5932 W Bell Rd Suite D104, Glendale
(602) 978-3488

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Miguel Lopez

I order online at 5pm ,order be ready at 5:25, got there at 5:30 ,I ask for my order and my order wasn't even ready, also there was only one customer already eating , he start my order, got home and my order was wrong ,

Paul Lipscomb

Don't eat here I worked here and they have rats it's gross and unsanitary most of the food is probably contaminated


Definitely bad customer service today 7-7-2021. The girl had an attitude like extra olives comes out of her paycheck. I asked for more and she literally put like 4 more on my sandwich. Never coming to this location again. Lettuce also did not look “fresh”

Nazar Ramsey

The girls working here are totally unprofessional and rude (they don't know how to greet or smile), one of them could not help claiming the system did not receive the app order that I placed and the other one who supposedly is the supervisor and after a long phone chat and both going inside for quite bit, then showed up and did not help either, I showed them the transaction was placed correctly and I was charged $9.80 but they said we can't do nothing...really, is this the new way of how subway rob people because this is not the first time I have issues with their app, wonder if it happened with me more than twice then how many others were robbed in same way.

Jim A.

Sent an Internet order on Fathers day and got a call from the store that they had no meatballs. Didn't want the order at that point and the person calling admitted that no one knew how to refund my money and corporate says its a franchise store. I want my money back and i shouldn't have to enter a dispute with my CC company. No training No service ... not sure why anyone gets Subway any more. $16 lesson i guess.

Luz G.

The lady who serve looked sour and in a rush. Did not like THE SERVICE. Otherwise the sandwich was good.

jess morgan

Awesome sandwich. Corey did a great job!

Samantha Bradshaw

It was ok...My son loves it..

Jonathan T.

This restaurant is right down the street from my house, about half a mile. I used to go a lot! I stopped going to this place because of long wait times about a year ago though. I decided to try again by ordering through the app to avoid this. It said my food would be ready about 20 minutes after I placed the order. When I went in to pick up my food 25 minutes later they were just starting it!! It was supposed to be ready smh. When I got home and opened my sandwich it only got worse! I ordered lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles and peppers. There might as well have not been any veggies on the sandwich though because they put such a small quantity of each.... it was a freaking joke. I like tasting the veggies and I couldn't even taste any because there basically were none! Just because someone is not there physically watching you make it doesn't mean you should screw them over by putting the absolute bare minimum amount of each vegetable. Honestly... I will never spend my money here again. I will recommend to anyone and everyone to spend their money at ANY other subway. Do not bring your business here, you will be disappointed at some point. There are plenty of other subways in the area!

James Whitaker

Amazing food and fast service

Yvonne T

Terrible experience. 1) only two employees were there, one doing online orders - extremely long line; 2) no shredded cheese: 3) no spicy mustard; 4) no loaded potato w/bacon soup. Then why have the sign up as if there's soup!!?

David R.

I walked out today, because an employee was not wearing a mask on the line. Working on other people's food during a pandemic is not the time to attempt to make a self-centered statement like this. This is an organization with standards and customer service expectations.

Jorge Martinez

Was denied use of a coupon that's wasn't expired. Said the scanner wouldn't take it. Whatever that means because I held the coupon in my hands the whole time which means she never even attempted to scan it. Oh well first and last time I'll ever walk into that store again I'm glad I didn't spend any money there.

Chadley and Nevaeh Allen,Hyer

The service was awesome but the amount of food on the sandwich was low but well-made what I'm trying to say is it could have used more meat


Do not eat here, the staff (during my attempt to get lunch and wash my hands prior) is a joke. Unkempt girls acting like foolish children...Nuff, sadi...

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