Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

1091 Southview Ln, Tuscaloosa
(205) 758-5878

Recent Reviews

Robin Laidlaw Wyers

Best hot burger I'd had in a long time...Id recomend going there

Allstar Agent67

Always out of bananas. And the thing is there right next to a grocery store. The service is great but they never have bananas

Lissa D

The chicken tenders were good, but my toast was so hard as a brick.

Melvelyn May

The hamburgers ain't got no kind of taste at all this place went down, just the second time out ate there within a month , the food still taste the same, tasteless


I have 4 kids and got 4 kids meals. They did not ask and made the ice creams 1st! I believe food 1st wish they would of asked.

Savannah Adams

Had to use the drive through lobby is closed , had to park and wait over 10 min the food was brought out without our ice cream I stated that it was missing I repeated our ice cream order small strawberry sundae small blizzard and when he handed me this ?‍♀️ After the drive through, the wait, and waiting again for the wrong ice cream…… we left my dog is happy I am not ….. it seems small but that was the only thing I ordered….. we had a small uncomplicated order what the heck ?!?!

Olivia Gaines

Drive thru has long lines. Employee brought part of My order, then proceed to take orders to other customers. Not apologetic about it.

Tameaki “meaki” Tubbs

I need to file a complaint! They ain't never got no banana's or slushes or Milkshakes!!! Especially BANANA'S for my banana splits! Like why even be open? Why Is It so hard to order banana's as well as the other essential hot food items that sells? Signed a very angry, disappointed Banana split lover customer! Please get it together! Thanks

David Lopez

The management and service was phenomenal... the food was good.

Antwaun McDaniel

Visited the drive through and was serviced by a young lady named Joyous. Her name definitely suits her. She was an absolute delight. From taking my order to her customer service at the window. She was very polite and professional. ??

Gunars Cazers

Some of the prices on the drive-in menu and the indoor menu are out of date. They charged me a higher price then was on menu. I contacted the headquarters, but I’ve not heard back.

Ford Firm

Needed WAY more oreos in the Oreo Blizzard. 1 oreo per medium blizzard is not enough. The staff, while exceptionally nice, didn't know to ring up the Gift Card FIRST before ringing up the cash. No one wants a gift card back with 0.24 cents on it. I heard the supervisor tell the cashier to do it that way.

Blair Morrison

Worst fast food place! So this is the second time I’ve been and they claimed to be out of all burgers. Also tried to order onion rings. They’re out of those. Ordered pretzels. They were out of those. Then tried to order caramel apple blizzard which is still on the website menu. They said they don’t have that. Then ordered the cotton candy blizzard they didn’t have that. I finally asked what do y’all have and I’ll just order that. After ordering and driving away. Realized the only item they did have was not in the bag. Had to go inside and wait about 10 minutes for them to cook it. Also there were about 7 or 8 teenage boys gathered around one of the workers laughing about something on their phone. The manager didn’t seem concerned. The boys were cussing and talking very loudly. I could barely get to the register to tell them they left my order out. When I finally got home realized my Reese’s cup blizzard that I ordered is basically vanilla ice cream one or two pieces of Reese’s in it. Will not do business here again. Very sad management let’s this occur.

Tyler Averette

Inconsistent. I went one day last week and it was the better than some sit down restraunts. When I went this week, the fries were soggy and the chicken had very little flavor. It tasted like they held back in the seasoning to save money and gave me bland food.So basically it's hit or miss

Claudia Charley

I'm a huge fan of their desserts. The brownies are always fresh. The restaurant is clean on the inside. Cashiers are friendly and the food is quick to serve.

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