Chicken Salad Chick

363 Cox Creek Pkwy, Florence
(256) 257-0042

Recent Reviews

JamienMichelle Hardin

STAFF and leadership skills that were observed from my continued visits!!!

Rachel Purser

The food is Usually good. But the people that work in there are snoody and need some etiquette lessons on how to treat a customer. And for the over priced chicken salad and the attitude that comes with a limp pickle and a cookie it is not worth my time or money and more. I placed an order yesterday and I tell you the girl asked me (anything else) at least 17 times. Not to mention I had to repeat my order twice. If she would have just listened and slowed down she could have gotten it right the first time. I don't think we will go back for a while.

Ann K. Darcy

I could have eaten two or three servings of the broccoli salad, but was not a fan of the chicken salad traditional sandwich.

Christine Fediuk

The food was delicious!! I'm definitely coming back!!

David Pankratz

This was my first time visiting and was a fresh alternative to the norm! The food is amazing and well prepared.

Sodonia Barnes

Ordered for a baby shower. It was a hit as I knew it would be. Great lunch on hot summer days too!

bruce oneill

Poor excuse for chicken salad. Who ever heard of a salad without lettuce. Terrible

Laura Connolly

It was excellent! The food was fantastic and service was fast!

Brittany Baker

I'm currently calorie counting, and got the Fruity Fran during my visit. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this is the best fast food in Florence. Fresh ingredients, filling portions, and healthy options.

Lindsey Ligon

i like the turkey sandwich on a croissant! you have to get the mac and cheese and download the app to get free rewards and discounts. Their soups are also good and personally worked for me as a light meal when my gall bladder was failing me. (im not a doctor though)!

Toni Roxane Barnes

Sassyy Scotty on a cresent roll was delish!!

Jason Aday

A friend recommended this to us and we really love it we tried to go at least 2 to 3 times a week and they have all different flavors of chicken salad ..sassy Scotty is my favorite

Donna Robbins

BEST CHICKEN SALAD EVER !! FASST friendly service !! Great homemade Lemoaide too !! The Grape Salad is also really delicious!!

Mary Lee Fletcher

I live in New Mexico and My mother talks so much about this restaurant that I had to try, DIDN'T disappoint. Thinking of taking some for the ride back home! YUM!!!

anthony givens

I have not been very impressed with their food, or the prices. Yummy's bakery and deli is better in my opinion , and hometown owned and operated

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