PYRO's Fire Fresh Pizza

1320 McFarland Blvd E #270, Tuscaloosa
(205) 248-7343

Recent Reviews

McKinley H.

I wish I could give this place a higher review, but my visit tonight just wasn't up to par with my past experiences with this restaurants. The workers were a tad slow, and often forgot what went onto specialty menu items. This made the line move very slow, as well as the fact that they seemed a little disorganized in the assembly line. Also, the sweet tea tasted closer to regular iced tea. As someone who loves sweet tea, this was very disappointing. Finally, and this last part is my fault, but the spicy marinara sauce is way spicier than I expected, so I didn't get to enjoy the pizza as much as I would've liked. That last part was my mistake, so that's just a warning to those who think they may be able to handle it; it's hotter than you might think.

Dunn M.

Good food. Drink machine was all the way out, terrible customer service. The pizza was good and affordable especially with the act card and good ole fashion bama cash.

Brandi L Boyd

Everything was fresh and hot like always. The guy that fixed our pizzas was an Absolute Joy! The only thing was the sweet tea was not sweet at all. I brought it to someone's attention but nothing changed. The sugar packets I attempted to use were hard to the point I had to mashed them up.

MsIndy Red

We were very put off by the sloppiness of the employees, manager, and store, but ended up nicely surprised. The pizza was excellent and the beer was cold and cheap. Highly recommend the store set out some apple cider vinegar to catch the bugs/fruit flies/gnats.

Jeff J.

This place is Nasty. It is poorly run and unclean. Choose another pizza place. Everything in there is sticky and unclean

Kimberly W.

wasn't as special as i expected! ordered thick crust & was extremely thin crust! minimum toppings. disappointed in order!

William Coker

The staff are super nice and super helpful. This is way better than the local Blaze Pizza. Love the atmosphere. Please check the soda machine more often, diet Coke had too much carbonation not enough syrup. Most people should love it.

James J. Johnson Jr.

Went there today for the first time. I must say that was the best pizza I have had. Better than all the big chain pizza places.

Mary Irby

I like them cuz it's different. It is not run of the mill Pizza. And the salad is really good

Jamie P.

The overall taste of our pizzas was good. The Spud! But almost immediately upon walking in, the lack of cleanliness was obvious. The floor in the dining room and behind the food line was filthy. Food was all over the counter, not being wiped down at all. Food maker had holes in his gloves. Cashier sitting on her phone. The restaurant was just dirty.

Lori McGill

I love getting a personalized pizza! The food is great!

Linggeng Kong

The pizza tastes awesome and all foods are delicious! The crust is thin and after the flame roast, it is very crispy. After take a bite, the crispy crust break in your mouth and those ingredients you choose on the way can best suit your mouth. Since I came to the United States, I have never taste anything like that! Best pizza ever! Hope you can open some branches!

Bob “BobDylan211” Dylan

Highly recommend. It's a great place to take the family. They are very accommodating about having a gluten allergy.

Cory L.

Usually good but staff member making food was literally chewing on a fork and eating out of a foil bowl that she put back into the oven where other people's food was cooking, touching her face (mask below chin) and then cutting people's pizza. No hand washing took place during all this. Disgusting. Another employee had a mask around his chin and was on goofing off on his phone from the moment I walked in til the moment I walked in until I left. Whoa.

Brandon B.

I think i have been to pyros more than most people. To me this is the best pizza you can have made the way you want. I love the pizzas and ill be back soon to have many more.Posting just a few of the pizzas i have made over the years all were amazing

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