Tokyo Lobby

5795 W Bell Rd #1, Glendale
(602) 942-4165

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Jeremy Kang

Amazing experience here. Very comforting and welcoming atmosphere which could also be seen with the patio they have. Our server was super kind and the food came out quick! Ordered the chicken teriyaki bento box and a couple of rolls. They were all great. I ordered a side of real wasabi, and would definitely recommend it for anyone who has never tried it. Will be here again!

Travis West

I come to this place about once a week on my lunch break, and occasionally visit with my wife for dinner too. For lunch, I almost always order the Sushi and Traditional Roll lunch special and it's a real treat getting a slightly different variety of fish each time (There's always Salmon, Tuna, and Shrimp, but it the last two seem to vary based on how the sushi chef's are feeling).Food has been great every time. And if you haven't had it before, order a side of fresh wasabi to go with your sushi. It's completely different from the paste you usually get, and is well worth the $2 upcharge (in my opinion). The staff is kind and accomodating, and I've honestly never had a bad experience here across 3 dozen (possibly more) visits.

Mitch B

This is one of the most unique dishes I've seen at any sushi place throughout the world. It is called a lollipop. There is no rice. It's cucumber around salmon, avocado splash with yogurt. Very interesting and I like interesting things.


Cozy and inviting. The staff is always attentive and friendly. The sushi is top-notch; there is no hit-or-miss when it comes to getting good quality fish. My buddy and I think this is one of the best spots on this side of town.

Felicia Padilla

The food was wonderful and so was the service. We ordered the shaggy and Santa fe roll. Green hot tea was freshly prepared tea bag! The atmosphere was relaxing and clean. I am definitely going back.

Anh Mai

Really nice small spot that i really enjoy with friends and family. Great patio area with chilling vibe.


I’ve been going for 1 year now and food has constantly been very delicious, the price was also reasonable than other sushi restaurants I’ve been too. Another thing I loved was the service! They seated my family right away and our server was very kind and considerate!

Dion Hinojosa

Service was horrible. Really bad. The food was fantastic though. We ordered 8 rolls and some edamame and the whole fam really enjoyed it. For some reason they wouldn’t allow us to sit in the patio either, there was other people in that area. We’ll most likely try it again, hopefully the service is better next time.

Kathy A

I haven't been here in well over 10 years, and might've gone longer, but my friend had wanted to come here. I had forgotten how tiny the place is. You would think the employees would be friendly and inviting for such a small space, but we weren't even acknowledged as we awkwardly stood there a few minutes. I felt like we were bothering them. Also, there is a strong, strange smell, that burned our nostrils, almost like a hair salon would have. I did get used to the smell after awhile. Although I do question the cleanliness of the backroom...When the order came in, I was pleasantly surprised to find everything to be quite tasty. Dragon roll, Crunchy California, Shrimp tempura, California and mussels all came out fairly quick. Delivered to us in a no nonsense, here is your food, and don't bother me, kind of way.Overall I felt my experience was okay. The atmosphere is meh (seriously, what is that smell?), the service feels like we bother them, but the food is decent. I may give them another shot, but with many other sushi places in the area, it may take another long while to come back.

W. Brian Simmons

Spent a pleasant spring evening here with a group of 7, specialty rolls were good, liked the calimari tempura. Beef teriyaki was delicious. Women's restroom is nice, men's room could use a bit of work.

Cory Westphal

Fantastic sushi at a reasonable price, fast and competent service. Always love my visits to Tokyo Lobby.

cody combes

Easily the best sushi in Peoria. Service is friendly helpful and quick. I've enjoyed every roll I've tried!

Anne Clinton

Sushi is fresh and so good here. Staff is friendly and the food preparation is fast. Nice variety of Bento boxes and it has an outdoor patio! There are 8 rolls on Happy hour which is 11am - 4pm.


Had amazing service and food came out relatively quickly. The rolls were great as the fish tasted fresh! Enjoyed the teriyaki chicken and presentation of it. The staff were also welcoming and attentive. Will definitely be coming back!

Staci Schaum

Best service we've ever had. Our server was wonderful! We even had a special order. And my chicken cutlets was cooked perfectly.

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