of the more upscale food halls I have encountered. There are tons of options to choose from tacos, poke bowls, ramen, wings and many others. You will surely find something for you to enjoy. This food hall is located downtown across the street from McWane Science Center and is in a prime area. There are tons of businesses both small and large around this area and lots of the employees come into the food hall to get something for their lunch. Since I was here during the lunch rush, I didn't get the opportunity to see all that this hall has to offer, but will be back soon for sure. I got food from Unos Tacos and Edolyn's Pies. I got the chicken quesadilla as well as some chips with salsa and quest blanco, you can't go wrong with that order. It was fabulous. Had big chunks of chicken and you can tell that everything that they used was fresh. From Edolyn's pies I got a blueberry lemon chess pie for courtney and a pecan pie for myself, they both look and smell amazing. If you have not read my review of the pie place, you definitely need to. This food hall is the prime location for some of the places we have learned to love and enjoy. I can't wait to come back and experience more wonderful food and customer service. A+

Sasha Bama

This place has a VARIETY of restaurants and a bar!! It's definitely a must visit!

Erik Brown

Great place to find a variety of good food to eat!

paige cleveland

I walk to the Pizitz from my office at least once a week and I love the convenience! The restaurant options are fabulous and cover a vast array of different cuisines, and the staff at the various locations are super nice and helpful. I recommend visiting!

Lloyd Estes

I constantly tell people about Pizitz and the great food in it. I am not from here, but frequently come for Children's hospital visits and make sure EVERY time I come I go to Pizitz

Jeffrey Johnson

The variety of shops is down from the past, but the quality is excellent. It is a great experience, but I miss the smoked meat and cheese shop.

Scott R.

Fun place with a variety for everyone! I had Red Beans and Rice with Catfish from NOLA, and my wife had a smoothie. Great location near the park--if you haven't tried it, or if you have a crowd that and it is hard to please everyone, don't compromise! Take them here and enjoy!

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