Panini Bread and Grill

3510 W Bell Rd # 4, Glendale
(602) 283-5332

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Jackson Jackson

This place has steadily gone downhill. Not that it was ever exceptional to begin with. Who hands out a sandwich with this little meat on it?? I mean look at the picture. Also, CNN is always blaring on the TV and the owner is always there discussing politics. How dumb do you have to be to risk marginalizing customers just wanting to get some lunch? Skip this dump.

Rachel Joye

This was a great place for lunch. My daughter and I had avacado BLTs. The sandwich was delicious with Panini bread and lots of crispy bacon. I had the potato salad and it was creamy and delicious. The fries my daughter had were the best ever. No pictures because we ate it so fast. Yummy!The staff were friendly and helpful.

Greggory West

Legit. Fresh hot or cold foodLocal owned and seriously freshPriced right and always on point

Michael Bishop

We hosted a retirement celebration at work and I was tasked with the food. I reached out to Neal with my rather large order and they completely knocked it out of the park! All night long people were asking where the food was from and commenting how good it was. People were happy to have a vegetarian option that was so good and made them feel included and not an after thought. The fruit bowl was spectacular!Food was delivered on time and they set everything up for an asthetically pleasing display. Definitely will be my go to for future food orders.

Char I

Great sandwiches for such a great price. A big selection on paninis or you can build your own. They're very fresh. They also have salads. Potato salad is very good.

Rachel Kennett

Don't miss these sandwiches! Wow. Boarshead meats, fresh bread all the details just perfect.

Kisa Roper

Waited in the parking lot until they opened yesterday and I can definitely say it was worth the wait. The food was absolutely awesome. I tried to go back today which is Sunday and they are close. I will be back later on this week. One of the best spots I have eaten at since moving from Kentucky. The staff was great as well.

Jamillah Brown

Nice spot for a meal. They have both inside and outside seating. Service was good, and not to long of a wait.

Josh K.

The ingredients between the bread are cold. It's not a hot, pressed sandwich. Rather, the bread is toasted, so it should be called Toasted Bread and Grill. And slow for no reason.

Jenny Harris

I was kinda disappointed. I wanted a grilled chicken sandwich. They offered me one type but it was spicy and I specially told them no spice. So I purchased another type brought it home only to find the chicken kinda spicy and pepper Jack cheese. Good flavor but not what I wanted. Also I hot potato salad with it mostly miracle whip. I ate it and enjoyed it but won't be going back.

Wil Johnson

One of my favorite lunch spots for sure!!! Always yummy food and great service! The chicken caesar wrap and the london broil are my go-to's!

Billie Smith

Panini Bread is Always Awesome. The food is always great no matter what you order off their menu. Neal the owner and all the employees are always very polite and can't seem to do enough for you. Been going here for over 5 years now !

Brian M.

Small portions bad taste ! Never again this place is very lucky to still be in business

Greg H.

Winning at lunch and gave us a second try as I had mentioned in my earlier review. Google really nice selection of salad, fruit salad, appetizers, paninis and wraps. I got myself a club Panini which was as expected turkey, ham, bacon, lettuce and tomato in a panini with cheese and a garlic type mayo. Got myself a small potato salad with it and a drink. The sandwich was fine I filled me up along with the potato salad. Customer flow has constant as its place does really good business during the lunch rush. I guess the thing that kind of gets me is that if I had a penny machine at home I could make the sandwich there. That's why I think it's a really good thing they have such a diverse menu as you don't have to stick with the basic Panini and can do all sorts of stuff from healthy appetizers and all sorts of different things.. I'll give this the four stars because of the diversity and the fact that it filled me up and it was a pleasant lunch. It's a good place to stop by if you haven't brought one from home and just looking to stop in for a quick sandwich and a bite or to take something back to work.

Max Pfennings

We had to wait for more than an hour to get 2 sandwiches. The staff in the front looked like they were doing nothing except talking and staring in front of them. This obviously is not a good thing, at least the could act like they were busy and actually trying to get the orders through. I get that they maybe couldn’t help in the kitchen but if you say it’s really busy, then act like it’s really busy.The Sandwich was good but it was in the end not worth the wait.

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