Grand Dragon

4730 W Olive Ave, Glendale
(623) 939-9668

Recent Reviews

Estella R.

I would give 5 stars but customer service isn't great lol the guy that works ther is loud and rude but I think thats just how he is, but other than that the food is bomb 5 stars! Been coming here for a decade?

Rachelle Dewey (Chelledew)

I've lived in Phoenix for over 35 years and this place is hands down the best Chinese food restaurant in all of the Valley. I especially love the sizzling rice soup, egg rolls, sweet and sour shrimp, sesame chicken and literally everything they have to offer. Their food has never disappointed my family.

Curtis McCormack

My wife and I found the Grand Dragon about 30 years ago. It doesn't look like much from the street view, but the quality of the food at a fair price will make you come back again and again. The food is authentic not Americanized like some of the high dollar restaurants. But this is a family owned restaurant that believes in serving a great quality food with out the high dollar ambients that you can't eat.

Weston Today

Very good! Had Canton chow mein with fried noodles. A huge plate for a very reasonable price. Friendly place, good service, good food.

Kay Ladd

Reserved a buffet table for our Mother's 80th Birthday. It was ready when we got there. Great service and food. We will definitely have more family gatherings there.

bjohnson Johnson (turtle04)

This is a good place to eat but not great when ur ordering out. They have a nice deal for lunch but soup is not included with ur order and price is still up. It should be included with the lunch special. Sad.

Interstate Steel

we have been enjoying Grand Dragon since the late 80'snever had a bad meal..great service friendly staff..I like walking inand they call me by name..Joy and the rest of the staff are very goodnever leave without a to go box..way to much food for one meal.

Hey hey

This place is amazing. I love their food and its always clean. The owners now my Mother and I by our names but the professionalism is still there.

Anna Coria

Best place ever coming here since 2005 ?

Carlene Haskie

My family and I have been coming here for YEARS, 11 years to be exact, since my granddaughter was a baby. The food is always delicious, servings are very generous and the staff is very friendly. When they were fully open, it was already a clean environment. Now, the dining area is still closed but they have done an excellent job of staying open and providing services with correct protocols in place. We are moving soon, but we will still make the drive across town to get our food from here. It's that good. Definitely recommend!!

Leon Knight

Food was good and fresh as usual. Friendly service, clean environment and large portions. I can't really say it was fast, but fast food isn't that fresh. The wait was only about 20 mins, so all and all it was worth it

Bobbie M.

I normally go to years Chinese food which is right down the street for me but they say to try something different we got three family dinner combos. We had the general Taos chicken we had the sesame chicken and we have the Mongolian beef. They come with your choice of either fried rice or chow mein chow mein, An eggroll and two crab puffs. I must say the crab puffs were absolutely amazing they're so full of cream cheese and the eggrolls were really good too. The other dishes came with fried rice but I got the chow mein and that was really good too I must say that I will definitely be eating here again. The price was a little more than what I normally pay at the other place, but it was still worth it

horacio acosta

Good experience. They adhere to social distancing while being separated through a plastic dividers. They use a simple intercoms system for ordering and have a small window, just large enough to pass payment and the food.Food was good. I have several food allergies and my stomach rejects anything not prepared or cooked correctly. No issues from this restaurant.A variety of food choices that include veggie options to chicken, beef, pork, and sea food choices.I recommend this eating experience.

Claire M.

I've ordered takeout a few times here and overall it's really great! The food tastes good and for the price, you get pretty big portions. I'm never able to finish my dish so I always get at least two meals out of it. They also have a great selection with a big variety of dishes, so there's always something new to try. I'll definitely be eating here again!

James A.

I'm not sure why this restaurant is so highly rated. Maybe it's what we ordered but it was not good. We ordered sesame chicken and it was basically fried breaded chicken bits w red sweet sauce over it. By the time we got home, it was soggy and couldn't eat it. I hope this was a. Isolated incident... it looks like ma and pa family run restaurant and I wish them well. I didn't want to leave 1 star because I know it's hard to run family owned businesses.

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