Yen Sushi & Sake Bar

17037 N 43rd Ave #A3, Glendale
(602) 978-9022

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Iriana Tellez

I am so glad to be back in Glendale after years of living in DTPHX. Yen is hands down, the best sushi restaurant I have been to in the valley. Best happy hour, and their spicy tuna tempura rolls are to die for. Try this place out, you won't regret it!

Jessica Wicz

Great food, good service. The swamp coolers / portable air conditioners in the dining areas are a little smelly, but I think that may just be part of surviving summer in Arizona.The food does not come all out together, which depending upon your feelings, maybe a benefit or a drawback. Raw rolls will come out before cooked ones, and in general, sushi will come out before cooked appetizers.The rolls are generously sized, great variety, delicious, and fresh. The okonomiyaki appetizer is tasty and huge! It's like an appetizer for four... Or maybe even a meal for 1 to 2.We will definitely be back in the future!

Hosni Dene

Great happy hour. Affordable. Arguably one of the best sushi spots in Phoenix. We tried the Arizona Roll and Crunch Deluxe (which aren’t on the menu). We also ordered The Las Vegas, Firecracker, and Crazy Roll…delicious. The Don’t Cry Roll was the only one we were disappointed in…felt like I was eating a salad with all the tomatoes on the plate. Overall, you won’t be disappointed…it’s my go to spot.

Brian Bell

Ordered 3 rolls, a kid teriyaki and a kid noodle with chicken. Got the three rolls in about 20 min and they were super small (6 small pieces each) for two adults. Finished rolls and about 20 min later the kids dishes came. Chicken on both kid dishes were cold. Wanted to order more food for the adults and another drink but when staff came by they flew past and never gave the chance. After finally getting the attention of staff we got the check $52 and headed to McDonald's for a little extra to fill us up. This place is not like it was before the pandemic and will be at least another year before I return.

Samantha Sloan - Your AZ Agent

By far my favorite sushi place in town! They have the best happy hour and I go here at least a couple times a month! I’ve been going here for years and I’m always taking friends and family! You have to try their crispy rice and spicy tuna as well as the crazy boy roll! And of course get the Gyoza and veggie tempura for appetizers! And their green tea fried ice cream is the perfect dessert!


Very disappointed with my visit today. We waited 30 min for 3 rolls. The service and food is not like it was before. This used to be my sushi spot but after today im looking for a new spot. I'll drive further for better service.

Melissa H.

The food here is great, I have never had an issue. The staff is friendly and work fast, overall I always have a good experience. I have been here many times and each time I have never had an issue. I definitely recommend getting the sushi!

Michael K.

This place was no exaggeration the worst all around food and service I have ever had. We ordered a Las Vegas roll, Crunch Deluxe roll and Sizzling Spicy Pork entree. First the salmon in the Vegas roll was grey and slimy.... Not pink (as Salmon should be) but GREY. Like it was fish caught in the canal or something. Secondly I never got my Crunch roll. When I asked the waitress 40 minutes after she said the roll would be out. She said "sorry I gave the order to the bar tender to enter and the bar tender must have missed it". Followed by "but how was everything else"?... Third, the place in jammed packed like 1 hour minimum for a party of two packed, mind you they only have three waitresses for the entire place of approximately 40+ tables. This being said It was a minimum of 20 minutes between waitress sightings so good luck asking for another "CAN" of soda..... That's right the soda is brought to your lovely dinner table in a can like at a tailgate BBQ. Lastly the spicy pork was literally an entire fajitas style skillet of grease. So if your into eating Grey Salmon and draining your pork before every bite Yen's is your place P.S The best thing about this place was the music. You should hire DJ Yen for your next back yard BBQ.


First sushi place I liked since moving to AZ.- Clean location- Friendly staff- great fresh tasting sushi- low prices

Jillian B.

Great sushi place. If you're into sushi on 43rd Ave, this is the place to go! The service is excellent. These guys know what they're doing!

One Love

Just found this place a few months ago. I used to be in the film industry and we knew all the best sushi bars in Los Angeles. I have to say that yen sushi trumps them all! I’m serious… I love this sushi restaurant. It is my favorite sushi restaurant. And a big thank you to Dorena. She is one of the best servers. She REALLY CARES ABOUT PEOPLE!

Ladio Heng

Sunshine or sunset roll (can't remember) and and an octopus salad were absolutely amazing. Loved it

Skye Sampler

I am in love with this restaurant. Been in love for 3 years now. I bring all of my friends and family here all the time cause their shrimp tempura rolls and wine is so good! Great customer service & perfect rolls every time.SN: their Sweet Mayo sauce paired with the eel sauce is everything.

Cheyney M

This has become my favourite place to go for sushi. If you are in the area definitely the place I would recommend out of the surrounding options in the vicinity


I just walked in and asked if I could place a order to go. Not for a table for a big party. Not a difficult customer and asking to change all kinds of things on an order. Just wanted to place a simple order for two different rolls and was told "no because they were not taking to go orders". I'm confused is there something better for them if I would've sat down? Terrible service for a first time customer.

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