Catalina Craft Pizza

15930 N Oracle Rd Suite 178, Catalina
(520) 825-0140

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Anthony Ferlazzo

Ate there during a non busy time. The food was great compared to the pizza restaurant chains. Was surprised to find they had live comedy. We're definitely going to check that out!

Dave Juliano

Been meaning to try this place, and I'm so glad we did! We did a Meatza and a hold-the-meat, and both were expertly cooked (this is a good tell, since the veg dry out quickly, while the meat exude more oil). I could've been on Montague in Brooklyn...Will absolutely order again!!

Toni Morgan

I wanted to leave this review on Grubhub but it appears that they don't allow it so I have to do it here. I always order at least an hour in advance because I know they take forever and cannot seem keep up with the in restaurant dining plus delivery orders so they tend to randomly cancel your delivery order hours after it was placed for reasons like "This restaurant only accepts cash". This review is more of a warning to not order delivery through GrubHub unless you want to wait two hours and then have your order cancelled and be stuck with no dinner. I am giving Catalina Craft Pizza two stars because when you can actually get pizza from them it is good.

Adriana T.

Great meal- no line at dinner time. Our server Miranda was great. The strawberry feta salad was amazing and the water tasted really good. There was live music outside and they sounded great :)

Fran Ferlazzo

We are always on the look out for a great pizza place and this one ticks all the boxes. We were so hungry we didn't take a pic of the calzone. It was perfection. Creamy flavorful ricotta, tasty ingredients (sausage, pepperoni and black olives) and just the right amount of Mozzarella. The side of marinara sauce was good, but the crust was so yummy. You could taste the homemade goodness of the dough. We will be back and can't wait to check out the comedy show and live music!


Ended up nearby at lunchtime and decided to try this place. They were open for in-house seating and we took a corner booth to fit us and the kids. My wife and I shared a calzone with prosciutto, green olives, and artichoke hearts. It was very good and the calzone crust came out crunchy on the outside and had no undercooked areas. There was some pizza sauce provided with it, which was a bit bland, but with some "shakey cheese" and peppers, it perked up. Kids shared a half pepperoni and half cheese pizza and they made it disappear. The pizza crust was crispy where it should be and chewy where it should be. Again, the sauce was a bit bland, so you really need a focus on the toppings. Staff was friendly and even brought over a pitcher rather than refilling our kids sodas (root beer all around). We were there for lunch, so no music, but I could see how that would draw people in. Since we were pretty much the only ones there for a late lunch (about 2 pm), we had no wait and no issues. It seems to me that this place is more for an experience than just a meal, so come, hang out with a beer, have some great pizza and maybe some music too.

Adan Allen

The wings are outstanding! Naked or rubbed, definitely worth the trip. Sauces and rubs are all made in house. Pizzas are tasty as well, and they have a very nice selection of craft beers on tap. Last but not least, the owners and staff are amazing and will take great care of you!

Hope Smyth

Great pizza and salads. Recommend the Ugly Pizza or Ugly Salad for those with a solid appetite. Staff is friendly. Bar is fun local hangout. Open Mic Night, hosted by Grattitude Productions, is Sunday for anyone brave enough to get on stage.

Jenni L.

I love this place not only for it's pizza, but they also make some mean chicken wings. My personal favorites for pizza and wings are the Kitchen Sink pizza and the Bighorn Fire (dry rub) wings. The wings spicy and flavorful and just the right amount of heat. The pizza is piled with toppings and has an amazing crust. They also have a great local beer selection including craft beers from 1912 Brewing, Barrio Brewing, and lots of others! It's so nice to have a local hang on the North side of town that appreciates good beer. Catalina Craft Pizza is also home to many awesome events including comedy from GrAttitude Productions. They have open mic comedy most Sunday Nights at 6pm and lots of showcases you can buy tickets to see! So do yourself, your taste buds, and your sense of humor a favor and check out Catalina Craft Pizza!

Shana M.

They used a coupon for the family dinner yesterday for $50. It had an 18 inch pizza your box of wings and I chose 2 Flavors. Two salads and 4 drinks. There was a delivery charge plus tip. I think the pizza was really good I'm sure I would have been enjoyed it more if I got it straight out of the oven. I was also told that on Fridays and Saturdays they have music in the evenings. This was a good deal for us and the house stayed clean and cool. The next time I'm going to go experience of music and pizza straight out of the oven. I do think the salads that are family size are perfect for two people only. The lemon pepper wings it was a rub so they were extremely tasty I was very surprised. And the barbecue honey was something that you would get easily at a wing place. Maybe that's the deal go listen to the music and feast on wings. Sorry no pictures it took 45 minutes from my order to be delivered period as they promised. I do know they have craft beer on tap.

Joanne P.

Our first experience......excellent pizza. So happy it's close to us! We tried the kitchen sink and liked it a lot. Eager to try other offerings ! The thin crust was wonderful. Never soggy!.

Tracey F.

My husband and I just enjoyed a yummy pizza from Catalina Craft Pizza! We ordered it online. Gave specific directions. They followed the order to the T. Very respectful too. The order was running a few minutes late. Tony called to let us know they were running late. We don't eat out or order out very often. We will order pizza from them in the future! Thank you.

Cindy U.

Cute little place. Live music. We always appreciate venues that offer music, making life a little more enjoyable!

Sean King

The pizza and service are awesome. I stopped in to do a takeout order for the family and have a beer. Tony really takes care of his customers. He recommends good drinks and he is really personable. The pizza is fantastic, traditional thin crust with delicious sauce and toppings. The wings are great too.

Chris Gabriel

Both dry rubs on wings are awesome!When they are busy service can be slow but well worth the wait. F anyone that complains about anything.

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