Walton's Chicken

915 Patriot Pkwy, Tuscaloosa
(205) 752-1693

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James Potts

Looking forward to trying a few diff things on their menu, pretty wide selection for a chicken spot that I ended up getting an impressive burger at. Will be back

Rachel N.

The wings here are great! I really like the meal they have with toast, fries and the drink. You can also choose between two flavors.

Cynthia Keeton

Best wings in Tuscaloosa. I go here every time when I am craving Buffalo Wings here because ever since my friend brought me some back. They have different sauces for them.

Mary Irby

This is my favorite place to get chicken fingers. I recommend this over Zaxby’s. It’s kind of pricey depending on how much you eat. It’s in a dorm so of course it’s going to be crowded but they get your order taken fast. Sometimes, you wait a really long time for your food because it’s made fresh and hot so if you don’t have the time then i wouldn’t suggest going unless it isn’t very busy.The fries are simple crinkle cut fries and they are so good. The chicken isn’t fried too hard and the sauce is AMAZING. The staff is very nice.

Brittany Ross

The wings were so tiny… and the grilled chicken wasn’t cooked all the way. The girls at the front did an amazing job with customer service!

Justan White

The reason I only gave em 3 stars is because of the size of their wings. I ordered a 12 piece wing plate and the wings looked like they were from cornish hens. To be spending $16, those wings were tiny.... the flavor was good, but it was definitely not worth $16.

lachica taylor

It's still ok but its nothing compared to how it used to be especially when Mr. Walton was there. This recently change is definitely noticeable.

Drew Bowling

Walton's is always awesome they can have a line wrapped around the building and they going to get you out with a smile impeccable service. Chicken tenders are juicy and well seasoning. Very yummy to my tummy

Hunter Goins

Prices jumped about $2 a box and food is not any better. Rude drive thru.

Emani Childs

I loved this restaurant but now it’s turning into Zaxbys they had their own signature fries now they have these nasty stale zaxbys fries. Please bring back your original menu because this new stuff isn’t good

Jeremy Sharp

Great flavor..... But the chicken is soooooo small, not worth the money

Zac Mcelroy

They are decent but they are tiny 12 def won’t fill you up, the bones are literally 2/3 at least of the wing barely any meat

Jessica Hamlett

We eat Waltons every Tuesday EVERY WEEK. It really just seems like the prep/cook/fix SOMETHING is just going down hill. It’s definitely starting to be hit and mess. Everyone we’ve talked to they themselves have narrowed it down to the lackluster staffing some nights & others the A+ team is there. (Hot food, fresh food & the QUALITY is so much different they’ve said-I must agree)I’m not sure where it can be fixed I just miss the GREAT WALTONS that it’s always been. Hopefully the owner or someone reads this and take a moment to think about it, Because everyone loves Waltons.Xo

Regina Evins-Lee

Great Lemon and Hot Chicken wings. I eat here at least twice a week.


Walton's is a locally owned equivalent to Zaxby's, Guthrie's, Cane's, etc. Their main focus is on wings and chicken tenders, but they also have burgers and some home-cooked food.It's a fairly large restaurant as far as these types of places go. The interior wasn't spotless, but there are lots of tables available, and we found a clean one quickly. Service was a little distracted by the Bama game playing on the TVs, but our food came out very quickly.Chicken tenders were worthy of a 2 star rating, wings were a 4, so a 3 I suppose it must be. The wings were quite good. Although they were small, they were tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Sauce was nice and hot, which is good since we got the wings hot! Celery was very fresh. Ranch came in a Ken's ranch cup, so it's not house-made and was a touch on the salad dressing-y side.The chicken tenders just didn't have enough flavor. They seemed hand breaded, so that was good, but there didn't seem to be a ton of seasoning. I also didn't get any sauce with them. Apparently, they have the standard special sauce, but they either forgot to put it on my plate or I was supposed to ask. I assumed they just came with the sauce automatically (you're charged for extra), so I didn't. They really, really needed some sauce to spice them up. The toast wasn't buttery or crispy enough, and the coleslaw was too thick and mayo-laden for me.On the bright side, the fries were really good and crunchy! I'd get those again.

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