Cook Out

100 15th St E, Tuscaloosa
(205) 345-1847

Recent Reviews

Emma S.

The food at Cookout was fine, it didn't take my breathe away or anything special, considering that it is a more fast food type place. But the food took a long time, especially since I kept my order simple. Overall I probably wouldn't go out of my way to go back but it wouldn't be a let down if I had to go back. I must add, the food was extremely cheap and affordable which is always a plus.

Lenny Feller

It's fine. The food is ok and the shakes are very old fashioned tasting, just a bit too sweet for me.The overall experience is a hoot, chaotic but positive and mostly friendly. The staff is tremendous and keeps the whole thing running like clockwork. TIP WELL!

Leslie Molson

Obviously a local institution, but really nothing special unless you've spent your whole life eating in malls.

Eric Lakins

Good inexpensive food but long drive-thru lines

Kiera Jones

Banana pudding milkshake is the best! But notice orders been getting messed up lately

M James

First time at cookout. Milkshakes are awesome. Chicken sandwich was pretty small so probably order something different next time that's bigger? The guy taking our order was very enthusiastic about his job and helped a lot to decide what to get. Will come back to try other things.

Amanda Hare

So often we share reviews on bad experiences but I want to acknowledge how great this location was in the midst of obviously being short staffed. Despite having to patiently wait (I will wait all day for great service and food and I received BOTH) my order was both CORRECT and fresh! The gentleman working the window had to be a supervisor or manager and he was knocking it out! Kudos to you for hanging in there through these difficult times!

Kerrie Faulkner

The reason I am giving them a low rating is because the last 3 times I have stopped here for lunch, not once has my order been right. Chicken sandwich amd hamburger sound nothing alike. And then twice half my food was left out. So if u want your order to be correct, it's a toss up if u go here! I can understand this happening once in a while but 3 out of 3 times?!?!

Jae Snow

Good cheap variety of food. Great deals for all the college folks living around there. I hear their shakes are really good too, but usually the meal itself fills me up enough. You can get an entree and two big sides for like, less than 7 bucks most times. Very worth it

Amanda driggers

Food was good but qe had to sit outside because dining room isn't open yet and the ducks kept peckinf at us for food.

Josh B.

COOKOUT!!! Absolutely the best deal in town. I just don't get it... $6 for a Big Double burger and two bacon wraps with a drink. Unstoppable combo. I know some of you are skeptical. You say, "but they always get my order wrong." I get it folks. They get my order wrong constantly. In fact, I always ask them for two honey mustard bacon wraps with no cheese to go along with my burger. They haven't gotten it right one single time! I always get on with cheese on it and one with ranch on it. Apparently they can't just replace ranch with honey mustard on a wrap. Yeah, I don't get it either. Plus I'm slightly allergic to all things dairy. It's okay tho cause I feel like a Tasseled Wobbegong when I go to Cookout. Just something about it. Isn't that what it's all really about. I just hate going to places and feeling like a Capuchin monkey. It's just not the same! Plus it speeds up digestion 7 fold! Doesn't get much better than this. Why go to Aruba when you can just go to cookout. I wish I could float in a lazy River of Cookout sauce sometimes. Wouldn't that be nice. Roll tide!

Randy Hall

Food at drive thru equally good as dining in. Friendly staff. Hopefully dining room opens soon. Pulled pork sandwich is excellent. Add onion rings and Coke. Love it !

Dalton riggs

Great food not to bad on price. But the best part is feeding the ducks.

Tim Trussell-Smith

I have rarely, if ever, had a problem here - or at Cook Out in general. Best food for the price in a day food restaurant. They are friendly and seen attentive about my order.

Lashunda Dunn

Friendly staff, great and fast service.

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