Popo's Fiesta Del Sol

17037 N 59th Ave, Glendale
(602) 354-7738

Recent Reviews

Tim Ryan

Overall the food is great, the prices are really good, and the service is fast and friendly.If I had one gripe it would be that they don't allow substitutions on the menu & almost everything comes with tons of beans (which personally don't agree with me) it'd be nice if the menu had a little more flexibility.Won't stop me from coming back here though when I'm in the mood for some really excellent machaca!

Jane DeRosa-Rice

My all time favorite Mexican place! Great food served up piping hot. Fast, friendly service.

Mike Johnston

I love this place! We were introduced to this place by some friends years ago and have come back time and time again. Without a doubt, this is the best mexican food in the west valley. The service is always great as well!

Jason Neeland

Exquisitely prepared Mexican style food. Grilled chicken quesadillas were amazing and the Machado is a must!!

Evangelina Garcia

Always. fast and friendly service and great food.

Stephen Ybarra

The food is so good and authentic. Been that way for YEARS.

Beatriz Palacios Lamadrid

Great food and fast courteous service!

Brian Gray

I love the food at this place! Go check them out they know how to make Mexican food!!They have a happy hour every day and the food is delicious!They have a full bar! Outside seating. The staff is friendly and acomadating. I will be a regular.Go check them out and let me know what you think.This is an amazing place! I have only given this rating once before.

Adam H

Delicious Margaritas ? and Beers/ Cerveza. fast friendly customer service as well. Very attentive to a party of 13. Very impressed

Stacey Antu

I can rate this restuarant both personally and in regards to food delivery.Personally the food is great. Staff was attentive and restaurant/restrooms were very clean.Food delivery - I have picked up from Popo's 5 times and not 1 time was the order ready for pick up. Only 1 time was the wait less than 15 minutes (12 minutes) all others were 20+.

Angel Rodriquez

Quick bite to eat at Popo's, absolutely love their food! The chips and salsa are always a treat to have first hand. We enjoyed a couple of draft drinks, along with a couple of combination plates. Go check them out mi amigos!

lori Williams

Mild salsa was very hot. I asked the server why the salsa was so hot it had never been like that before so she ( the waitress ) said well sometimes it's like that it depends on the season for the jalapenos I said so you follow a recipe ? She said yes they do. . I said if the peppers are hotter than usual why don't they try using a little less or add more tomatoes .. She quickly said " if you think they're going to change the recipe because of you that's real funny." She suggested I go somewhere else next time. I assured her I would..


Incredible. Just a super fun time. Just me, on the Saturday afternoon before the Sunday 4th of July. I arrived at happy hour start (3p) and there were only a few people in the bar (that quickly changed to full). I ordered a side of beans. That’s it. My meal was like $2.30. I couldn’t finish it. I only ate half of the (wonderful!!) chips. I did ask for “hot” sauce and what the bartender brought me was so good. Not too hot, but balanced with the fantastic salsa they served, and the beans, I’m stuffed. Everyone else appeared to enjoy their food, and no one, including me, left without a to go container. My bartender was super efficient by the way. Either the owner, or a manager stopped by to check on everything at almost all the tables. Two large Mexican drafts, all I could eat chips, hot sauce/salsa and great beans. $13. I left a tip to bring it to $20. Super fun time


Cold uncooked food I was very disappointed after ordering a rolled fajita quesadilla that took 35 minutes to get when it arrived at my table the cheese wasn’t melted the plate was cold and the chicken was a little pink needless to say didn’t really eat much and left

Luann B.

Stop here last night around 5:00 pm. We were able to be seated right away. The table was not totally cleaned off. We had to ask to have it cleaned off. The busboy made a comment that it was cleaned but sometimes it doesn't get everything. My thought is make sure it is cleaned off. Especially now. With post Covid. The waitress was efficient and pleasant. We got carnitas fajitas which were very good. The rice was ok, warm but not hot. The beans were good. Would recommend

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