Little Caesars Pizza

6070 W Bell Rd, Glendale
(602) 978-0446

Recent Reviews

Ron Oster

Great pizza at over half the price as other brands. All the toppings you could ask for, thin crust, thick crust, it's all delicious and always hot. Very satisfied customer here.

Raul Lopez

I ordered a classic pepperoni pizza and some cheese sticks, both look old and dry like they've been there since the morning or even reheated from last night. I guess $5 won't get you much, but at least it should be fresh and not dry ??‍♂️Update: the cheese bread is definitely old, the dough tastes bad. What kind of supervision is being performed here?Update #2: I called the store and was told to bring the food back for replacement, good customer service on the stores part but still an inconvenience to have to drive back.

Justin Edwards

Good service and staff recommend coming here then the others

Gene Sellards

Love Little Caesar's. Great tasting pizza, good prices. Quick service. I call from home, by the time I get there, pizza ready.

Mariya Reynolds

Disappointed in this location’s deceptive promotional offers. Received a coupon for a free 1-topping pizza, when I tried redeeming it, I was told it’s only good for a pepperoni. Nowhere does it say on the coupon there’s any restriction. I am not one to complain about free stuff, but this is false advertising.

Mimi R.

They send you a free 1-topping pizza coupon, but they don't honor it unless it's pepperoni. Nowhere on the coupon did it say specifically pepperoni. Deceptive way to run your store for sure.

MatikaAndRicky Self

Standard Little Caesars fare but the staff is always super friendly and separates themselves from the others!

Donna Van Kleeck

Love it! The people are very nice and friendly.

Jacob Dean

Never thought I’d be reviewing a little caesars like this but here goes!My receipt says Johnny was my cashier. I’m not sure it Johnny was really the man behind the register or not, but whoever he was, he deserves a pay raise more than any other employee I have seen at any other establishment in recent memory. This man had a full lobby, and was able to not only maintain a stress free environment, he was actually ENTERTAINING me and the other guests while we waited! He was funny, clever, and absolutely knew what he was doing. Little caesars is making big moves if they are hiring on a standard of this employee, and it is thrilling to see! Thank you for the quality service!

Charley Farley

decent pizza, but please bring back the pretzel crust pizza!

John F

Always good. Best when you take it out to your car and eat it right away. LOL

Roberto Torres

A lot more pizza choices than I remembered, stuffed crust, extra everything, deep deep dish, supreme? And little ceasars has THE definitive BEST buffalo ranch dip of ANY of the other fast food pizza chains. As far as customer service it was Excellent! Unfortunately I gave a lesser star because little ceasars have been known to only give employees 7 hour shifts to prevent them from having to pay employees for a break, on top of that the tight and compact kitchens honestly make me sick, especially here in Phoenix, Arizona where in the summer (when I'm writing this review) it is regularly above 110° + the Pizza ovens? I'm really mot sure why McDonald's employees are protesting wages when little ceasars out here in little ovens I saw half the employees drenched in sweat. Get these people some AC! Aside from that, phenomenal Pizza for the price with the most bussin buffalo ranch sauce you'll ever taste! Can't forget the 'Hot and Readys' honestly. Instant pizza? For $5???($5.55+tax they've since changed the price) SHEEEEEEEEESH where else are you gonna go? Pizza Patron?? A thin cardbord box crust with the greasiest most diabolical toppings I've ever had the chance of feeding myself. It was not a pleasant experience, I woule try it again if I were in a tight spot $4 pizza you really can't beat that.But little ceasars 4/5 stars.

Brian Maniga

The crew on 5/22/21 @ 6:30 pm... above and beyond friendly. On top of the cleanest Caesar’s I’ve been to.

Shirley Sons

Quick and good. Excellent cashier

Itsaso Garica Villalpando

Great services for pizza and fast deliver.??

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