Shrimp Basket Tuscaloosa

3429 McFarland Blvd E #2421, Tuscaloosa
(205) 469-9786

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Derrick Knight

Awesome service and great fresh seafood. Reasonably priced. The only negative was they were out of crab claws, however I'm not holding that against them they are hard to find because of the pandemic from what I understand.

Maureen Galloway

Food was not what we expected.. Place was clean. Friendly staff. The fried green tomatoes might as well have been zucchini or any other veggie for what it was worth. Fries, hushpuppies, and corn fritter was good. Shrimp left much to be desired. Was a disappointment.

Richard Harkess

Food was greasy and the flavor was off or nondescript. The fried green tomatoes were overcooked and greasy. The best thing in the popcorn shrimp basket was the corn "fritter" (actually a nugget the size of a nickle and you only get one). The slaw was simply awful. I couldn't identify what the flavor was, but it shouldn't be in coleslaw. However, we may have just been there at an off time as there were several customers who appeared to be repeat customers and the place was highly recommended.

Belinda Gillett

I love the food just didn't appreciate the waitress having an attitude.when I didn't want orange juice in my margarita. She threw it in the sink and stormed off! Our server was great and so was the food so not sure what her problem was. I guess the customer isn't to have a preference!

Jim Sarmiento

I asked my server to recommend a meal for lunch. After we discussed my likes and dislikes we settled on a dish.The food was really good. Once again, asking for advice on what to eat from my server paid off for me and my server.


Food was excellent and service was great! We always eat at Shrimp Basket when we go to Florida and we were excited to find one while passing through Alabama! Good prices and great selection. We had steamed shrimp, whitefish, and grilled redfish with Cajun cream sauce. Love their shrimp slaw too!


Stopped based on earlier reviews and they were right. Food was wonderful. We had stuffed flounder dinner and a shrimp basket, along with a cup of red beans and rice. If you’re in the area be sure and stop you won’t be disappointed.

Kimberly W.

thank you for responding! i do love Shrimp Basket! & will continue to order from! understand that mistakes can b made! thank you! thank you so much for responding

terry kirkland

Went there for crab claws. They were out. Seafood Gumbo was very disappointing. No trace of seafood what so ever. Wasn’t served over rice. Service was non existent. Hard to get anyone to take our order. Didn’t take too long to get food. But asked repeatedly for a check to no avail. Had to threaten to walk out to get it. We have eaten at Shrimp Baskets all over and generally been very satisfied. This was our first time at Tuscaloosa location. I know they can do better than this.

Lacy Peeples

It is completely ashamed at how this place has gone downhill. The food is excellent but the Service is a 0! You can tell they don’t want to speak to you when you come in, most of the servers act like it’s a bother to wait on you, it takes an hour to get your food, then if you want a refill, get ready to wait another 45-1 hour. We ordered a refill and after 45 minutes asked for our check to leave. Since the manager left that was the manager about 6 months ago it has gone completely downhill! He made sure you were taken care of and so nice! You need him back Or you’ll be lucky if this place doesn’t close!

Susan Mcquaid

Tried to come in for a nice dinner after a few hours of travel just as my husband and I always do once a month. Well tonight was bad food, horrible service, even worse management. Noticed different staff than the regular faces that are normally there. Used to be great, gone downhill.

Muriel Williams

Staff is always pleasant.Food is good, however portion size has been drastically reduced. I ordered seafood combo, only to get 4 small oysters and 3 small pieces of white fish. Quite disappointing.

Aiyee Fishing

I had the blackened redfish and I highly recommend it. One of the best dinners I've ever had.

m colburn

Was eager to try this spot, Shrimp Basket in Pensacola is one of my favorite places there. Just waited a few mins to be seated and food came fairly quickly. Everything we ordered was cooked to perfection, love their little hushpuppies. Service was very good throughout our time there.

Jeff P.

I love shrimp and grits but this place had the worst I have ever tasted. I mean go learn how to make them before you add them to the menu. And it looks dirty and some of the waitresses are were sitting at the tables instead of serving and they were talking on cell phones while taking payments. I would say it's pretty gross.

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