Firehouse Subs Northern Crossing

5803 W Northern Ave #100, Glendale
(623) 594-8339

Recent Reviews

Imelda Castillo

delicious! great experience! felt welcomed coming in, both employees were cheerful! firewomen restroom was super clean!

Sadie Christianson

I can not say enough about this firehouse subs location. They catered my wedding this weekend and they did an amazing job; from confirmations to delivery.Best yet they gave us a flower bouquet in a pickle bucket and a hand written card signed by each employee. What an amazing gesture that my husband and I will never forget .Thank you guys so much for such an amazing experience and being so kind.The personal attention to this event was very appreciated if you have the opportunity cater with these folks . ?

Sadie Christianson

can not say enough about this firehouse subs location. They catered my wedding this weekend and they did an amazing job; from confirmations to delivery.


Usually head over to the one by thunderbird Rd but this one was closer, it was good except the guy on the register didn't get my order right. Yeah it was loud in there but i explained three times how it was to be made. It was still good since firehouse does it's best, still though it could've been five stars if it was done right.

BJ Martin

Quality of sandwiches was good.Pricey and service was slow. Waited almost 20 minutes to have sandwiches prepared.Ordered 2 medium combos over $13. each.

Raul Rivas

I have been to this location twice, the first time I ordered a steak & cheese. The steak was cold. Gave the benefit of the doubt. Today it took over 35 minutes to get a Italian. Unfortunately I will not be eating or ordering from there.

Tiffany Morales

Food was good but they took a while to make the subs.

Zakkurry Hutson

Great food! They even offer gluten-free free bread!

Maddie D.

My favorite sandwich and the nice staff made it perfectly. I love this stores lobby layout more than any other location and a really cool mural. Maybe add a couple more TVs.

Ashley Weber

Careful. They dont care the quality. Here are mine and my son's sandwiches tonight. We used uber eats and the bag even smelt burnt when we opened it. Won't be ordering here again.

Lazy Dog

Workers were professional and courteous. Price was about the same as other sandwich shops. Food was great.

Mario Valenzuela

DON'T order from this place. Much better service anywhere else. I waited 15 minutes for an online order that was places 45 minutes before showing up. I asked if my order was ready when I first arrived. I was told by the cashier/order taker, it was coming up next. Well 15 minutes later, I asked again about my order and told her that having to wait 15 minutes was unprofessional. She then gave me an attitude, went around the corner and magically appeared with my order. Thank goodness there are many other sandwich restaurants with super great service across the street, north, south, east and west. Your choice, just not here.

Crystal Burkett

Subs are awesome and so is the service - also awesome that this benefits Firemen and women!

Shawn Daniel Head

Awesomeness I have a TBI it's hard to do the rushing you're required to do around restruants


Waited 30 minutes for a sub and. No one said. It's ready. Ordered at Received notice. That they didn't even know my Sub wax seeing one the back prep's 5;41. I had to ask for my refund

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