368 Cox Creek Pkwy, Florence
(256) 760-4468

Recent Reviews

Lindsey Ligon

I love coming to pick up a cheddar roast beef sandwhich

Callie Perry

Good food clean and very polite waiters

susan murphy

Amazing!! I had the Market Fresh sandwich ~ Roast Turkey Ranch with Bacon~ Really, Really Delicious ?

Julie Ries

Thanks for supporting youth sports!

Sons Of Liberty inc

Went to here for lunch. Wife and daughter ordered, I then placed my order where I asked for an apple turnover. The kid behind the counter said "there out of season" with a bit of an attitude. I asked him what he meant by there out of season, with even more attitude he was like "look man I don't know I had never eaten at Arby's until I started working here." Will never return to this Arby's and if they really did stop selling turnovers year round I will not be back at any Arby's.

Elizabeth Sabin

Use to Love this place but not no more, how you gonna claim we got the meat, and not have ham anymore. You do not have the meat.

Amanda Chandler

This Arby's is nice and clean very friendly employees good food

Nina Coats

It was good. Nice employees. Food was great. No sign on drink machine to show it didn't work.

Myoshia Mcdaniel

Any other time this place is good. But on Saturday’s around 1 0r 2 this place is horrible. For the second time going around this time, cups of cheese are not even half full and fries are burnt.

Sheila Gilbert

Our son and girlfriend stopped in for food tonight and brought his Daddy and I a buffalo chicken sandwich. I am a chicken sandwich expert, and this sandwich was by far the most amazing one we've ever had! Thank you to whomever was the one who prepared them!

Derral Upton

Food was good as always, order was correct. Only bummer, no jalapeno bites!!

Lisa Moore

Need to be hot so cheese will actually melt on the roast beef..


i like arby's because it has good food and good chairs and good tables and good people and i love you all who sees this and thank you for giving us good food

Mark Young

When you want a change of pace the roast beef sandwich is a great choice.

Debra Thorstenson

Stopped by to check out their fish sandwiches. The fish was a little bit over bun with lettuce and tartar sauce. Taste not so good. I don't recommend.

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