Sushi Catcher

6334 W Bell Rd, Glendale
(623) 748-8006

Recent Reviews

Mike D.

Faye (the owner) is a wonderful person and a terrific sushi chef. Every dish I've had has been amazing. Great presentation, a touch of fresh wasabi! You must try Sushi Catcher if you love fresh sushi!

Susan M.

Great sushi! The owner is very sweet And makes everything herself! Don't be in a rush~ Be patient, it's nothing fancy but worth the wait

John F.

Best sushi in town. We've been here the last 4 days straight and just ask Faye to give us whatever is good. She never disappoints!

Veronica S.

I absolutely love this place.. The fish was really fresh, the service was great. The owner is super cool, chatty and fun. I forgot all the rolls we got but all of them were delicious. For sure going back!

David K.

Seriously the best sushi I have ever had! The food is so flavorful and fresh! I've never had a bad dish here. I highly recommend trying the Calamari as well.

Ash B.

It's a very hole in the wall place, and my friend found it randomly on google so we said "why not?" This is easily one of my favorite places to go for ramen. There's one server who was running around taking orders and rolling sushi, and a cook in the back from what I could see. While the service was a bit slow, the energy was comfortable and everyone was definitely happy. We were given free edamame for the wait so it wasn't a huge deal. The server took out drink and meal orders all at once, without writing anything down, and got it perfect and within a reasonable amount of time. The food was delightful and I seriously have never finished a bowl of ramen at a restaurant until that day. My friends and I now have a tradition of going there when we're all in town :) I tipped 20% for wonderful food and service. Definitely will return!

Harper's Journey (Paula Harper)

If you're in a rush, don't come here. If you have a bad attitude and no compassion for an awesome small business experiencing the impact of a global pandemic, don't come here. However, if you have a little time, and are looking for THE BEST sushi in Arizona, THIS IS THE SPOT!!! I've been all over the world, and none can compare to this spot!!! Great prices. Great portions. The spicy miso ramen is AMAZING!!!!! Faye is the owner, and makes the sushi herself. SHE IS AMAZING!!!! The restaurant is small and quaint. There is always great music and TV playing to keep you busy while you may wait during busy times. But let me tell you, IT IS SOOOOOO WORTH THE WAIT!!! ENJOY... with a full belly and a happy heart! ?

Jenn Dee

Um WOW. First off, the sushi was AMAZING we got the pokemon, Godzilla and hurricane rolls and they were all incredible. Not sure which was my favorite! The woman serving us was so great! We were on a bit of a time crunch and she made sure we got put on time. Like completely went out of her way to ensure that we made it out. It was the best experience! Will DEFINITELY be going back!!!

Karissa H.

Let me tell you, the woman who runs this restaurant works her you-know-what off. My friends and I went in the other night before a comedy show and the restaurant was slammed with her taking orders and making the sushi all on her own. We were a little worried that we weren't going to be able to eat before needing to leave, but when we asked if she thought we'd be able to get our food before needing to go, she said don't worry she will get us out right on time. This woman made our three rolls and had us all payed out with one minute to spare (all in about 20 minutes) all while taking care of the other customers as well. The sushi itself is probably some of the most flavorful tasty sushi I've had. We got the hurricane roll, the Pokémon roll and the Godzilla roll. I couldn't even tell you what was our favorite, they were all SO good. We will most certainly come back for some great sushi and to enjoy the company of the sweet woman running the place.

Germaine Dvorak

not your average sushi place. unusual rolls that flare with technique!

Germaine D.

If you know your flavors and sushi, this place is the place to go! They make their own fresh Wasabi!

Pd Dp

Stopped by here on a whim and found disappointment. The serice was ridiculously slow for the amount of people in this quaint place, I must say the staff were very nice and friendly but the food was mediocre and service horrendously slow, spent over 2 hours in here and half of that time was waiting for our order to be taken.Another thing that put me off some was the ramen bowl shape it reminded me of a urinal.This place would probably get a 4 star rating from me had the service been better.

Becky M.

Food was fantastic, service was not. There was only one waitress so it took a while for her to wait in us. The sushi chef was gone when we got there and returned about 30 mins later. They offered to have the cook make the sushi but we opted to wait.

Paige Wilson

We absolutely loved this places we will continue to come back. The people are friendly and the food was delicious. Well worth a drive from Payson, AZ.

Stephanie Sandoval

We found roaches in the bathroom and still were charged for our full mean. We couldn’t even eat it after seeing them. Good also took 45 + minutes to come to us after we ordered.

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