La Marina

105 Holman St, Leesburg
(256) 526-7168

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We went there like an hour ago and was kinda iffy cause they only had 4 stars but we tried it anyway and I don't care what the other reviews say about the food was not good it was to expensive and the service was bad the food was great u got a lot for the price and the waitress lady was polite and very fast the food toke a min but was very good especially the rice I mean I saw a reviews saying like 3$ for a coke refill if u dont have 3$ for a refill why u eating out or better yet go to McDonald's were it's free and get something off the 1$ menu dont leave bad reviews and make them look bad cause u don't have 3$ but anyway I would totally recommend this place and I will definitely be going back again

Sherry Rylander

The entrance was very interesting with some authentic Mexican Decor. Ample parking. Clean inside. The staff as very attentive and personable. There was a toddler running in and out of the kitchen and our owner/server spent time chasing him and carrying him back into the kitchen.Flaming Cheese, $14.99 I always order this if it is on the menu. It is my favorite dish and I’ve had it is many Mexican restaurants. Nice thick layer of gooey sizzling cheese with tender sliced steak, peppers and onions all sautéed to perfection with just the right amount of juices running around the edges. Three tortillas a little guacamole and pico on the side.Well this wasn’t that. $14.99 The steak was tough, it was added to the vegetables put directly on a skillet soaking in a puddle of water with partially melted cheese sprinkled on top. I have never seen Flaming Cheese this messed up before. This came with a huge plate of everything almost another meal. I considered it over kill. I wouldn’t order this again.Chili Marina this was beef tips in chili sauce made as spicy as you like. Mild is still a bit spicy. Very good taste.When we went to pay the manager/server apologized and did say “sorry good sometime, not good sometime” so we will probably go back a try something else.

D. Daniel

Our meal was amazingly very flavorful. The salsa was the first had the right amount of heat without being overly so. The nachos we ordered had chicken, beef, and shrimp. I highly recommend them! The pitcher of margaritas...well, let me say that NOTHING remained in the pitcher when we were through. All in all, I am definitely coming back... SOON!

Libby Brockman

My favorite Mexican restaurant where I live❤️Food and service is always excellent.

Jacques Abadie

Really enjoyed La Marina Restaurant.

Amanda Blake

We have been here a few times since we moved here a month ago. We have all tried different menu items and they are all extremely delicious. The service is even better. The manager is very attentive and comes to every table and makes sure everyone is completely satisfied. Nothing but great things to say about La Marina. HIGHLY recommend!!

Anahi Quintero

Bad foodBad serviceBad waitressOverall BADOverpricedSave your money and go else where.

Kara Barnett

Food was excellent, staff was friendly, and the atmosphere was quaint.

Sherry S.

Just discovered the best Mexican food in town. Had the Lake weiss burrito! Enough for two people and delicious! Will definitely be back again.

Diane Gaither

Good food, affordable prices. We always request Ashley to be our waitress because she has a great personality and makes sure she takes care of everything we need quickly, efficiently and always with a great attitude! This is a place you'll want to come back to again!

Teresa Matthews

I was very disappointed!!! I had 2 lunch specials, an order of cheese rice, and 2 steak tacos and paid almost $70!!! The food was okay but NOT for $70. I won’t be back!!!!

Glenn B18c5

Food was 2 out of 10, service was -10 out of 10, I am 100% confident there's 10yr Olds running lemonade stands in their front yards in more of a professional and more accurate way then the staff here. I got to watch 3 waitresses eat before I could even get chips so I could eat my cold watered down queso. $100 wasted I worked 10x harder for that $100 then the entire staff that night. Owner needs to get this fix or move on.

Gail Oliver

Service was great. Order was ready on time and great.

Katie C.

We always go to Don Bigotes, so decided to try something new. From the start it wasn't a pleasant experience. Being that we've never been there, we expected to be greeted and asked how many, but one man was on the phone and a girl was behind the counter. Neither said a word. Then after a couple of minutes a girl grabbed a couple of menus and started walking towards a table. We just assumed it was for us because she never said a word. She did bring us waters and chips and salsa pretty quick, but then nothing. We waited for 20 minutes and no one came to take our order. We watched as large groups came in after us get there orders in. We couldn't even make eye contact to get someone's attention. I doubt we'll try that again.

Michele Marie 55

Went there to pick up and order. They forgot our drinks. Got our drinks but have us small ones when we ordered large. Got three chicken nachos and all had no cheese and one was to have no onions or green peppers. They all had onions and peppers. It was gross.

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