Papa John's Pizza

8251 W Union Hills Dr #125, Glendale
(623) 487-7272

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Cheryl Johnson

Online price was $14 for delivery.. But it wouldn't except my email for some odd reason. So I called in, call center lady answered and I was charged $20 for delivery! Just for ONE medium pizza.. What a rip!! Lost my business forever.. Telling all my friends and fam Papa John's is now garbage to me. Greedy! Good day.

Michael Willett

Idk if its the app or the store but they get my order wrong everytime. Dominos from now on.


Will no longer order from Papa John’s when calling local phone number I was directed to an off shore call center. Placing the order was difficult. When I asked the store they said I could press 5 to reach the location. It’s just as easy to call a local non chain pizzeria.

Maximus M.

Papa John's Pizza 8251 W Union Hills Dr #125, Glendale, AZ 85308 Visited the store on a Saturday evening it was my first time at Papa John's Pizza - Ordered a Lg. Cheese Pizza for $21.00 - The store had ~ 8 people working but seemed really slow and they all looked disorganized - The store was clean - I received my pizza in 12 minutes and took it to my car to take home. - I pulled out a piece of pizza in my parking space to try it out. - I was extremely upset that the pizza had no taste to it. All I could taste was an extreme sweetness of the sauce, which tasted like an extremely sweet ketchup. - I went and pulled another piece of pizza from the opposite side of the pie. It was the same. No taste but a super sweet ketchup. - I never had a pizza taste this bad before. - I thought the Pepperoncini and Garlic sauce they added to the pizza box was extremely stupid. - Dough was bland. Cheese had no taste. Super sweet ketchup type sauce. Horrible - Luckily I had some home ingredients to fix the pizza up with some proper sauce and spices to make it edible - Every one has always said Papa John's was good. Unfortunately, they were all wrong. I will never go to Papa John's Pizza again. - Paying $21.00 for this mess was robbery. A grocery store bought pizza tastes better

Dan O

Great location. Big thanks to the whole team there. They deserve a pizza party!

Kathy Just

Cooked perfect and tasted great

Jackie Mazy

Love the BBQ chicken and bacon Hawaiian pizza!! Could have used a touch more chicken though.

Nikki Zuba

Great pizza, great cause helping our kids school! ❤️

Leo Delta

Pre-ordered online. On time picked up as promised. Fast service!

Becky Pomaville

My pizza was burnt yet was not even hot when I picked it up. I wanted to leave feedback on the app but that wasn't working either.

David R.

I have ordered pizza twice from them in the last month. The first time they were laxed on masks (over nose, one guy pulled it under his chin when talking to another employee, etc.).

This last time I walked in and one of the workers making the pizzas was not wearing a mask on the line. I asked the guy taking my payment if it is normal policy to not have people making pizzas wear masks. He told me that they were laxed on it and it wasn't enforced. I asked where the manager was. He told me the manager as in the back. I told him that I wanted to speak with the manager. When he came back, he told me that the manager left (which I don't believe).

They have a sign asking costumers to wear masks at the entrance. I would expect the employees to do the same and care about the safety and respect of costumers, no matter what their personal beliefs around masks are. Sometimes at a job you have to realize that costumers come first.

I am disappointed and will not return. I would encourage anyone, for the sake of safety, to not get pizzas from here.

Shannon W.

This Papa Johns was slammed with orders when we called just before 7pm on a Monday night. We tried the Bbq chicken pizza, the all meat with stuffed cheese crust, and a custom pepperoni, mushroom, and black olive. All good. The crust was better than our old standby dominos. I liked that it let the crust stand on its own with garlic sauce on the side, in case we did want that. All in all it was decent pizza, just not the top tier quality that the price would suggest.

Jonathan Burnley

They messed up but fixed it the right way

Katie Babbitt

2 hours. It took 2 hours to get pizza from a store 10 minutes away. I understood the delivery time was going to be 60 minutes, still long in my opinion but I waited. So once it hit the 2 hour mark it was enough. Called the store. No answer or constant hang ups with I can’t help you excuses and being hung up after being “transferred” to the manager. Finally the pizza showed up. COLD. Absolutely ridiculous.

Hailey Bracken

Absolutely amazing service! The location ran out of salad and so the manager called me, he was extremely polite and asked me if something else was okay in substitution in the nicest way possible! Best costumer service i’ve received ever!

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