Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

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Spencer Granger

WORST BUSINESS EVER !!!! DO NOT GO!!!We arrived Sunday at 3:30 we left the Bristol race heading to LA, we have another 8 hrs to drive. The restaurant wasn’t busy at all. While my Wife and I waited in the lobby looking at gifts, we were skipped in line because the employees don’t check to see what it says on a piece of paper sitting right in front of them.We waited 30 minutes until we met our waitress. It must have been her first day because her service was negative 15 stars. I waited for 15 minutes for a refill.We almost walked out! It was almost as if we had an invisible cloak over us. Every table around us was being served… but probably not well. The manager walked by 6 times and not once even asked to refill my drink. Maybe because he was too busy walking back and forth clicking a red and blue buttons on his iPad to maintain the tables that all the 15 people here are sitting at.And Yes, Cracker Barrel I’m sure you’reSorry to hear about the poor experience. I’lI go ahead and decline your offer to email you additional information.Sounds like y’all need to get the right management and staff at the location.101 Taylor Dr, Gadsden, Alabama 35904THIS IS THE GREAT VALUE BRAND of your typical Cracker Barrel

James Hamilton

Our server Holly was excellent and on point. The food portions were up to the norm for Cracker Barrel unlike in Kentucky where a good sneeze and your meal is gone.The new loaded sweet potato is more of a dessert then a side, not that I am complaining. Bacon bits with the Mac and cheese is an idea I am stealing for home. The new biscuit b....blanked on name were delicious. The coffee was hot fresh and delicious.

Saleh Kayal

Staff 5/5 Super helpful and friendly.Food 2/5 Either undercooked eggs or semi burnt turkey meat. Loved the pancakes.Cleanliness 4/5

Kayla Clark Saltz

The delivery to comfort in was 20 minutes late. They forgot to put ice cream in the chocolate cake. They forgot to put butter and syrup for the pancakes. All of the food was thrown in a sideways kimbo this way and that in a bag. We had to call twice for the missing items. They did, however, bring them quickly and they brought extra pancakes so that they were fresh and hot with the hot syrup. My husband did not like the chicken or the corn with he had dumplings and he liked the dumplings. But not the chicken and corn. We will probably not eat there again.

LaSonia Sams

Ordered food on line…. I parked in the curbside pick up and called to no answer. Went inside to pick up order to not being ready along with 4 other customers waiting over one hour . The orders were messed up . The cashier kept calling back to see the hold up to kitchen staff not answering phone. I then ask for manager , she came out. Explained to her of the long wait and no answer from kitchen , she went in back to see the hold up. Manager came out three times to apologize and to let us know she was working on order. After another 20 minutes customer started walking out stating they had been sitting for an hour to no one taking their order. Finally got food ( cold) . The food was not as good as it used to be and the customer service and wait time is horrible.

Kera Barr

Short on servers made experience lacking. However, kitchen staff was helpful and brought out our food. Food was satisfying.

Oliver C Jeffrey III

Place an order for 3 dinners. Everything that I was told that was on the menu for today they didn't have once I arrived to pick up my order. No call back to let me know they don't have chicken livers, sweet potato casserole. The waitress that took my order told me it will be ready in 20 minutes. So you couldn't call me back but instead you give me a plate with okra and pinto beans. SMDH!!!

Adam Roper

Great food, good service. A bit slow, but most places are now since nobody wants to work when they can sit at home a draw $ from the few that are working. This is the new america where we take from this that have in the form of taxes and give it to lazy bums.

Rita Mayo

Was told it would be a 25 minute wait. Normally, I wouldn't wait that long but I wasn't driving so we stayed. 40 minutes later we were seated. There were tons of empty tables. Not enough wait staff to work them.The waiter assigned to us was a sweetie, hiz name was Blake. He was new and did the best he knew how. Our orders were wrong and had to be sent was a mess. The waiter and food were good just shouldnt be two hours trying to get a bite to eat. Found out the kitchen too was short handed. But management could be seen standing around like the place was fully staffed and doing nothing to help out. ?

Miriam Villarreal

Food was hot and delicious. Service was quick. All employees were polite.

Frances Sutley

Meatloaf was terrible. Very small portion. Greens tasted like dishwater. Very disappointed in this visit. We eat at Cracker Barrel frequently.

Shea Franklin

Horrible from service to the food. Egg shell in the eggs, wax paper left on the steak and raw bacon!

Susan H.

Ordered take out. Yes they were swamped but I'm tired of getting ripped off when I get take out I added a serving of coleslaw to my order. I wonder how much you get in the restaurant? Barely three bites.

Misty Taylor

When we arrived we were told it's a 20 min wait, I looked in dining area & several tables were available. We waited almost an hour, then a manager ( i assume ) came up & told us she was sorry for our wait & that To Go orders were the reason for the wait. I believe I'd take care of customers that are in the resturant waiting.


One could tell that they were short handed with help however you could see that everyone working there was helping each other. Great to see that, wonderful dining experience. Great staff. Food was excellent also.

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Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

101 Taylor Dr, Gadsden, AL 35904
(256) 538-5938