The Juicy Crab

1800 McFarland Blvd E Suite #218, Tuscaloosa
(205) 469-9698

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Aleigha Young

I’ve been here several times but I just had to share this. My boyfriend and I said something about our unopened mussels (which aren’t safe to eat) and a kitchen staff member told us they were safe to eat. She offered to make us a new batch and we were extremely thankful for it but someone who works with seafood daily should know unopened mussels aren’t safe to eat.

Hillary Jones

We tried this place out based on friends making the recommendation when we asked of a decent seafood place. Honestly it’s kind of like the equivalent to the McDonald’s of seafood at the price of a steak house. The food was mediocre and perhaps could have been enjoyable had the service not been terrible. We essentially waited on ourselves. Not once did the bartender or server (we sat at the bar) check on us at any time throughout the time we were there. I will say that although the service was non existent and food overpriced for what you get, the melted butter was pretty bomb. We’re using that left over on our domino’s pizza tonight which I’m more excited about than the crabs and oysters we had there. (Don’t get the oysters for sure though). Disappointing because had it been a little more accommodating, like maybe actually asking if we wanted another beer or silverware to eat our food instead of chasing down a server to even get the crab openers or cocktail sauce or, you know, the obvious, we may have actually enjoyed it. I’m not sure when our friends went, but it sure must not have been anytime recently. Not going again. The butter is pretty good though. May put a Togo order in just for the butter to put on our pizzas or homemade seafood, if it doesn’t take an hour to get someone’s attention for even that.

Dameeta Burton

Food were soooo delicious, fresh and hot!!! We really enjoyed our meal and had plenty to take home. The food were season just right! I will be back shortly!


My wife and I ate here even after reading reviews that said they served food in garbage bags. lol The food does come out in bags, with trays into which the bags can be dumped. The bags, bibs, and gloves didn't bother me but rather added to the charm of the restaurant and the overall experience. The same goes for the scrap bucket.The food was delicious. We started out with an appetizer of fried calamari. It wasn't good. Let me be clear, the breading was great and the "boom boom" sauce it was served with was good. Calamari is just too chewy for me. I didn't know that before hand,as I'd never had it before, but now I do. This was probably first rate calamari, it just wasn't for me.My wife and I both had the "For Your Special" with the garlic butter seasoning at a medium spiciness and the only complaint I have is about the name of the meal. Could someone explain? Is that a typo? This meal included snow crab legs, a lobster tail, and about 9 shrimp with a small ear of corn, a red potato, and a slice of cheesecake. I had forgotten the cheesecake was even part of the meal until the waitress asked if we were ready for it. I was stuffed but took it any way. I will say that I wasn't impressed with the cheesecake. Everything else was great.I had also ordered a basket of fried oysters which came with a side so I chose fries. The fries were nothing special but were decent enough. Better than a lot I've had, worse than some. The oysters themselves were good. They were not cooked to my taste, I usually cook them longer, but they were still good.This dinner cost a lot but, as you can read for yourself, we ordered a lot of food. Overall I'd say the prices are reasonable. The service was a bit slow but the restaurant was quite busy. I'd recommend The Juicy Crab to anyone who enjoys sea food. Great family atmosphere or a good place for a casual business meeting.

Anurag Ojha

It was my birthday so I treated myself :) the food is delicious, the bartender is cool and the manager is awesome. I was completely full and satisfied by the end of my meal so the manager gave me a piece of cake to take home haha. Highly recommend half pound of shrimp and half pound of green mussels in the juicy sauce! Add eggs if you want more protein.

Denise J.

This is my second visit, since moving here from Michigan. My fiancé and I were looking a place that served great seafood and The Juicy Crab did not disappoint. My fiancé ordered the catfish and I ordered the steam bag of shrimp and sausage. Both meals were delicious and the portion size was large. We had enough food to share and still take home left overs. The environment was fun, energetic. Great music in the background. The drinks were properly prepared not watered down. Staff was wonderful , on both visits . The waitress checked on us frequently. She explained the menu well and even offered advice on what to order. The manager ( Kevin) was visible, he came over and introduce himself. He stopped and spoke with us for awhile , making sure we enjoyed our meal and service. The best part was that he remembered us from our previous visit , which made us feel very welcome. Overall, great restaurant with good service.

Amanda B

Amazing experience! Prices are high but definitely worth it for the experience. Staff was friendly, manager was very professional and personally checked on every table himself. I'm normally don't drink but the mixed drinks were AWESOME!

ray burge

The food was ok, if you like being served from a trash bag on a trash can lid. The service was poor, had to chase down a server to get drink refills.

Anslee Weaver

Really good food. Recommend Johntasia as your server.

Myranda Huddleston

Omg we absolutely loved the whole experience from the time we walked in to the time we left. The service was phenomenal plus fast and the food was amazing! You won't regret coming here at all...we will most definitely be back.

Michelle Bailey

I enjoyed my shrimp and my drink was perfect! The only negative was my to go order. I ordered the fried oyster basket to take home and the oysters were crispy on the outside and gummy on the inside. Other than that, I would return.

Steven S

This place has amazing food. The flavor was different from anything before. Got the hungry platter, calamari, snow crab cluster. white fish, juicy vrap wings and chicken tenders. Our Waite Buddy, was great. Very helpful and attentive. Will definitely be back.

Joey Johnson

Stan was the best! We really love and enjoy this place and having someone cool and fun always makes the experience better! I highly recommend it! :)


While in town we decided to try this place after seeing it advertised. The atmosphere was nice, but the experience was one that I will not return. I ordered the Catfish basket and while the fish was cook, there was a familiar taste of improperly clean fish that is found in lower quality establishments. The waitress was obviously new and trying her best, but this may not be the business for her. I unfortunately left disappointed. I feel this place is on the right track they just have things that need to be ironed out to earn my return business.

Jalyn Dantzler

I so enjoyed my time there. The place is friendly, the place CDC guidelines. You can pick up or dine in, it was great. The atmosphere with our waitress, Sam, she is AMAZING. Her personality lit up the room we laughed and talked. She’s so nice and cool. She loves her job, and that’s we like !! The food was soo good. I had the snow crab legs combo, garlic butter, mild, yum yum! Yes. The manager Byron made us feel welcomed, I had a good time and a great meal. It was my first time going there. Upscale? Yes! But it’s worth it!

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