Carl's Jr.

3470 W Bell Rd, Phoenix
(602) 863-3129

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N Bronso

Good food and serviceBut FREAKING FREEZING inside lobby. We ate quickly and left. There was another couple who sat in their car bc it was too cold in there

Rexx Music

Good Food Great prices Awsome A/C!!!

Grace Zook

Messed up my order, covered in sauce I can't eat.

larry martinez

Always great to stop in for a Guacamole Bacon Burger.Staff always courteous and service oriented.

Josie Ruiz

Martha and her little minion were being extremely rude to my ill mother in the drive thru. and kept on cutting her off and responding in a rude matter. I will definitely be calling corporate about the incident and have them investigated. This attitude is unacceptable!

Sarah Matthews

Rude, if I could give it less than I'm sorry I would my friend hasn't met a voice you yet I was told that there's a buzzer that goes out of someone takes too long in the bathroom and that she was taking too long in the bathroom. A paying customer who also just happens to be a severe diabetic should never be rushed let alone timed in ANY restroom. Period!!

Jessica Evans

Bathrooms and dining area are in desperate need of attention. Sticky floors and toilets were not flushed....still waiting on my food but not hopeful with all the tables dirty and only 8 people inside dining.

Christopher Miles

Food was fresh but missing 25% of the order.

Jester Skull

The food that I got was good, as Carl's Jr usually is, but the night crew here blows. If they weren't blasting Lil Jon tracks in the restaurant maybe they'd get the entire order right because I'm pretty sure half the food I brought home was actually for the car behind me, so two of us got screwed. Good food, dumb staff, not a great tradeoff.

Juan Castro

The store was clean and the foos was good. The store look is a little dated but the overall cleanliness was good. The Beyond Meat burger was great andbyhe Crisscut Fries were fresh.The staff was very friendly and very helpful, so in my opinion this is store with great CSQ.

Gentle Lion

I've never had an issue with this Carl's Jr. Service and food have always been great until today. I ordered 3 piece strips with ranch. I received cold strips you could tell had been sitting out for a while and packets of ketchup, no ranch, even though it was listed on the receipt. I probably would have eaten the old cold strips if they had at least taken the time to put the ranch in the bag. I asked for a refund which they provided without hesitation. It would have been nice if they would have offered to replace them with a new order of hot ones.

Jake Q

Went thru the drive thru for 2 chocolate shakes and got 2 cups that were literally a liquid not an “ice cream shake” at all was like I was drinking milk.

Mark Willard

I will tell you, it never gets old every time I go to carls junior I am treated like a king I love the food I love the service I love the atmosphere I highly recommend this store this Carl's junior to anybody great job thumbs up thank you so much… just me mark in Phoenix Arizona.

There' Perez borgens

I'm in shock 3 burgers zucchini nd dessert $70. It was soggy over cooked horrible missing a hamburger pattie how disappointing. Nvr again Carl hrs.

Aileen C.

The staff at this location is freaking fantastic. They're always super friendly and they make sure your order is right. I usually eat here in the evening / late evening so most of my interactions are with Dawn. That woman is super. When she realizes it's me, she always says hi and makes quick conversation. She's definitely an asset to the company. She seriously makes every interaction wonderful. The food is always nice and hot, never sloppy and always delicious. My go to: Super Star with cheese combo. No pickles, onion or tomatoes (for my daughter) and a Super Star with cheese combo no pickles, no tomato (for myself). Mmmm...that's a great way to start a weekend of Netflix / Hulu / Video games. Thanks team for being fantastic! Stay healthy and safe.

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