Tokyo Lobby

5795 W Bell Rd #1, Glendale
(602) 942-4165

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Carlos A.

This is a little bit of a mixed bag review. The great: Their fish is simply awesome. The slabs of nigiri are huge, tasty, and fresh, with just a small amount of rice. I'm so tired of places with a huge rice log and a little fish on top. The prices are probably commensurate with what you get; this place is not cheap. But certainly worth it. Rolls are tasty too. The not great...I found the salads to be small. And the spicy tuna was kind of flavorless to me, certainly not spicy. I also dislike the powder-type green tea they use, instead of brewed tea. So overall I will go again, but avoid those things.

Tracey M.

When entering the establishment, the strong aroma of a broken sewer line permeates the sinuses. Oh, we should of left. We decided to sit outside. Oh, we should of left. We saw the great reviews so we decided to stay. Thick unskilled cuts of fish were laying in thick slabs of mess on top of poorly rolled sushi. Tasteless, bland and boring come to mind. I love good sushi, you know the kind you put in your mouth and all your taste buds come alive. No, not here. We did pay for our meal. Because we had to taste it, right? We did. We will not be coming back. Will they miss us? Most likely not.

Kristine P.

Looking for an affordable delicious sushi spot? Look no further- Tokyo Lobby Sushi and Grill is that place! Fresh and delicious sushi options that are bound to entice your taste buds! Bento box lunches are truly a great yummy treat and affordable! And if you love 80's music, your sushi chefs like to blast it while they sing along and make sushi rolls! It's not a big restaurant but small and cozy with a misted patio! Rock on and check it out!

Vincent Vito Fiumetto

We chose four dishes that we had never had before anywhere and they were spectacular the food was prompt and the staff was excellent.

Lizeth Luna

Sad experience today 08/03/2021 around 3:00. Teriyaki had no teriyaki and no flavor. The cabbage was not cooked like before. Tasteless. Very sad to arrive home, and not have what you expected.


Sushi was filling and tasty, teriyaki bento box was great for the price! The rolls were also very flavorful and the miso soup was a nice starter. The service was great, staff was very kind and friendly. Would definitely recommend! Will be there again!

blue coble

Love their specialty rolls! And the staff is so friendly! This is a must visit!

Karen H.

Freshly made while you watch and so worth it. Tender Chicken Teriyaki. I love the lunch combo of Chicken Rice and Veggies.

Ryan Moore

My favorite place to eat!! I come about once a month and they never disappoint. Nice and friendly staff. Always delicious. 10/10 Would recommend to friends.

Kenneth Figueroa

Best Sushi place in Arizona!

Alexandria Z.

We recently found this place on Yelp and had absolutely loved their takeout. This time we opted to dine in and boy was that a mistake. HORRIBLE service!! And by horrible I mean no service! The space is also extremely small and they have way too many tables. If anyone sits at the bar, the table next to it is extremely close and the waiters can barely get by. Especially after a time like COVID you would of thought they would have worked on this. Guess they need the money and cram the place. Took about 5 mins before anyone even acknowledged my family and I. We were asked if we wanted lemon in our water which we replied yes only to get no lemons because they weren't cut yet. Uh, ok? Not sure what they servers were doing other than twiddling their thumbs. After that, it took a good few minutes before anyone even asked if we were ready to order. I swore I thought we were invisible. Also don't bother bringing your child, they don't have high chairs or booster chairs, or if they did we didn't get offered one. We were going to order a few more plates however wasn't even asked, but the "manager" was quick to see if we could pay so he could take our money! What a joke! This man needs to be fired. There were too many employees working and in such a small dinning there shouldn't be this many problems in one visit. Such a slap in the face. Will NEVER do business there again or recommended to anyone! Will gladly take my refund, thank you!

Stephen Peters

This place is always great to hang with friends. I appreciate how it is always clean and the service is excellent!Fast and yummy Sushi! Don't forget your sake bombers!

Jordan Cogsdill

This place is terrible, legit one of the worst sushi places in the area. The quality of the fish is abysmal and their rolls on the menu are uninspired. I've tried this place a few different times thinking that it might have been a fluke but each time I feel like it gets worse. Do yourself a favor and try literally any other sushi place - even if it's grocery store sushi.

Kaylee S.

Our go-to sushi place! Been coming here for years, definitely one of the best in the area. But be prepared to wait a long time...

Terri Julian

Ordered this through postmates, sent my husband to pick it up and they told him it wasn’t paid for and charged him again. Now they refuse to return our calls trying to get a refund on the double charge! It was over $50!! The order was incorrect also and the sushi was disappointing because it was so huge it was hard to even eat. Would not recommend!

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