Buffet City

1747 Skyland Blvd E, Tuscaloosa
(205) 553-3308

Recent Reviews

Gabe Janke

The best and largest Chinese buffet in the city of Tuscaloosa. I always eat there when I visit Tuscaloosa.

Pablo Ramirez

Its a good placas to eat and the food is good I will come aguinaldo.

Cindy Barrett

If you have shellfish allergies. Don't go in there. It's in every island of food.

Angela Lambiasi

I have always enjoyed eating here with my family. It gives an excellent spread of food. So as to always have something you want and or like,anyone knows with kids it can be hard to get them on the same page. My now grown children still remember eating here as a family as their fondest memories,and I now get to start my granddaughter,a new generation ,with fond memories as well.Thank you.

Angela White

Decent food good price nice and friendly staff

beks dgaf

The food taste was a no go. I'm from Texas and was traveling to come back home and the Chinese restaurants in Texas are way better. The food tasted old & weird. I wouldn't recommend eating at this Chinese restaurant.

Models Gotta Eat 2 Mara Naomi

I've been 3 times and always find hair. Clearly I'm not going back. If you alert staff, they only remove the hair from the food. Like that will solve anything

Lindsay Bigham

This place always has good food for the price?

Maxx Lackie

Great food!Nothing like filling your plate and your stomach for a cheap price on a buffet!!

Mara Naomi

Hair, hair and more hair!!!! I'm so done, this is the second time that I've found hair. This place will remove the hair and leave the food out. So i won't be returning

Brandy Smith

This used to be a good place, bit it's gone down hill in the last couple of years. Wait staff was rude, acted upset because my daughter asked for a different drink due to the sprite being out of syrup. Food had very little flavor and most of it was lukewarm and dry. Just not good anymore.

Teri Landon

Love the dogs for fishing love the swimming area it is absolutely gorgeous and you have little cubby holes you could drive down to and fish or camp or whatever you want to do it is very very family-oriented lovely very lovely

Roy LaGrone

Excellent selections, friendly prompt servers, good food, love egg drop soup over my rice, and wonderful Spring rolls. Even fried chicken is tasty, not just fried.

Clay Elliott

Great selection of foods on the buffet and the sushi was pretty good! The price was definitely good for all the food we ate LOL. Will definitely be back to eat again soon!

Tiffany Reed

The restaurant itself is actually pretty nice and probably one of the cleanest & most sanitary Chinese restaurants I've ever been in if im being honest and although the food wasn't all that great to me- I cant say it was horrible either. It was okay. However, the service at this place is absolutely awful and the way they overcharge and downright rob their customers is disgusting in my opinion. Everything on the menu is nearly double the prices that I've seen Anywhere else. Also the option to take your leftovers (THAT YOU'VE ALREADY PAID FOR JUST TO BE CLEAR and for whatever reason was unable to finish) home with you so obviously you can finish your PAID FOR MEAL for later-commonly known as a to-go-plate to basically anyone living on planet earth..except for the manager (or whomever is responsible for) making customers pay 14.99, FULL PRICE just to be clear in order to take just your leftovers home with you.. Also another 2.49, full price plus tax, if you'd like to take the remainder of your drink/soda.. Meaning Nothing extra.. Just leftovers that you've already paid for.. will cost full price again if you take them with you. In my case i had my 2 year old, that had been riding several hours prior to stopping, that was grumpy and fussy & clearly needed a nap that i was attempting to feed what food he didn't throw while trying to eat myself. I failed miserably. Finally i decided to get to go boxes since we barely touched our food and i spent most of my time trying to keep him calm however possible so he didn't pitch a fit and bother everyone else at least until my husband was finished so we could go. I knew once we got settled in our hotel we could successfully finish our dinner then. Boy was i wrong.. I asked our waitress for to go boxes knowing she was fully aware of the fact that neither my son nor myself had eaten 3 bites combined and wasn't there longer than 20 minutes altogether.. She saw exactly how grumpy he was & me doing everything i could to keep him calm for everyone else while we waited on his dad. Point being she knew damn well we hadn't eaten and out of respect for other customers i decided to eat later so that they could eat in peace while there.. So to tell me to pay 14.99 for my food plus 10.99 for my babys plus taxes for both meals, ONCE AGAIN, when less than 10 minutes ago she was literally just handing us the receipt and our change from paying for the exact same plate of food. Not a single grain of rice extra. We paid for buffet but i only asked for the food from our first and only plate.. No desert. No salads. No fruits or veggies.. No extra chicken, shrimp, crab legs, crawfish, or oysters.. Nothing. Like seriously what if someone had an emergency as soon as they sat down to eat and had already paid for everything etc but absolutely had to go before eating or drinking anything whatsoever would seriously be charged twice for the same single plate of plain, dry, below average food? These people are disgusting and full of greed.. They literally watch you the entire time you're there and never so much as smile. Also pay attention when paying with a debit card.. After trying to recharge me for the same exact food TWICE they also tried adding nearly 10 dollars onto my bill.. Basically we ended up paying 40 dollars for my husband one plate of food. Never would i go back there and definitely wouldn't recommend those rude, money hungry, selfish, disgusting individuals to anyone else. Trust me you dont want to give them your money or fund their schemes in any way.

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