Carl's Jr.

6706 N 95th Ave, Glendale
(480) 736-2461

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Anthony Fernandez


Gloria Bellm

Very nice, associates are very nice. Restraunt is very clean .got my food hot . It was made fresh for me just like I asked. Will go back there for sure. Excellent service

Roy Bruyneel

Great place little busy because of truck stop but they keep everything clean and work fast

April Berry

Employees were very nice. The buns were hard and stale and the meat was very flat and little. Looked nothing like the pictures.

Mercedes Hernández

Why don't you let people with disabilities get their food tru the drive thru with their EBT not fair thats disappointing

J Nonya

Just came into this place and ordered my standby, double Western Bacon Cheese burger meal with waffle fries. Order came up quick but the fries were soggy and mashed together, the bun was stale and hard and they absolutely drenched the burger in sauce (probably to softem the bun) picked this place for convenience but will never come back. Have some pride in what you do or don't do it at all

norbert acuna

Great ? hamburger and good shack's so everybody go some time and get your fix keep up the good service's & food and drink's at Carl's Jr. Plus 5 1/2 star's

Oliver Blakesslee

Great service , but bun is old an hard ,fries are old an cold !! They were not even busy horrible.

Eoj F.

Telling customers to pull around and park to wait five minutes is hardly a drive-through experience. This poorly managed Carls Jr deceives it's timers likely for corporate by sending the customer around the block to park in the heat for an extra five minutes for even the simplest of orders :-/ own your slow and fix the problem, putting your lack of manning on the customers is poor form. Won't be back.

WiZz MaN

Number 4 combo... I don't drink soda often so I would love to see a kangen water option for a health option

Matt Feyer

I can't go wrong with a western bbq burger and zucchini!

Kyle Lubahn

Always loved this carls Jr. Never have had any issues.

Ken a

Fish sandwich was not very warm, but the Bacon Western Cheese burger was great!

It Michelle

This place always has disrespectful employees. The employees have such an attitude and don’t seem to care about their costumers. I come here once in a while and it’s still the worst. One afternoon I came inside to order and keep in mind two cars are at the drive through ordering and an employee simply said “we’re closed” and made me leave. Their signs simply say the hours. I don’t understand why these employees are lazy and disrespectful. The food here is okay not the best but it’s enough for a good price.

Jerri Wdowik

Fast friendly services if not using drive thru. The drive thru on most locations takes forever

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