Captain D's

2629 Red Wolf Blvd, Jonesboro
(870) 910-6000

Recent Reviews

L.Roberto Rodriguez

I always love eating this up for dinner.

Marty Browning

Haven't been in a long while. Food wasn't very good. Not like I remember it. Ended up going somewhere else.

rachael Owens

I was the second car in line. I waited 30 minutes before getting my food. The girl working the window was very rude. Our drinks tasted terrible and we didn't get the correct amount of fish in our order. I ordered a 4 peice and 3 peice with 2 kid plates but only got a 1 piece and 2 piece on the adult meals. I tried to call the store multiple times just for no one to answer. I drove back to find the lobby locked and a long wait at the drive through. I paid for food I didn't get and will not be going back. This was terrible service and I feel like I wasted my money!!!!I DO NOT RECOMMEND GOING HERE!

Adam Finley

Ridiculous! Takes forever to get food. Even when it’s just the drive through open! Totally unacceptable!!!

Lititia Waters

The food was hot and good, the wait was a little long but I completely understand

Jerry Wrinkle

Wait time is horrible first time 45 minutes in the drive thru second time 28 minutes done with captain d in Jonesboro!

Monty Stickel

Take out was the only way, plenty of space out side for several tables, space not used and covid was no longer restricted for dining in, so,,will not return because of lack of participation with the public. The people were very polite

Sherilyn Blanchard Jones

I arrived at the drive through at 7:37PM. There was one car between me and the speaker. I ended up putting my car in park because I did not reach the speaker until 7:50PM. They did not greet me or ask to take my order until 7:52PM then couldn't give me my total until the window. I left the drive through at 7:59PM. 22 minutes total. I'm not sure why they got so far behind, but I am disappointed having to wait so long with only me and 5 other cars in the drive through. I am glad they sped up towards the end.

Warren looney

The food was hot, fresh, and delicious. My order was correct and the service was great.

Sandenia Carmichael

Great.. staff was low but they did wonderful

Michael Walls

Was a customer of the old Captain D's location for 20+ years. We moved to Cave City 15 years back, but my family and i would stop in at this location when we visited Jonesboro every couple months and the food was great. Sadly over the past couple years the service mostly (cashiers), but also the quality of food has been poor. Seems like they could care less if you come back. Needs new management desperately.

Candida Wakham

Super slow drive-thru. The order was incorrect. Had to bring the order back and they act like it is my fault that the order was wrong. Overall the food was good once corrected. Staff could use more training in customer service. Maybe it was just a bad day for this store.

krystal scott

Clam strips were burnt told them and the one they replaced it with was burnt just as bad. People where rude to customers as well.

Billy Milton

Everything was great but they failed to give us butter for our baked potato

Emmery Nicholas

Horrible service. Cashier said 25 cents per condiment ok little expensive then took my money & put it in her pocket.

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