Nick's Original Filet House

4018 Culver Rd, Tuscaloosa
(205) 758-9316

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Steve Stanley

Greatness resides here!It is a very small restaurant, which maybe you might even question eating there due to its initial impression, and because of the people waiting outside, but just go try this place!I ordered a regular burger with rings. What they brought out was, bread, salad with additional toppings, a stellar flavored ranch dressing, onion rings that looked like hoola-hoops, I kid you not, (they were the best onion rings I've ever had) and the burger, stacked with lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, was one of the best I've ever had.Our server was hospitable in every way and served us well! And thank you so much for that!I absolutely would put Nick's on a place of destination for anyone visiting the state. It was that good! Delicious!! Highest recommendation!Go enjoy!

James Potts

One of our family favorite local spots that still feels like a hole in the wall. Great steaks and ofcourse the famous $5 rum heavy Nickadimus drink that will catch up to you sooner then later. Great prices and great people. A must try

michael shults

An absolute fantastic place for a filet. I love it when a place gets it right and stays with the formula. Been going for 30 years and still great. Try the onion rings!

Wil Bowman

Affectionately known as "Nick's in the Sticks", this place is certainly a Tuscaloosa staple. The atmosphere is homey and quaint. It stays pretty crowded, with an hour wait being normal, and parking availability is usually questionable. Service is always good and typically everyone is friendly. The steaks are really good for the affordable price point.

Dale C.

Business open until nine. Went to place order to go for family at home. Told at 8:30 pm kitchen was closed. Girlfriend's plate only had 3 onion rings to go with a 4oz steak. I got two little catfish fillets with an over cooked half burnt potato that was half the size of the others eating with me. Their potatoes were orange colored inside resembling over cooked as well. For the price of $9-10 per plate, this was a huge disappointment after being told this a great place to eat. Don't recommend.

Brandy Peterson

AmazingAnd the service was impeccableThere was a wait but they came out brought us drinks and it was not long at all. So accommodating!!! Will def go back again..The filet was out of this world!!!!Couldn't have been more impressed !!!!!!

Peter V.

First let me start off that my wife and I are well versed in finding and eating at only the finest restaurants around the globe. The historical and adventure value alone makes the trek to Nicks from anywhere around the globe worth it. My wife had been here almost a decade ago with her family and was so excited to take me and I must say it met and surpassed both of our expectations. To elaborate as a starter you absolutely have to order a Nicodemus it's a major must! This drink is phenomenal and I'm not going to waste any time explaining what's in it other than it tastes of nectar straight from Zeus fountain and not guaranteed but I have a strong feeling this is the elixir of life because I felt G R E A T! (Back to pre-knee surgery days: tmi but the wife was ecstatic once we made it home.) Once we had ordered our salads came out. The ranch-bleu cheese mix dressing was fantastic and believe me when I say you will always be given enough dressing I had my own bottle! (My kind of place) The wife and I each had a bacon wrapped filet cooked medium rare (the only way you should order it) and it was simply perfection. The rolls were great and for our sides I had the onion rings which were fantastic and she had a classic baked potato which was on par with the rest of our experience. Simply put this will be a timeless tradition within our growing family and boy will the nicodemus help us grow it! I don't know what you could possibly be waiting for head to nicks and begin your adventure! P.s. Don't forgot to bring a dollar bill to leave your mark on the ceiling and see it time and time again for generations to come!!

Brenda Coss

The shrimp was over cooked and hard. Not edible. No flatware accompanied my meal. I was traveling so I pitched the salad and just ate the onion rings. My first time to try the shrimp. I won't order that again. Think I'll just go there occasionally for onion rings. A $20 dinner...made my onion rings a little pricy. Add the $3 toll charge and tip, made each onion ring about $4

yee haw

Never disappointed!!! From the drinks to food. Always great!!! Good food. Good atmosphere, good waiters, always on top of everything!!!

Raymond Robinson

Great little place food was great staff was friendly. My steak was very tender and my wife's was too so please go out in the sticks and eat at Nick's.

Kate M

This place isn't fancy, but that's what makes it so great. Best price for a steak in town and you won't sacrifice a bit I'm taste. Focus on food and service, plus you can't go wrong with a good strong Nicodemus. Warning - show up EARLY or be prepared for a long wait. Secrets out on this place!

David B.

Arrived on a Tuesday night around 7pm. There was quite a few waiting outside. Asked how long it would be for a table and was told not long but wasn't given a time. Ordered a Nicodemus and stood around until a bench came open. I had heard about the wait time this place is known for but I didn't expect it to be too bad considering there wasn't a lot of people waiting. I was wrong. In the almost 2hrs we waited very few people left and only about 3-4 groups were seated. There were unbussed tables just sitting. Owner and his wife/girlfriend were behind the bar. My wife had a very bad day due to it being the 1yr anniversary of her mother passing and was getting agitated. I was on my second Nicodemus by that point. She went inside again to inquire about the wait and then came out saying let's go. Girlfriend/wife followed her out and then asked me about paying for my drinks which I obliged and got my card out. Then owner came out and then comped me for the 2 drinks. I really wanted to try this place but sadly it didn't happen. Doubt the wife will agree to give it another shot.

Amy C.

This place is a hidden gem. We arrived at 4:50 and they do not open until 5:00 but it was perfect timing. Got the last seat available. Atmosphere was intimidating for first timers but the food speaks for the whole place. The employees are so nice and have a system that works great. We got the 6 oz filet and the t-bone which both were fantastic! The homemade salad dressing was another great addition. We will definitely be back!


The building and location does a great job of keeping this place hidden. Oh but once you take that first bite! Amazing steaks, fantastic service. Cannot wait to come back

Kayla Charniaux

“Nick’s in the sticks” This place is a cute mom and pop restaurant with a great atmosphere. Everything is super cheap. Got the large filet 6oz for under $20 and it was bacon wrapped and well worth it since it came with a salad and homemade onion rings. Plenty of food! Now the best part is the drinks! $2.5 beers ($4 Stella)and $5.50 nicodemus drink was great with 151 proof rum, tastes like Hawaiian punch. Would recommend and hopefully can make it back some day. They stay busy!

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