4900 Old Greensboro Rd, Tuscaloosa
(205) 247-9980

Recent Reviews

Annette Clements

Excellent service. Fast and they have never gotten my order wrong!

Amy Cook-Appleby

This is our fave but definitely my daughter's favorite place to eat, like ever!!! She could honestly eat here everyday if we would let her and she's actually ate 3 times in one day on several occasions, lol! She LOVES everything about chickfila so much that she now has almost everything she owns in cow print too! ?❤️She is definitely one of chick-fil-A's biggest fans!!!!

Snap Raine

Awesome alway a good choice!!! Everything on the menu is delicious ?

Horace “Boogie” Copridge

The waiters take orders outside in the drive through. That's safe. The Cobb salad that I ordered was delicious. I'll be back.

Rhonda Allen

Fast and friendly service. Food is always fresh and hot! Love the ice dream cones!

Skowalski Hughes

Still the best chicken sandwich ever...the lines were long, but moved really fast. Please bring a Chic Fil-A to Saginaw, Michigan...

Nicole Logan

There has been two times that I’ve ordered through their app to pick up curbside and they have either forgotten to give me my food or given it to someone else. Sat there for 10-15 minutes and the order went off the app screen like it had been received…. They’re also bad about leaving items out of your order when you do actually receive it.

Jalen Gee

All I can say after visiting this location since I moved to Tuscaloosa (2014) it’s been hit or miss but I just left at around 9 o’clock (drive through ) and let me say this time it was AMAZING !!! Fresh food , well seasoned and FAST even though the line was almost around the building (normal ). I commend the night shift for ensuring everything was great !

Timothy Wyant

Olivia was our friendly service host. Our Food was good and fresh. Downside was Bathroom needed some cleaning. But it had soap and sanitizer. 4 stars . 5 if had a clean restroom.

Barbara Lemmon

We had the yummy chicken sandwiches, waffle fries and milkshakes! I had chocolate, and my husband had the seasonal peach shake. We dined in with only a couple of others while both lines for take-out were full! Go figure!

Keepsake Memories

Poor experience at this chick-fil-a!!! They didn't give us any straws (for 3 drinks we ordered), no napkins and unfriendly at the window. The outside staff was good but once we pulled up things went sour. They only gave like 4 pieces of fruit on fruit parfait. They charged us for an extra fry we didn't order. Overall, much training is needed for workers at this location for food quality and customer service. We love Chick-fil-A and eat at many throughout Eastern, NC and never had an issue. I also never thought I'd leave a poor rating for Chick-fil-A either.

Doug Lee

Ordered dinning in, brought me a sack of food with no napkins and no utensils. Unusally poor service for CF.

Sean P.

The drive thru is a well-oiled machine, quick and accurate. At the window, Hailey was super nice and extremely helpful. All employees should be like her. ?

Ada Chapman Doss

Every. Single. Time. I order a large fry in the last 2 months it comes out like this, barely half full. It’s ridiculous. I started ordering a medium because I’m fairly certain that you get more in that container than the large. I tried to get a large today and was disappointed, yet again. Absolutely ridiculous.

Tiffany Vaughn

Drive thru service was quick even though they were very busy. My salad lettuce slimy, wilted, and brown. I contacted Chick-fil-A online. I took pictures to help them fix the issue. I always get good service and great good here. Hopefully they will fix the issues with the lettuce. It was pretty disappointing today.

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