Sonic Drive-In

3160 15th St, Tuscaloosa
(205) 758-5641

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Heavy Flippin Grandma’s Boi Fire Support RED

Well after grandma, myself & Killa watch ole Roll Tide pop some Booty… we decided to get a “lil high side” and be fancy tonight so Sonic’s it was.I decided to dine with the la’chicken mua’ nuggets (must be French) and Killa went with the mozzarella cheese sticks which I think grandma stole one while he wasn’t looking.We didn’t fuss bout the wait due to after squatting in the sun watching on Nick & the boys do Jesus works it’s understandable. Over all service was nice and the young lady that gave us our order was so kind she slide us a few extra sauces with no charge (fancy huh)

Nett A

This is the second time in a matters of weeks I've ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and I got bread and cheese, DEFINITELY NOT GRILLED, more like microwaved! Just a Pure Disappointment and bad service for even fast food.

Cheryl Cade

I like the West Side location because I can always drive up and not have a long wait like the one on Skyland. The cashier was nice and efficient.

Harvey Barger

Family got the grilled cheese cheese burger sandwich specials and they were great. Service was also really quick .

Cindy Hintz

We ordered at 8PM and waited about 25 min for our food. My husband's burger was cooked crispy and looked old and mine was cooked but completely cold. We mentioned it to our server and she immediately ordered a replacement. We received the replacement at about 8:50PM. The burger was hot but the bun was soggy. I didn't mentioned it as we had already stayed long enough. Very Disappointing. On the positive side, our server was extremely pleasant and helpful.

Al Robinson

Great place to eat luv there footlong corney dog meal

Jay Antwon

Pretty good food when you you're hungry, they were quick!

Tori J.

I sat in the drive through line for 1 coke for 30 minutes and there were only 2 cars in front of me. Awful service and they're so slow

William Tubbs

Great experience. Very timely with order.

MayMay 11

This is pretty ridiculous. If I wanted a bread sandwich I could have done that myself. I mean clearly whoever made this sandwich doesn’t appreciate a good BLT….

Kamilah Wilson Cameron

I Love Sonic just not every location. The visit was just that Okay!


Doesn't matter which Sonic you go to, they ALL SLOW ASL?

ryan b.

What a terrible manager they hired here, one of the most lazy people I have ever met, seemed like he was high as well (and trust me, I know potheads when I see one). PURE LAZINESS, okie of the worst locations I have ever been too thanks to the manager who presumed to use foul language towards me.

Christopher A.

Well, you could chalk it up to it being a holiday today, or just a good employee, but it was a very pleasant and quick experience.The employee who assisted me was very respectful, helpful, and congenial.The food did not take very long to get ready either.(I'm not going to rate food quality here. It IS fast food, after all. However, it was good as well!)

Felicia Cannon

Baby, the slushy is the only reason I go to sonics. My Children love them

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