Cheba Hut Toasted Subs

5925 W Olive Ave #2, Glendale
(623) 934-3867

Recent Reviews

Ben L.

The food is always amazing, even if a bit pricey. The goo balls seem to have gotten smaller, but other than that I have zero complaints.

Isabel S.

Picked up thus sub a few days ago (can't remember the name) however it was so very delicious. I can't wait to try more items on the menu.

Chris R

The way they make the Jamaican Red is better than the one in downtown Phoenix & better than the one in Tempe.Serving the West valley as the best thing these guys could have done.The Pineapple Express brewed tea is sweetened so don't be fooled by the unsweetened sign on it, but I like my tea sweet cause I'm Southern so that's good.I haven't run into anything on the menu that tastes bad.The giant chocolate chip cookies are awesome and they don't overdo it on the chocolate. I'm picky about my chocolate chip cookies & these are just right.

Morgan Kuhn

This place is all around GREAT! Great friendly staff members, fun atmosphere suitable for toddlers, AMAZING fresh food. My new favorite sandwich place. ??

Jarett M.

Closed for covid testing what does that even mean? Maybe put closed on maps, also look at the ceiling above where they make the food next time your in here disgusting

Jackie D

I had the veggie Humboldt sub and my son had the nachos. The food was great and I like the atmosphere. Great customer service!

Michelle Talal Lombardo

Great sandwiches ,friendly staff ! It was our 1st time there

Sando Sarah

An extra star because I like Cheba Hut. This location is just gross. It looks like it has bugs, I'm not saying it does but it sure looks like it. The staff, to put it nicely, looked homely - one of them must have thought he was at home because he was in pajama pants. I'm really questioning the hygiene that goes on in the kitchen area. Cheba Hut always have a chill vibe but this whole location is unprofessional. I will be driving the extra mile to the one in DTPhx from now on.


Ordered the Italian and ordered extra meat. All I got was extra roast beef which was not in the description.

Lesley S.

So delicious! Best subs in town! The bread is amazing. The people are super friendly and cool.

Nash Knowlton

I love going to Cheba Hut they have some delicious subs in my opinion. I would go there after doing yard work with my father and uncles when we lived close by. I currently live 45 minutes away and I'll still drive there every once in awhile just to eat their amazing subs and munchie snacks

Pepe Dawgg

Love this place. Love the vibe and decor, the food is delicious. The only thing i have a complaint about is the restaurants layout. The way the seating area is designed is super awkward when you consider the positioning the doors and register, nit to mention the soda fountain. Anyways, i usually get take-out so yeah.

Jock k.

So if you have a business modeled after a pro marijuana stance, you should do everything possible to make that stance look appealing! This is a small shop with at least 14 people working, maybe you need twice the staff when your employees are all stoned and illiterate, at least this is how they appeared. The shop was dirty and hot, and the sweaty employees who appeared to be wearing the same clothes ten years post high school, sans washing, were meandering around in a confused way. The staffs appearance was only mirrored by the entire clientele that looked just as dirty and just as pre pubescently greasy! After informing the workers that the ice machine was not working, they responded that it was a self making ice machine in which i remarked that it was not doing its job. Finally after other complaints they retrieved ice from the convenience store next door. All though the food tasted good i was left like i just hit a soggy joint passed to me by a random concert goer. That feeling was of disgust and the high probability that i just got herpes. It took 20 minutes to get our food.

Andrew Hoyt

The sandwiches there are great and fair portioned. I had Bomb which was a meatball sub with double provolone and it was amazing! The artwork and style of the shop is unique and carefree, not to mention just plain old badass. They feature artwork on the roof tiles by their own employees too!

Stephanie M.

Came here for the first time today. Have been wanting to come here for seriously YEARS based on friends recommendations. FINALLY tried it and was definitely not disappointed! Menu has lots of choices so there's something for everyone. I ordered the Kali Mist and it was so good! The employees were also really great and attentive even after we received our food which I think isn't common for a sandwich shop. Great experience. 10/10 recommend!

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