Haus Murphy's

5739 W Glendale Ave, Glendale
(623) 939-2480

Recent Reviews

Paul Buza

Outstanding food, service and atmosphere! If you crave German food, it's a great option. We drove 50 miles to dine there and will gladly do it again.

Renee Scholz

Went here with some good friends to try it out. We drove from Chandler. We had a great time and the food was amazing. Our waiter took good care of us. We enjoyed the gentleman playing the accordian. Will bring my mother in law and daughter with the husband's next time.

Gabrielle Rouse

The German chocolate cheesecake is to DIE for. I would throw myself in front of a bus for the last piece on Earth. The schnitzel was amazing and the fries ? were so crispy and delicious. Don't even get me started on the German fried potatoes and ugh the beer!!

David Sterne

Love this place. Great food. Great beer. Great people. It's the most authentic German restaurant you will get in AZ.

Tina Suski-Glover

Food was served hot and tasted great. Our server was friendly and even recommended the German sauerkraut chocolate cake. We ordered it and was tasty. We recommend the Jager schnitzel and the Polish brat. The sauces for schnitzel were really good.

Katt Kunkel

Amazing food great vibe and our waitress is awesome!

Amy Tryon

This restaurant has a fun atmosphere. There was an accordion player playing music for quite a while, which I enjoyed. He was very good. The food was good. Service was quick. They were very accommodating as we didn't realize you need to make reservations. They found us a table and took care of us. If you want to try new food, or if you enjoy German food I suggest trying Haus Murphy's.

Cal Blevins

It was a wonderful experience. We sampled 4 plates including the sampler. All were excellent. The service was beyond expectations. I give it a ?

guillermo reyes

Amazing schnitzel and beef bratwurst. The sauerkraut and white mushroom sauce are really good too! Chill atmosphere with great service. Apple strudel was perfect as well! Lives up to the hype and would definitely go back!

Samantha Norton

Excellent service, amazing food, and really neat atmosphere. It’s been awhile since I’ve had quality German food and so this was a welcomed surprise. If you have the chance you should stop in. It’s all amazing!

Dan B.

As a German expatriate I need my German food fix every now and then but after driving over an hour and spending $100 I left rather disappointed. The Sauerbraten was dry, the sauce tasted too sweet and off, the Spätzle had no flavor, the green beans were too sweet, the Sauerkraut had an unusual taste, and the Apfelstrudel was warm on the ends but cold in the middle. My girlfriend couldn't finish her Paprika Schnitzel and ended up scraping off the breading. What was good however was the fresh Pretzel, the cold wheat beer, and the flavorful and lean Thüringer-style sausage paired with the hot mustard and the service but unfortunately the bad outweighs the good especially considering the prices of the food and this was my last visit.

Old S.

This was not my first Visit to Haus Murphy, but my last one ( 4-17-21). The check in was slow and unfriendly, I got the feeling I was putting the Staff out. The Waiter that came to our Table was wearing a dirty shirt that had maybe the remnants of someones Dinner thrown at him. The 2nd Waiter was a young German just learning the Ropes( no Problem) when the food arrived it was disappointing, there was hardly any Sauerkraut on my "Sausage Platter", my Friends Schnitzel was cold and tough, he at least had a Beer to help the Food go down. As a former German and Chef I was embarrassed having asked my Friend to join me.. Certainly Food and Service have deteriorated since my first Visit...

Connie Goltz L.

Love dinning in serve German food and play German music . Staff always friendly it is very clean there .

B Williams

They are very hospitable, attentive, and kind. Always checking up on us but at a comfortable level. Their wine is great! And they have great music. Their cheesecakes are to die for! We loved every bite we had! Full and satisfied!!

Ramona Jay

Took a very long time to get served. Good food and nice wait staff

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