Chilli King Chinese Food

4721 W Olive Ave, Glendale
(623) 440-1900

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chase dabs

Disgusting,my kids can make better food with play-doo,lolI'm serious, I will never ever eat here again, all they seem to not even have a kitchen back behind the curtains. WOOOF!!

Megan Mitchell

This is our new favorite Chinese Food place. The food is AMAZING. Their House Fried Rice is the ish and their Sweet and Sour Pork hits the spot. Their food reminds me of the Chinese Food back home in Jamaica. Very flavourful. Also, I love the savageness in the comments. ????

Karyn MacVean

So fresh and delicious! We had the kung pao chicken, walnut shrimp, orange chicken, and chicken fried rice and everyone loved everything we got. We'll be back and next time we'll try something new. Thanks!

Miguel M.

Great service AND great food! I highly recommend it. I've got a few things off the menu and liked them all. My favorite was the Yangzhou Fried Rice!! They open 5pm but are open until midnight!

Joshua Mayo

Delicious. Me (a fatty) had trouble finishing my plate. The general tsao's was awesome and not overly spicy, while the honey chicken satisfied my sweet tooth. 10/10 on the sweet and sour sauce!

Chiara Burgio

So far, everytime we've ordered and picked up our food here, we've not been disappointed. Its been fresh every time, and very good! I've had lots of trouble in the past with other Chinese food places, where for some reason I'm not able to digest the food, but Chili King's food has been great every single time. Its now the only place I get Chinese food from. Owner is also super friendly!

Kody K.

This restaurant is a fraud. I ordered orange chicken and all I was served is basically a fried shell only like shown in the picture. The inside was pretty much empty and not ended up eating 90% because of how disgusting they were. People, go else where and do not order from this shit hole.

Alice C.

Horrible. I got chow mein orange chicken. It was definitely not chicken. And they forgot they actual sauce on top of it.

Sean Mcdonald

The food was rancid and no flavor the dumplings are just wontons terrible food DO NOT EAT HERE its a waste of money GO ACROSS THE STREET TO GRAND DRAGON only thing good was the fried rice and the crabs puffs are ok they need a different wrapping for them the inside was decent instant stomach aches and diarrhea for the whole family had the orange chicken the orange sauce was terrible and the dipping sauce for the wonton was bad smelling didn't even eat it. I think most of there food is probably pre-made cause it only took 10 minutes to fix all the food so probably a microwave in back doing the cooking or a heating lamp The customer service was the best part of the experience

kina gilkey

Had sweet and sour chicken, chow mein, and shredded chicken with garlic. The shredded chicken with garlic was palatable but the rest was completely bland, flavorless, and not at all what you expect from staple chinese food. Waist of money, could not finish, will not be back....?

Dafine F.

Not worth what I paid. All that Grease on the spring rolls, allll over the bag. The chow mein the same, greasy. The orange chicken tasted like an orange peel. No flavor. Kinda irritated by the wast of my money. Not authentic.

i Venom

My wife was desperately looking for some late monday night asian/Chinese food since she had just go out of work, and Chili King was the only one open so we decided to try it out. We enjoy trying out new restaurants, and let me tell you that this is one of the restaurants you want to try out! She ordered the shredded pork with garlic sauce and it did not disappoint, I also found it extremely delicious! The fried egg rice had an amazing taste and was unbelievably fluffy, also no to mention that the shredded pork was very unique and authentic! We will definitely be trying out more of their foods! It is truly a hidden gem! Glad we found this place out! Thank you guys for the amazing meal! God bless ?

Freddy Ordaz

Great food. I was a little doubtful about this place. But I was so wrong and I’m glad I was. There coconut soup is delicious and also the chicken fried rice we will definitely be back. Thanks man for the great food.

Cody Loe

Really delicious! The shredded potatoes in red oil was on point and the Mapo Tofu with rice was killer. Definitely gonna be going back to try out some more dishes!Went back and tried the Secret Coconut shrimp soup, gotta say it was super delicious, great with a beer. Thanks again for making such great food!

Christina Fraser

Decided to try Chili King tonight. Spent $30 on dinner we didn't even eat. Beef and broccoli tasted horrible. The rice had a weird taste to it.Bowl of soup that taste like a bowl of chili oil with some vegetables thrown it, completely unedible.Had high hopes for a local place open late, disappointed is an understatement.

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