Five Guys

1800 McFarland Blvd E UNIT 606, Tuscaloosa
(205) 391-0575

Recent Reviews

Dave Vandenberg

Fabulous fries, good burgers. Friendly staff. Great for a quick bite.

Chris Alexander

Way Overpriced for what you get, 30 minute wait but first in line. It was $16.47 for a single patty hamburger w/one slice of bacon with small fry and small drink. I could go to a nice steakhouse for that kind of money!

Cory Hudson

Always a great experience. Their burgers are great but the fries are even better.

nathan stephenson

If you want good food fast don't come here. Waited nearly 30 minutes for a mediocre overpriced burger and fries. Fries were really good, burger not so much. If I'm paying nearly $15 for the burger alone I expect it not to be overcooked and dry. I should've just gone to McDonald's. Same standard of food but at least I wouldn't sit there for 30 minutes

Dan Sutton

Food tasted great! Downsides were above average prices and long wait for food preparation.

Nina Pearson

Food is good but the service is always slow. The employees are really nice but it always takes at least 20-30 minutes to get your food.

Tiffany Vaughn

Milkshakes were perfect! Cajun fries are the best anywhere! The cashier was friendly and helpful.

Stephen Miller

I love five guys they're amazing their food is fresh the stuff is good this is how we roll when we got the munchies dog. Got to love some fresh burgers and you got to love some fresh fries. If you are hungry you must go to five guys

Carol Lee

I ordered five guys specifically because they load you up with fries and I wanted fries. $7 for a large fry. We got 2 (along with 4 burgers. This was a $70 order) and they didn't even fill the cups. Not a single extra fry spilling over from the cup into the bag. I cannot begin to express my disappointment and disatisfaction with paying $14 for the equivalent of at most 4 potatoes. You'll pay $10 less for a Whataburger meal that comes with the same amount of fries and a drink. Not sure I see the value in Five Guys anymore.

Jewel Cooper

They used to give you your money's worth when you ordered fries. This serving was absolutely ridiculous for $4...

denise congress

Little Bacon CheeseburgerSmall FriesI paid under $15 for thisMy first time eating hereI am NOT able to eat all this right NowI will have to wrap it up for laterAll I can say I definitely got MY MONEY'S WORTHOnly DOWNSIZE; You will have to order everything separately; there is No CombosI will be coming back Again

Natasha Gibson

I love FIve Guys but today I went to the Five Guys on McFarland in Tuscaloosa for a bacon cheeseburger and when I got home my burger was pink ? I called the store and someone answered and ask me to hold. After holding for 18 mins, I hung up and proceeded to call back. The phone rung 3 times then disconnected. I am VERY VERY disappointed. Tomorrow when I call they will not be willing to do anything cause “I didn’t call today”. Very disappointed that I could not even find an 800 number to call. All I can say is WOW ???

Ryan Thomas

Great service. Love they had on mask. Great food. Served nice and hot. Doesn't take forever to be done. Not too crowded. Clean on the inside.

Josh Dolphin

Five Guys is a chain, but they make some of the best burgers and fries in town. They are a bit more expensive than the McDonald's down the street, but they always seem to have fresh ingredients which makes it worth it to me.

The Raging Potatoes

i think they are ok just a bit too expensive

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