Whiskey Rose

6751 N Sunset Blvd, Glendale
(623) 877-7673

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Vero Marin

My favorite place in west gate they actually have a fan for us dancing and isnt as hot as other places

Zac Treebeard

This place has gone to trash. They no longer play any country on weekend nights. Not one song. (Change the name of this place please) The music Choice was very poor even for club music. DJ Night Owl sucks. The staff seems like they only got hired because they know someone. But they were ok. The beer was warm and the drinks weak and watery.One surprise was the bathroom was actually clean.

Josh Lindley

Drinks were very subpar, jack and coke tasted watered down, even the soda… not a single country song was played in the span of me being there 3 hours.. the “beer” pong (they use water) was the only plus. For being a “country bar” the only thing country is the decor. Probably won’t be back.

Kim Phillips

Nice western atmosphere. We enjoyed the chili cheese fries and 1/2 slab of ribs

C.driggus The Blogger

Read a article about this place ....so finally time to visit.....I ordered the B.B.Q NACHOS...with smoked brisket..the brisket was mouth watering!!!!! Nachos were very tasty with cheese ,chili beans, corn and a scoop if cream cheese on the TOP....will go back again for that SMOOOKKED BRISKET

Matt Shepard

Awesome service went above and beyond for us we had Birthday party for friend, Hugo the Manger needs raise for all the help he gave us on our huge party also the server to was super awesome too Chloe was the best !!!!

Melissa Hinojosa

Went there last night. Ordered baby back ribs which did not look like the ribs advertise. So disappointed. The ribs were charred, dry and very little. You only get four small ones with no meat. You even don't get sides with it. They serve on a huge plates for little dry ribs. I would not recommend this place. Food is pricey for what you get.

Jerin Morrison

Worst experience I've ever had. Got put in a chokehold by one of the body guards for asking why he pushed my buddy. That is an assault and now in the process of suing theses people.

K. D.

We tried Whiskey Rose on Sunday and loved it!! We tried so many dishes, including the pulled pork sandwich, BBQ nachos, BBQ pizza, mac n cheese, and BBQ fries. Everything was really good--and all reasonably priced. BUT our group's favorites were anything that had "BBQ" in front of it!If you can try ONE thing, try the BBQ pizza! It was incredible. The crust was perfectly baked--not soggy or floppy and not crunchy like a cracker, either. Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. The sauce was delicious and the BBQ pork and onions on top sent it out of this world.The service was excellent! We expected it to be little slow because it was a holiday weekend but we never felt neglected the entire time. We were well taken care of by our waitress, our food arrived quickly, and overall had a wonderful experience. Everything was clean, timely, and friendly as one could hope for and we can't wait to come again!

Monica “Miss Care2share” Ruiz

Stay far away from this location. What a major disappointment. Drove a 24 hour turn around to California and back to drop off my two boys 7 & 11 to drive 30 minutes to get horrible service and rushed out the door. I’m sorry but I have to add the worst part. I was forced to tip the under dressed pregnant woman who didn’t care about my long drive and excitement for our first night out with no kids on our 13 anniversary. Yes I did tell her hoping to get better service out of guilt and it didn’t work. She was so irritated with us and telling us that they didn’t have any to order they ran out of of everything only wings and a hamburger that looked like they ordered it next door. I could go on about calling to make sure they were open late but could have mentioned that they stop serving food at 8. The drinks were served in dirty cups and the Frys were totally ten on my plate plus a half cup of ranch since she forgot that they ran out hello so tell me before I order it. But only after I had to find her giving her attention to her feet with her hands and giving me the bill eww. She just stood there in front of the door. Wow ur really going to use guilt for a tip. $10 bucks plus 2 dirty cocktails wings with no sauce and a hamburger with ten fries equals about a $100 bucks that I worked for with two kids and hopefully it was worth it for her. congratulations on your new adventure in mother hood but hopefully u take this review and never let it happen again because u feel bad only because I was so excited and that was not fair but it is what it is

Kevin Gonzalez

Drinks/atmosphere is great. Service is great! But their food is sweet if you’re into that. I swear their seasoning on their food has sugar in it.

Jennifer V.

Our experience here was not good and we will never go back. Restaurant was dirty and food was subpar. The waitress was ok but overall staff seemed unprofessional. Our bill was over $80 for a burger, one order of horrible wings and a salad plus two drinks. What a waste of money!!

Jeremy H.

I have been here 4 times and it's the same. High price drinks. Had a peach old camp drink that was good but very little alcohol and mostly ice. 3 sucks on a straw and its gone. Not a good deal for 10 dollars. Food was ok. Had pork sandwich and tacos. Service is slow. When i leave here, there is nothing really wanting me to go back. Its ok if other places are busy and you don't want to wait in line, then come here. No wait lines.

April B

Ordered brisket. It was fatty and super salty. The people with me ordered ribs. Peppery and only got 4 ribs for a ridiculous price. Overall overpriced and not very good. Would not eat here again. Would not recommend.


Came here for drinks and to watch the NFL playoff game on a cool and rainy Sunday afternoon. We chose Whiskey Rose because they weren't very busy, they had outdoor tvs showing the Kansas City vs. Buffalo game with sound, and they had a large, semi-heated outdoor patio area. We like to sit outdoors only because of COVID, and this was perfect. Our cheerful and friendly server was quick to come take our order. So quick that we hadn't even had time to look at the QR code menu! Their specialty here is bourbon and whiskey, and whiskey cocktails. I ordered a Diet Pepsi to start, and hubby got a cool smoked bourbon cocktail, the Whiskey Rose Manhattan ($11). They're extremely strict about checking i.d. here, so don't even try to order booze if you are under 21. Just don't do it. They scrutinized our ids, and we are both on the wrong size of 40! We saw a table of young women indoors get turned away. They're lucky the bartender didn't call the cops! Our drinks arrived quickly. The presentation on the cocktail was fantastic. The top had a glass coaster holding in the smoke, which billowed out when the server removed it. It was a drink with a "show." Hubby didn't love the smokiness of his cocktail, but he drank it anyway. The portion size was laughable, the tiny glass was barely half full (see photos). My Diet Pepsi came in an extra large plastic cup and had that funky, too-old syrup taste, but it was still fine. We watched the game and ordered a second round before second quarter. The next bourbon cocktail was a bigger hit. There was no smoke, and it had lots of sliced peaches on top. It looked fantastic! I asked for extra ice in my second soda, and our server was happy to oblige. It was starting to get super cold as the sun set, and although the outdoor heater was turned on, it wasn't strong enough to keep us warm. We ended up leaving at halftime to walk back to our hotel and watch the rest of the game. The food menu was good but the food I saw on adjacent tables didn't look spectacular. I went inside twice to use the restroom, and the interior decor is really rustic and cute. I was disturbed, however, at how many of the patrons weren't wearing their masks when walking around the restaurant (like walking to the restrooms - I passed about 4 different people without a mask). I know enforcement is tough, but that's exactly why I refuse to dine inside. If you're looking for unique cocktails at reasonable enough prices, especially before or after an event at the nearby Gila River Arena, this is a decent spot.

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