Johnny's Burgers & Dogs

3141 S McClintock Dr UNIT 13, Tempe
(480) 755-3833

Recent Reviews

Mathew Lauer

Tried this place for the first time and ordered the best burger I’ve had in months. Cheese fries were crisp and flavorful. Milkshake was awesome. Cost for everything was impressive. Johnny’s seems like a hidden gem to me, I’m so glad I stumbled on it

James Barber

Will definitely be making a return visit to Johnny’s. I had a Chicago Dog and my son had a chili burger that he couldn’t finish, so i finished it for him. SO good. The burger patties are huge. Not thick but take up a lot of area. The hot dog was delicious and dressed beautifully. The crinkle fries are crisp and you get a generous amount. Highly recommend Johnny’s.


This place knows how to do burgers right. I drive about 15 miles to get to Spurger because it is so good.


Very good double smashed patties. Well seasoned and cooked with fresh condiments and a very fresh sesame seed bun. Highly recommend

Scott Copes

Excellent homemade burger cooked before my very eyes. They are big and at small burger prices! Locally owned...not big corporate like Subway...I just read where the tuna at subway is really not tuna. Look it up.

Miguel Carmona

The food was delicious

Jess Taylor

good food, fast & friendly service

Preston Wakefield

Have been here twice and both times the service was super quick and the food was delicious! The special sauce they put on it is very good. All around a great burger place :)

Myron Jim

Great burger place! Fresh hand pressed burger not pre-made! They have just about everything you can put on your burger. Well definitely be back again!

Bradly Spindle

Johnny's is becoming a regular for me. The burgers are real good and they load you up on fries. Nothing to complain about ?

Raven M.

I’m a plain Jane when it comes to burgers. I came in here when I was starving and ordered a double cheese burger. Let’s say I took most of it home. The food was nice and hot, made to order. The stage was really nice too.

Andy Frie

Whoever says the burgers are flavorless, prob doesn’t have taste buds. Delicious thick shakes. Tasty loaded fries (or just drizzled in cheese), and one of the best burgers in the valley. I’m glad it is close to me so I can frequent often, although if I always get the double cheeseburger my scale won’t be too happy.

Matthew Taylor

Good burgers and good dogs, can't go wrong here. Price on the Chicago dog is a bit higher than other places but the burger prices are good as are the cheese fries. The Chicago dog was very tasty but a bit thicker than the standard Vienna beef. Will be back.

Daniel Ripley

When I first started coming here, I was a vegetarian. Their veggie sandwich is really good, I think I added grilled onions for some extra warmth. The sauce is what really makes it better than the sum of its parts.Now I eat meat again! The burgers are really good, and despite being a vegetarian for half of my adult like, I think my opinion counts for something because I was raised in the Midwest. I know how to appreciate a burger. It's the fact that I see the grill cook turn around to look directly at me while I'm ordering. This food is made with LOVE. The crinkle cut fries are that perfect crispy but fluffy texture you want. And the fry sauce has a ton of bite to it.It is also worth mentioning how incredibly clean this place is. It's often worth overlooking some untidiness in a family run restaurant if the food is good enough, but this place freakin sparkles. Again, I literally don't care, but it's worth mentioning because they obviously work hard to keep it clean.

Josh Allen

Johnny's has a lot of potential, which is why I'm going to be very critical. Long story short, the composition of the burgers are done well, but the burger is flavorless. They only use salt to give the burger "flavor". Now, they are cooked very well, and they have a nice char, but that shouldn't be the only thing you can taste. The burger is also enormous, so it's filling; but quantity doesn't make up for quality. The last thing is, they gave me pre-packaged Kraft ranch dressing when I paid $0.25 per ranch, which is very embarrassing. And their "fry sauce" tastes like ketchup and ranch. The shakes there are also 100% cheap, buffet quality soft-serve, and they use the very artificial tasting syrups. They need to improve on basically everything; and, at the very least, reduce the portion size, and increase the quality.

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