Ajian Sushi

1914 University Blvd, Tuscaloosa
(205) 331-4542

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Arrived at 8:24 pm, as the listed hours clearly stated a 9 PM closing time. The door was unlocked with a line to the register. A girl aggressively approached us, actually yelling at us and other new walk-ins to leave because 'this is the last night of the year that we close at 8'. I lost my patience and talked back. Not sure what policy is on treating people but I have never been spoken to like that for arriving at an unlocked restaurant within listed closing hours and I will never be returning. I have never seen such unprofessionalism in any restaurant in my entire life. I am a permanent resident here and will be pouring champagne to celebrate when this sketchy establishment inevitably goes under. I also expect the owner to come onto this review and somehow justify these terrible business practices, as I've seen them do it to other reviewers as well. With staff this bad, you'll be lucky to maintain any sort of reputation.

Paul Kern

Very good sushi, made while you walk the counter (like Chipotle setup). Great place to try sushi for the first time because Ajian Sushi also offers chicken or steak, instead of the usual tuna/shrimp/vegetarian. This is a favorite of many college students.

vera bettin

Service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Very sweet and accommodating staff, ver friendly.Cleanliness ⭐️⭐️The place was very messy behind the counter. The restaurant could use a sweep and mop to say the lease. ALL the tables were dirty even though the restaurant was empty.Taste ⭐️⭐️Some of the worst I’ve ever tasted. Their seaweed nori paper was rubbery and their rice was overly vinegary. I really tied to eat us but couldn’t, it was bad. The friend rice was decent, but it tasted super greasy like they poured a bunch of sesame oil in it. The dumplings LOOKED amazing but unfortunately no taste!I wanted to like this place, save your money!

Gigi Harris

Amazing place to eat. Great atmosphere. Subway for sushi. Try to spicy tuna roll. It is my go to!!

Shakina Wheeler-Cox

Excellent customer service reasonable prices and Great variety of food options

Riley P.

It is a decent concept, though poorly executed. The sushi is not very good at all for the price. I would sooner pay these amounts for Publix sushi. The difficulty may come from pairing fusion with with a build-your-own model, where they relinquish themselves of the duty of actually fusing the ingredients in a cohesive manner. I've seen absolute atrocities come out of the place, and while it may taste alright at times, you're going to ridiculously overpay. Unless you are looking for grilled steak and cream cheese wrapped in seaweed with Cheetos on top.

Steven Gafnea

The best sushi I've ever had and it's very affordable

Jillian Shanell

Love the novelty of this place because there have been a few times at a sushi place that I've wished I could add or ingredients to a roll. I do like that they have some suggestions though that you can use as a starting point. I has a spicy tuna roll topped with tempura crunch, spicy edamame and miso soup.

Susie K.

The taste and quality matches the lack of care in preparation. AWFUL! And their egregious use of plastic will have the ocean full in no time. Rename this place " McSushi." Blech.

Dale E

Was very good, I was pleasantly surprised! A bit spendy for what it was but great for that sushi fix. Was busy when we but the service was quick.

Joel Channell

Very delicious. Fast friendly service. Affordable.

Garret Leopard

It's like a Subway but for sushi! Great quality, better price! Highly recommended by a Tuscaloosa native born and raised!


We were in town visiting our daughter and went here for lunch with her and her roomies. They love this place, and I can see why. You get to make your own custom designed sushi, and they have a pre-made menu also. The food was fresh and tasty and we ate outside and had a totally nice time. I'd go back the next time in T-town.

Maddie H.

Ajian is by far my favorite sushi place I have ever been to. I get it at least 4 times a week. Safe to say I'm obsessed!

Hannah B.

I come here often because they take dining dollars and the food can be pretty good but the employees are so rude it genuinely blows my mind. i kid you not every time i go to aijan an employee gets an attitude or is blatantly rude to me and my friends. EVERYTIME. I've had a girl literally undermine me and scoff while making my sushi, they make you literally hate going there. ALL of them.

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