Twin Peaks Restaurant

6922 N 95th Ave, Glendale
(623) 233-5700

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Daniel S.

I didn't like the atmosphere. Waitresses and bar tenders are too busy talking to each other than giving a shit about you. Won't be back here again.

Jacob Yazzie

Terrible. Our waitress was very nice and outgoing at first but stopped checking on us. We never got refills on our drinks (hard on my pregnant wife) I ordered a medium steak which came to me Well done. We didn’t get silverware until our food got cold. Hard to get service when all the waitresses are paying all their attention to single men and literally sitting at their tables talking.

Lizeth Martinez vega

My friends and I always had a blast coming to this location. We never had an issue with service, drinks or food until recently. As we walked in we weren’t greeted as usual by the hostess. She was very rude and obviously not in the mood to be there. Once we sat down the waitress came up and she was wonderful at first, but she slowly stopped checking up on us. We got our food very cold and our drinks were already melted by the time they were given to us. We were very much neglected the entire time we were there. I would watch our waitress do an amazing job to her tables inside, but it felt like she didn’t want to keep serving us, I had to get up myself and pick up our drinks and even the bartender came over to our table to remove our plates and take us drinks. We then were cut off and basically kicked out when we tried to order another drink, this has never happened before we always got as many drinks as we wanted. Im not sure if there’s a new policy or it wasn’t being followed to begin with I was just very disappointed with what occurred. I’m not the type of person to not tip at all but I felt like my friends and i weren’t getting treated like the rest.


The customer service was great and the house salad was delicious however the pineapple habanero wings and spicy (not spicy) garlic wings weren't cooked enough. The Blue Moon and Papago Orange tasted like the beer next to them on the tap, it wasn't what they're supposed to taste like. We also ordered a Water Buffalo, however the Red bull watermelon and whiskey didn't taste good at all, but that's on us, we wanted to try a featured drink. We loved the ambiance and the chairs are very comfortable to sit in.

Oscar emmanuel

To begin with we went for the hot wings and micheladas and I musr say im definitely satisfied. Some of the best hot wings ive tried sp far. Very spicy if you enjoy hoy but they got different flavors. Recommend you folks going because i sure am. For delicious appetizers, cold drinks, and a spacious restaurant to watch sports. See for yourself my trip to twin peaks was very much needed very very satisfied wi g saucer was addicting.

Lorenia M.

Saturday morning twin peaks seamed convenient And way to start the weekend right? we were in the area and a party of four was there just to enjoy some bar food, we were promptly seated and brought to a booth, a server came right over and took our drink order, which consisted of iced tea, 2 kids sprites and water, as we finished the young amateur server asked : can I have a credit card to start a tab??? I'm sorry I said? Is that ok BABE? I just need a credit card said Precious the server, that was her name. Where have I've been ? perhaps I walked in at the wrong place? Not sure, But it seamed odd to start a tab at a table, I handed my credit card and of course anyone walking away with your bank card it's scary, it made me uncomfortable. Food arrived in a timely fashion not bad, nothing to complained there, we were ready to go asked for the ticket as it's the norm, she brought it back and she had already ran the balance, just not a good experience.

Porsche Robles

First time at Twin Peaks and it was amazing! Definitely a family atmosphere. My kids felt so comfortable so it made me and my husband comfortable. Our server HALEY was awesome. She did her job and there’s nothing I can complain about. It’s my daughters 11th birthday and Haley and some of the staff crew surprised my baby with a Sunday and birthday chant. Really made my daughter feel so special. We will definitely be back because of this experience.

Matt N.

This was my second time visiting TP and my first time eating there. They were able to seat 5 of us right away although they were busy as expected on a Saturday and right before the Red and White Practice at State Farm Stadium. Our orders were promptly taken as well as our drinks delivered to the table. Except for my wife's vodka tonic. We had to ask for them on the 2 that she had ordered. Are food came out quickly. My friend and i both liked our Nashville Hot Chicken sandwiches. They were a good size and had good flavor. My friends wife liked her Turkey Avocado Smash sandwich but my cousin didn't like the Blackened Fish Tacos. He said the fish was good but the sauce was to much. That's subjective though. I would definitely visit TP again before a game or if i was in the area.

Josh C.

Diamond was our server and amazing! Super friendly, and the hottest server in Arizona!

Porsche R.

First time at twin peaks and it was amazing! Definitely a family atmosphere. My kids felt comfortable so it made me and my husband comfortable. Our server HALEY was awesome. She did her job and there's nothing I can complain about it. It's my daughters 11th birthday and Haley had her and the staff surprised my baby with a Sunday and birthday chant. Made her feel so special. We will definitely be back because of this experience.

Kaleb K.

Stopped in for lunch and a few beers with a buddy of mine and our server, Diamond, was fantastic! She was very friendly and attentive, checking on us regularly. To our surprise, she was still technically "in training." Honestly, you would think she'd been working there a while by how well she conducted herself. Shout out to you, Diamond! As for the food, the wings were great as always and the beer was ice cold. Cheers!

Jack R.

Sat at the bar took forever to get service every time we needed a beer was ignored the food had no taste fries were cold. Had a burger and a sandwich which i have had before added the good bacon and even that wasn't as good as before. The manager was walking around but not paying attention either looked and the food window food just sitting there getting cold maybe send food out when ready not let it sit there.

Adrian Madrid

I had the chicken wings, and they were great.

Jamie H.

We love Westgate area! We visited Twin Peaks many times and typically have great food and service. The most recent visit was subpar for sure. It took a long time for our drinks from the bar (20 minutes) and while we were specific with our food order, it was not executed. We ordered crispy naked wings and they came out soggy after a 45 minute wait. We also ordered a grilled chicken Cobb salad without the honey mustard dressing but it came out drenched in it. We didn't report our concerns to the server or management at the time because once the food was served, no one came to check on us or our food for at least another 20/30 minutes. We were starving and ate but was totally disappointed especially paying over $100 bill for terrible food and inadequate customer service. I typically do not have or write bad reviews but this was a horrible outing and I hope it will help improve quality of food and service.

Terry B.

The food and the service was great! Was seated right away even though they were very busy. They were also adequately staffed to handle the crowd, never felt neglected or forgotten and was well taken care of.

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