Baumhower's Victory Grille

500 Harper Lee Dr, Tuscaloosa
(205) 409-9922

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Susan Russ

The only reason I am leaving 3 stars is because of our wonderful server Catherine! We had dinner at the restaurant this evening and they were busy when we got there. We had a party of 4 and waited about 30 minutes for a table which was more than reasonable considering it was a Saturday night and it is move in weekend. We were seated at a table in a back corner. We ordered our sodas and when we got them they had no syrup in them and were strictly carbonated water. Catherine immediately took care of the problem and got us new drinks. We ordered our food. My husband got wings, my sons got a burger and a wrap. I ordered the FAMOUS hot brown. We then sat and sat and sat! After an hour we FINALLY got our food. The entire time we waited for our food Catherine made sure we had fresh drinks and was very attentive. When we got our food everyone but me was happy. My so called famous dish was terrible! The bacon was burnt and I had a small piece of toast underneath everything. It didn’t seem like anything I had to eat before I died like the menu advertised. But at this point I was starving so I ate what I could and didn’t really complain. As I was sitting and eating I felt something crawling up my leg. I pushed it off and then a few seconds later a HUGE cockroach crawled up the wall next to me from under the table. Catherine went and got the manager who grabbed a broom and smashed it while telling us that the restaurant was close to the woods. After she killed it she walked away. I completely understand that this is something that can’t be controlled. But that was RIDICULOUS! I myself am a server and have been for quite sometime and I know that if management handled a situation like this the way it was handled here we wouldn’t have any customers!! I might try this establishment again but it would only be because Catherine was so wonderful!

yetta lady

I went here for the first time to try, not too good. I feel like I waisted my money, their was hardly no reason on their baked chicken. I could’ve did a better job cooking my own food, and would’ve saved my money. Never again

Troy Scott

The waitress was excellent. The food was just OK, could of been better and there were to many flies inside the restaurant.

Laura Mitchell

Price on the menu was one price but when time to pay, it was higher. We were told they had new menus with correct price ordered but they had not arrived yet. Over priced

terria blunt

This spot is absolutely amazing!! We came in (a party of 14) and were seated immediately! Our server Catherine was hands down the best server ever. The food was endless and all of it was delicious. Our drinks never ran low. The cook/manager Gabby threw down in kitchen. I would recommend the fried pickles and fried banana pudding for sure! Shout out to the serving manager Latoya. I will absolutely be back. Good food great service!

Kevin McDonald

Met an old buddy there for dinner tonight. We were seated and only given one menu. Our hostess told us our waiter was John and he would be with us shortly. Waited 20 minutes and never saw John or any other employee. We got up and left the restaurant. Went down the road to Buffalo Phil’s and enjoyed some wings. ??‍♂️

Billie Findley

No refills on tea. Service was slow. Food was good

Moses Billups

Expensive but the food was good. Had to figure out that I needed to make the coleslaw... they just gave me the ingredients. But over all good experience.


The staff was okay, the restaurant was only 1/3 full and we still were overlooked a lot. The burgers were pretty good. But they sat us at a table with ZERO air flow and looked annoyed that we asked to move . Then they moved us to a dirty table. The waitress didn't come back for a WHILE so I just cleaned it up for her.But they food was alright ?

Savannah M.

The people dealing with Togo orders tonight were unbelievably rude. Our order was incorrect when I came to pick up. Over the phone the order was correct when repeated back so I don't know how they messed it up, but was incorrect on the receipt. Also, if you order cheese fries why would you not be given a ranch for dipping??? I was told we do not do that anymore.... I ended up paying over 10 dollars in just ranch alone because supposedly you don't get one with your fry order. Our hot lips were suppose to be hot which they were not. If you ask for a side of queso that doesn't mean a whole bowl which I paid 3.99 for. Our order was short a gooey fry and was very rude when I was trying to tell them we were short a fry. Was not asked did I need utensils for my Togo order... When I did ask for the utensils she didn't respond and got the utensils and basically shoved them to me. I kindly said Thank You, and no response was given. You would think with a messed up order the least they could of done was not charge me 10+ in sauce! Overall, I do Togo order a lot at this location and the service tonight was the worse I had seen it.

Brittany Greer

I've had a negative experience here before, but my kid wanted to go, so why not. We had an immensely better experience here than the last time. Service was great, the restaurant was clean, and the food was good.

Jimmie Cabiness

My husband and I took our grandson here last night to celebrate his 13th birthday. We had a server that went above and beyond - his name was John H. He was just delightful! He made our evening ever more special with his conversation and compliments of our grandson’s personality and manners. I would have given a perfect rating if my dinner had been better - I had the grilled chicken salad. The chicken was obviously cooked for quite some time. But my grandson loved the Oooy Gooey Fries and wing dish and my husband’s wings were perfect! Just wanted to give a shout out to John!

Clay Mathews

The food is great. This is a full-on sports bar. It’s loud. TVs everywhere. Good atmosphere for anyone wanting to watch sports and have a great meal.

Harmony Thomas

Food was phenomenal, service was amazing, and atmosphere was fantastic! Literally, the best service that I have had in a restaurant in months! Can't wait til the next time we get to stop in!

Valerie P.

Ok, it seemed things were post covid tonight but dang, the food, drinks, and service were not good at all. The staff seemed to just abandon the hostess stand and it wasn't really crowded at all. The drinks were small, for the price, and couldn't seem to taste any alcohol at all. The 10.00 premium margarita was very small and weak, just sour in this baby. Food was , well, enough said. I hope they get back to normal on the service and quality.

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